Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB $2219 with Free Express Delivery ($150 off RRP) @ 3 Brothers Mobiles


Please use code 3BROS150 at checkout to get $150 off before making a payment

$150 OFF on Apple iphone 12 Pro Max 512gb [ RRP - $2369 ]

you pay $2219

Brand new sealed in box

Australian Stock

Unlocked to all networks Worldwide

comes with GST Tax Invoice { Eligible for TRS }

Paypal payment available

Free express shipping

All orders placed before 2:30 pm will be shipped same day express post

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  • Autralian stock?

    edit nvm mossed that line

  • Any other iPhone deals?

  • Thanks Op

  • Hi OP, are you able to put this on your ebay store with a code to get this price?

  • I’m in the market for a new phone but seriously can not justify 2k for a phone… how did it come to this 2k fking for a phone… fking nuts… I’ve been institutionalised on the iOS for a while so have androidphobia…

    Should I shut up and cough up or jump ship?

    • I thought the same thing! I buy my phones out right rather than go on a contract. I wait till the new model is on the way out and they slash the price on the previous model

      • I beg to differ.

        Because of the Iphone I dont have to bring my PC, camera, ID, credit cards, GPS Navman, etc.

        In fact I havent had the need to get a new Laptop for some time now as everything I can do with my phone.

        I can even unlock my door lock with my phone as well so sometimes I dont even need to bring my keys.

        If you think about it 2k isn't that bad considering the amount of technology built into such a small package and I have no issues spending this much for a reliable phone I use every day for many hours every 2-3 years.

        People buy watches and handbags for way more but you never see anyone complain about it on here so I dont understand why there is so much hate towards a phone being 2K that does so much more for you.

        At the end of the day there was cheaper Iphone models as well so no one is holding a gun to your head to get the top model.

        • Yeah this is how I look at it too.

          I bought an iPhone X on release for $1500 and am planning to keep it until the end of this year which will be 4 years later.

          I think of it like $1500/4 years is about $30 per month, similar to what I spend on streaming services which I actually use way less than my phone.

          Apple devices seem to hold their value well too so even after a few years, you can recoup a decent amount if you sell, or I’ll probably get the battery replaced and pass it onto parents or kids - it’ll be good for another couple of years for someone that doesn’t want/need the latest.

          • @Cucumber123: I’m actually on 6s+ my screen is cracked and my camera is not longer working.. I would not be upgrading if my camera was still working have not been able to take pics of my kid for the last year on my phone..

        • I buy the top of the range for the screen size and storage. I watch stuff on my commute to and from work, larger storage I want to keep my data storage local and as I have young kid I tend to take heaps of photos..

          While I do get what you mean but I do not agree you will not need a computer/laptops. I use the iPhone for emails and chat work wise but it’s nowhere near a substitute for a comp for me.

          • @mikedenoob: I never said I dont need a computer / laptop. I said I didn't have the need to get a new one, doesn't mean I dont have one.

            I basically carry a bluetooth keyboard and use remote desktop to connect to my PC or the server.

            If I have to type up big documents then I use the Laptop.

        • All of those things and more can be done with an Android phone too!

          Not being an iPhone hater, in fact I use a Macbook Pro but have a Note 20 Ultra as my phone.

        • That’s true, but when a $600 Pixel 4a can do all that and more for less than a third of the price, it’s not easy to justify spending $2000 for a marginal difference.

        • +1 vote

          What you say is for all phones really, not just iPhone.

    • Yeah, I hear you. Then I check my screen time stats.
      7+ hours a day of consuming online content … and its also my video camera, Video editing suite, and games system. $2k is a bargain for such a seamless ecosystem.

      I actually ditched having a home pc in 2014, and went iPhone + iPad only. No regrets.

      The iPad I bought in 2014 for $620 is still the device I currently use. 6 years and it still works great and is still supported by the manufacturer. That’s pretty good.

      • Exactly.

        People keep comparing it to Android phones but most manufacturers stop supporting soft and firmware updates after 2-3 years.

        My dad still uses an Iphone 6S plus to date and still gets updates after 5-6 years.

      • The iPad have been great. Its a no brainier.
        iPhone however isn't too far ahead of the competition. Samsung and China phones are catching up.

  • About this time last year, I bought the iphone 12 pro max 256 off 3 brothers for just over $2000. It was from a post on here about an ebay $100 discount

    I will update to the next iphone max pro this time next year. By then i will have saved over $1100, when compared to 140-150 a month 60 gb plans over 24 months from voda, optus and telstra for the same phone.

    Thanks to everyone who has posted over the past year, the discounted $ 30 prepaid optus and voda sims on here, as well as the kogan 95c sims, and the free optus and telstra $2 sims. Would not have known otherwise.

  • Do these come with Apple AU warranty?

    • Yes its Australian stock with Australian warranty

      • How long is the warranty?

        • Hi There

          Apple provide 12 months standard warranty
          You also get another 12 months warranty on top of standard warranty due to consumer law warranty
          So all up 24 months

          • @3 Brothers Mobiles: These iPhones are sold after being decoupled from their plan, which is why they are ~ $150 cheaper than RRP.
            Hypothetically speaking, if the phone IMEI gets blocked years later, will you still provide any kind of compensation to the buyer?

            • @DoctorCalculon: What do you mean by decoupled from their plan? And why will the EMEI get blocked? Could you elaborate please? I’m planning to buy this from them and just wanted to understand the risk. These phones have Apple warranty and only get activated when you register it.

              • @inubaran:

                EMEI get blocked


                The reason sellers like 3Brothers and Mobileciti are able to sell latest AU stock iPhones somewhat below RRP is because they decouple the phone from the plan bundle they come with. The plan with the SIM card is probably sold to someone else. If this person loses this SIM card, they might call the telco for a SIM block / replacement. The telco will not only block the lost/stolen SIM card but also the IMEI of the phone which was part of the bundle.

                These phones have Apple warranty and only get activated when you register it.

                Which means squat, if the IMEI is blocked by the telco. Your phone then effectively becomes an expensive iPod.

                The chances of this happening is low, however it has happened to one person that I know of in the past with their iPhone X.

                • @DoctorCalculon: So these are supposed to be plan bundles from Telstra, Optus, whatever then they sell the plan separate from the phone? Aren’t these supposed to be telco locked then where you can contact the telco to unlock?

                  • @inubaran:

                    Aren’t these supposed to be telco locked then where you can contact the telco to unlock

                    I assume the supplier unlocks them prior to selling them to the unsuspecting buyer.
                    The phone would still be brand new in Apple's shrink wrapped box.

                    If you want to avoid this risk altogether, buy from Costco or use discounted gift cards.

              • @inubaran:

                I’m planning to buy this from them

                As far as I can see, this deal is sold out as well the 256GB model.

            • @DoctorCalculon: I just gave them a call, and Amit confirmed that the phone are their stock, and is not coupled with any plans.

              I have bought ,so it is what it is for me, I think worst case you call up all the telcos and find which plan its coupled with and show them your invoice, whirlpool suggest it can be resolved, you just have to go to the shop.

              • @ozaym:

                and is not coupled with any plans.

                Yes, likely story. 🙄
                Amit will tell you anything to make a buck.

                Did you actually ask them how they can afford to sell a brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max $150 below RRP, when the profit margins on these devices are so low?

                whirlpool suggest it can be resolved

                Please supply the link to the WP thread, so that everyone can judge for themselves.

                call up all the telcos and find which plan its coupled with

                Wild goose chase, that is if they don't hang up on you first.

                you just have to go to the shop

                Which shop? If I buy from this mob, they are responsible for fixing any subsequent issues.
                If my device is IMEI blocked after 3 years and this mob is out of business, who is going to fix it?

                You buy at your own risk.

                IMHO, using discounted gift cards to buy from a reputable retailer is your best option for a $2K phone.

  • Any idea when Silver Pro Max 512gb will be back in stock?