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Buy One Warrior X Turbo Black (Worth $199.95), Get a Free I3T Ti (Worth $52.95) @ Olight


Warrior X Turbo Black with a powerful max 1,100lumens, 1,000 metres throw and an impressive 12.5 hours runtime. Also features a new and improved tailcap, the same as that of odin which has a well fitted, easy to use push-to-lock remote pressure switch. Free I3T Ti included with a max output of 180 lumens powered by a single AAA battery.

Olight January sale is coming up soon! Spend $129 or more and get a FREE i1R II DT ! (MAP: $27.95) Spend $299 or more and get a FREE RN800! (MAP: $86.95) Spend $439 or more and get a FREE Baton Pro ! (MAP: $134.95) Hurry, sale ends soon!!!

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  • Olight make great flashlights but at a premium price, if you don't need all the accessories offered by Olight then there are better performing options available for less money. If you looking for a thrower consider all your options such as the Noctigon k1, Astrolux ft03, Emisar D1S etc.

    • The main point of difference between the Olight and the Noctigon k1, Astrolux ft03, Emisar D1S etc is the UI (Olight's is simpler) and the mag charging.

      • This is true, whether simpler is better than something like anduril, is up to the user to decide. I personally love my anduril lights, I managed to get a FT03s after they fixed the reflector problems and the thing is a beast of a "pocket" sized thrower.

        • Agreed, but Olight's market is a lot broader than just enthusiasts, hence their cooler tints and user friendliness.

          I'm loving my FW21Pro at the moment, give me the flood I want and goes well with the throw from the EC03

  • OP, edit the post to reflect that the sale starts tomorrow afternoon…

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      Maybe bause their VIP customers can have the early access to their Flash Sale today.

  • Worth $199.95

    Price in title.

    If this is the price then drop the worth.

  • Any decent dive torches?

  • Cost is different to worth. Might cost $200 but not worth it.

    The Technical Details have some very specific data:

    "Led: High Performance LED"