Who Has Private Health Insurance?

Health Insurance is one of the biggest bills in the household. Currently with HCF. Family of 5 at about $100/week.

Does Anyone have health insurance, who are you with if you have health insurance?

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    Have Health Insurance
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    Don't Have Health Insurance


  • It's a condition of the 457 Visa so have Bupa coverage paid for by company. Not sure why/how that might help you.

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    Just extras cover only at about $500/yr. If you haven't already, maybe consider "members own" funds, they are not for profit and all the fees go back into the fund. I can't support the business model of for-profit health.


  • Are you including Medicare in this because lots of people pay for Medicare and regard it as Insurance…

    Or do you mean Private Health?

    If Private Health but Extras only, is that a Yes, a No, or a Maybe…

    • Private Health

      • Yep, HIF Extras.

        Also, watch out for April 1 increases.

  • Yes - Navy Health

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    Yep have it… saved thousands over time on hospital stays

    • Yeah, I had to pay $0 for my 1 week public hospital stay when I broke my leg sometime back since I didn't have private health insurance.

      That was expensive.

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        Try over 12 mths in couple of yrs, with over 50 op's… with edible food, pay tele, your own room :)

        • But the medical care itself would've been covered by Medicare?

          So basically your insurance covered for creature comforts, not the actual help required.

          • @CMH: Not at all and if it was whats wrong with that? how much do you think those comforts cost for that length of time?

            The bill for my old mans stay in hospital before he died was over 100k.. Thanks HCF.

            • @pharkurnell: Nothing wrong at all.

              I just hope people understand what exactly they're buying with PHI: it's not to pay for lifesaving treatment - medicare already covers that.

              The best you'll get is your choice of a doctor (if available), the ability to jump the queue for non-emergency procedures (emergency ones are prioritized regardless), and having TV while you're in hospital.

              Oh, and if I'm right they don't cover the cost 100%. Check with your insurer for how much they actually cover.

              Is there anything else I missed?

              • @CMH: Your position, in my view, is a very narrow one.

                For example, not every medical condition that affects a patient's quality of life, is an emergency. Those non-emergency conditions may have a dramatic effect on physical and mental health, on earning capacity, and in participation in daily life in a meaningful way.

                There are waiting periods measuring in years for these non-emergency conditions. I know that if I (or a family member) had a non-emergency condition, I would want to get that attended to as soon as possible. I am grateful that private health insurance gives me that option.

                Here's a good read on the pros and cons of private health insurance: https://www.choice.com.au/money/insurance/health/buying-guid...

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                  @YesPleaseThankYou: I understand your position, and the pros and cons.

                  However, by not having PHI, it does not exclude you from getting any particular care privately; just means you'll have to pay for it.

                  And with the price of PHI, one would need to calculate the number of years before it breaks even for what you think you'll need. (I'll need a knee replacement in the future, guaranteed).

                  Unlike any other insurance, you do have a safety net under the public system which means you'll never find yourself in a bind you can't get out of.

                  Speaking of waiting periods measuring years, elective surgery is also triaged, for something to be pushed back so much it must've been quite minor. For my knee issue, I would have still been able to walk 200m, and the pain minor enough to be dealt with simple analgesics. Not the ideal thing but they wouldn't leave me in a wheelchair for years.

                  My plan would be to start PHI when my knee starts to give issue. Might be on it for a year or two, clearing any waiting period, which should be enough time before I think I really need something done.

                  MLS however is a different issue and would affect your calculations above. If you need to pay MLS anyway then PHI is technically "free"

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    Yes, Top level Medibank Hospital and extras for the family. I’d like to be able to choose my surgeon and not have to wait if ever I needed something like knee surgery. There’s also options for private mental health admissions or rehabilitation if ever I need them, which you need to have much less severe issues than you would to in the public system (fingers crossed I won’t ever need this). It’s super expensive though!

    Economically I believe it’s better to just save the money and spend it if it was ever needed, but I know if I did this I’d be too cheap at the time and end up waiting in the public system.

    It’s also worth considering what it would cost you if ever you were waiting for surgery in the public system and unable to work, exercise or maintain your house whilst waiting.

    Many people don’t actually know what they are covered for in their private insurance, so that’s worth looking at. Some of the low level types cover basically nothing.

  • Why do you want it? Do you need it just to avoid paying the Medicare levy surcharge? Would you spend more far more than $5k a year on medical expenses currently?

    • Only reason I have it personally, and a struggle to find the cheapest option out there as they all keep going up. Would probably break even if I didn't have it so might as well get some return aside fromt he fact I have only used it on the off physio appointment in the past 5 years.

    • Same reason anyone has any type of insurance - in case there is a need to spend a large amount in one hit unexpectedly. Of course there is the difference with health that there is a public system. The public system is very good, the best for some things, but you often have to wait if it’s not emergency care and you usually don’t get a choice of who you see.

      • I was asking op.

        For myself, I self insure for health, and it's worked out pretty well for the last 13 years or so. If I need something done, I'll pay for it, and still be many thousands ahead.

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        Same reason anyone has any type of insurance

        Not in this case - I have hospital cover purely to avoid MLS.

        This arrangement will cease when the cost of the cheapest cover is more than the surcharge (and I'm confident it would remain so, given the LHC loadings and other nonsense) - hasn't happened yet though.

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    All insurances seem like a waste of money until the day comes that you actually need it.

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      Therein lies the difference with health insurance. If the shit really hits the fan, the public system looks after you. It's not the same as crashing your uninsured Camry into a Ferrari.

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    Nope it’s about as good as pet insurance lol.

    • I was ahead with my pet insurance when my dog was on atopica. $10 a pill a day

    • Wait till you're about 50 or 60, haven't had it and suddenly see value in it… you'll get stung pretty bad for 10 years.
      Also if you're paying the MLS anyway, may as well get something for your money.

  • I'm with HCF on their old Fit and Free combined cover. $440/m with corporate discount for couples. It was originally designed for older couples, but I took it out many years ago because I wanted top hospital cover (and mid extras) but without pregnancy and it came with international travel insurance. For some reason, most funds have to include pregnancy in their top covers nowadays when the chance of us having kids are close to nil.

  • Got family mid level with extras deal for about $140 per fortnight.

  • I pay around $450/month for hospital cover for my partner and I. It's gold level which includes rehab and mental health which is important.
    Neither of us have ever used it but it's reassuring to know it's there.

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