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Woolworths Mobile $20 Starter Pack for ($8), $30 Starter Pack for ($10), $40 Starter Pack for ($15)


Woolworths Mobile $20 Starter Pack for ($8)
Woolworths Mobile $30 Starter Pack for ($10)
Woolworths Mobile $40 Starter Pack for ($15)

Unlimited STD national calls & text 10% off your grocery shop once a month*

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The referrer and referee will both receive a $10 WISH eGift Card. Referral codes can only be shared after 90 days of service and gift cards sent only after staying for at least 3 active months. Maximum of 5 referrals per year. Once referred customer activates on Woolworths Mobile, they must download the Woolworths Mobile App, and enter the eligible referral code within 30 days by selecting “Refer a friend” from the slide out menu.

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  • Can you activate these on the $10 prepaid option?

  • If you buy a $20+ plan and downgrade to the $10 play do you keep the data?

    • From the terms and conditions "^ To maintain Data Bank you must recharge your Pre-paid service before credit expiry on same or higher value plan or keep your payments up to date on your active Postpaid service. Not available on long expiry plans including the $60, $150 and $200 plan." ..My longlife plan has data bank though so I assume they mean that if you shift between longlife plans you will lose your banked data.

      • Oh ok thanks for finding that would of been good to have the extra data for when the net goes down again.

  • "10% off your grocery shop once a month" is a joke. Can't use it immediately. I waited for ages for the so called "activation".

    • I thought the website said it would take up to 45 days for the 10% offer to activate?

      • probably, from memory, I waited for a couple of months. I didn't use it every month, either forgot or not working. So basically it is useless.

        • But doesn’t it always ask you if you want to use it (if available that month) when you log your Everyday Rewards Card at the POS terminal?

          • @danielh: No. I have two cards, and as it is only once a month, usually forgot it. For a couple of times while I did remember, it didn't work at all. Not reliable at all.

  • just wonder after puchasing it, do I have to activate within 30 days? (like the t&c for other companies?)

  • Anyone know if I could I get the $40 and then top up $110 to purchase the long expiry 365day sim?

  • Starter pack link is here.

  • A few questions I hope you guys can answer:
    1. How easy is it to port from an existing provider like Vodafone? Is it immediate or do I need to wait a few days to activate?
    2. Can I buy multiple recharge packs and stack them up. Ie as they are $8 each right now can I buy 12 of them and then add them all to my new Woolworths phone plan on day 1 to get the equivalent of a year prepaid?

      1. Porting in from other provider is almost instant now. The longest I waited before was 1h. Done online. No hassles.
      2. Starting packs normally have sim card, not top up voucher, so you can't stack them
      • Thanks. Took the plunge and got the cheap $8 ($20) one. Did the port online, very easy, and as it is after 8pm I will probably have to wait until tomorrow morning for the Sim port to be completed. The website said about 3 hours.
        Slightly disappointed that I cannot stack the packs but it makes sense…I guess. 😄

  • Just did the refer a friend for a random person. We BOTH get a $10 wish gift card so if you have gotten this deal, please also click on the ‘Random’ refer a friend link near the top and use the code.

  • Does anyone know how long you can wait before activating? I tried to look through the FAQ and even asked the Woolies ‘chat help line’ - but couldn’t get an answer. TIA.

    • I did it after 8pm on Thursday night and it was activated by 7am Friday morning. If I did it during their business hours (which ends 8pm) I believe it would have only taken at most 3 hours.

      • I was more wondering if it has to be activated within 30 days (for example) - or if it has a much longer expiry date. Ideally, I would like to buy one now and not activate it for another 80-90 days (when my Kogan mobile 90 day offer expires). Thanks anyway.