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Pcloud 2TB Lifetime Storage US$245/ A$332


Australia Day Sale - PCloud storage offering 2TB for lifetime use (no annoying annual plans)

Currently $245 USD, was $350 USD yesterday.

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  • Currently $245 USD, was $350 USD yesterday.

    Has been $245 USD many times in the past.

  • Definitely worth it. Been using them for a few years now

  • Used to have an account and then after messaging support received this reply:

    'After a careful check in our database, I have discovered that your account has been automatically deleted by our system as it was inactive for more than 6 months.'

    Just something to keep in mind

    • Wow. Thanks for the heads up.
      edit: just emailed them to see their response.

      • "This termination policy is valid for the free accounts in pCloud only and happens after 6 months of inactivity in the account. The system sends at least 3 warning e-mail notifications on the account inactivity as well, so the user can prevent the deletion."

    • Wow! Was that a paid account or one of their free plans? I'd be stunned if it was one of their paid plans - that certainly wouldn't be a good look for business!

    • Was yours a free account? From the FAQ

      1. What happens to my account if I don’t use it for a long time?
        If you have a free pCloud account, after 6 months of inactivity, it will be permanently deleted, along with the files inside. This does NOT refer to paid customers and pCloud Lifetime members.


  • It supports client-side encryption.

  • Does none question the maths behind 2TB forever at $245 or even $350?

  • As long as you realize that 'lifetime' means the life of the company that provides the service. Just saying…

    • Yes but I have a lifetime subscription to a magazine I read and It's worked out great for me. Not only have I crossed the point where it's paid itself off, but it saves me from trying to find somewhere that has it in stock and saves me the trouble of going there to buy it.

      • I'm not saying it doesn't work for some people, I'm just concerned about what happens if the company folds? Personally I think it is a far better idea to buy 2 really good quality NAS drives, and find someone (preferably a family member who doesn't live with you) and set them both up as FTP servers on yours (and theirs) router. That way, you both have an accessible external (offsite) storage of whatever size you want at no ongoing cost.

    • I had 1 TB lifetime with Zoolz(BigMind) for couple of years.they said they are moving to enterprise, Then I had few weeks to move all my files before they delete them. I will never get lifetime from small-medium size company.

  • B2 offers 0.005/GB/month

    $120/year/2tb, so if you use 2tb for >2 years iguess this is ok…

    • If you plan to store 200gb then that's $12 a year…. So if you think pcloud will be around in 20 years….

  • I am currently using this. I love it. It is basically one drive and you only have to pay one-off fee for it. I use mine to share folder with my friends for videos and photo editings. They can also upload copies to the shared folder too :)

  • Lifetime cloud storage is simply an unsustainable product. This garbage needs to stop being posted.

    • You'd think a lifetime magazine subscription is also unsustainable but it's worked out great for me (and a number of people who bought the lifetime subscription even years before I did).

      • Completely different things. A magazine has a revenue source from advertising in the magazine. So a larger readership means more money from advertising. It’s free because you are the product.

        Whereas as this has no alternative revenue, just ongoing expenses for ever for a flat once off fee.

        • The only advertising this magazine has is ads placed for free by subscribers which they get no kickbacks for and they have a page near the back where they mention stuff for sale on their store but it's nothing major and based on what I've seen they don't make many sales anyway.

      • Out of interest. Which magazine?

  • How would this compare to just buying a 2TB drive (internal or external)?

    • I would assume pCloud keeps a backup so even if their drive fails they will have your data for you whereas if your drive dies you'd lose whatever data is on it.