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JESLED Motion Sensor Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Wireless Waterproof Super Bright $53.59 2Pack Delivered @ JESLED via Amazon AU


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JESLED Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor, 90 LED Solar Powered Exterior Wall Security Light Waterproof

For Porch Yard Patio Garage, Dusk-to-dawn, Super Bright, Wireless,USB Charging & Emergency Lighting 2 Pack


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Solar Flood LightsOutdoor Motion Sensor
Original Price $79.99
Discount Price $53.59
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The Shining Points :

💫【Super Bright & Long Last】- Bright white 90 LEDs with max 520 lumens & 2600 mA larger capacity 18650 Lithium battery & bigger and more sensitive solar panel. This led solar security light with motion sensor is able to be working during 4-5 nights even on a rainy day, and 8 hours with the emergency mode.

💫【Motion Sensor & Dusk-to-dawn】- 4 Adjustable modes with indicator light. ① Sensor Mode: Stay off when no motion detected and then turn on max brightness when motion detected; ② Sensor & Dim Mode: Stay on dim when no motion detected and then light up on max brightness when motion detected; ③ Dim Mode: Stay on dim all time; ④ Emergency Mode: Constantly keep max brightness.

💫【Weatherproof & Energy Saving】- Wireless solar flood lights outdoor motion sensor. It is waterproof (IP64) and it’s resistant to all kinds of climate conditions. Great replacement to save money.

💫【USB Chargeable & Wide Applications】- This motion sensor light outdoor solar powered can be charged with USB charger (not included in the package).

💫【Warranty & Battery Replaceable】- JESLED offers 60 days full refund policy and 2-year warranty . Please note the JESLED logo on the packaging and products.

Product Description

Product Description
Material ABS
Solar panel 2.5W polysilicon solar panel
Battery 3.7V 2600mAh 18650 lithium battery (Replaceable)
Actual brightness 520 Lumens
Charging time 4-5 hours (1.5 hours for USB Charging)
Working time 4-5 Nights
Working Modes Sensor Mode / Sensor&Dim Mode / Dim Mode
Detect Distance 10-15 feet
Detect Angle Detect Angle
Emergency Lighting Press the power button (Green) for 5 seconds to turn on/off (lasting over 8 hours)


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Warm White 💎41% OFF—-$27.19 BUY NOW 💎20% OFF—- $71.99 BUY NOW
Model Solar Landscape Lights 2Pack Solar Landscape Lights 6Pack
Price $27.19 $71.99
Battery Lithium 18650, 3.7V, 2000mA.h
Max Working Time 12h/Low Light Mode, 6h/High Light Mode
Charging time 4-5h under direct sunlight
Illumination Angle 90°degree
Brightness Max 650LM
Packing List: Solar LED Spotlight,Stakes,Screws

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  • JESLED,devoted to led lights developing since 2009,now we are a professional LED lights company.

    Our products are greatly appreciated in the markets of North America,Europe,Australia &Japan in the Amazon.

    We will keep innovating and providing more good products.

    Let's start the green world of LED together !

  • Have you any UV (blacklight) led light strings?
    I have collection of uranium glass i wish to light up.

    • Sorry… We don't have the UV led strip lights.But we have the wifi and bluetooth strip lights.Thansk for your attention.

  • Any chance you could point me to someone that has UV led lights?

  • These look ok, i need 2 solar lights like this. I just wish you had some better real pictures of the lights and their output instead of photo-shopped ones.

    • Of coure, we would love to provide.Would you please attach your email? JESLED Sensor Customer Team would love to provide the video to show. Thanks for your attention and support.By the way if you have any issues just free to contact us here.

  • 90 LEDs but only 520 lm in brightness?

  • yes pls post it here, i just assumed it would be bright as flood lights

  • how do you install the unit? screws? no diagram.

  • I purchased this a few weeks back when you were doing a similar promotion, the lights seemed well made but unfortunately I had to return them, as the solar panel was peeling away, which would have allowed water to penetrate underneath.

    • We are so sorry to hear that..Unfortunately,may be damaged in the transportation or other reason.But pls don't worry! JESLED Lighting will always fulfill the warranty, our sensor customer team will solve your issues for you! Please provid your Amazon order number.

  • I purchased a set and arrived same day.
    They seem quite bright (for a solar powered LED light), brighter than I was expecting, but won't compare with a powered light. But surely people wouldn't expect that.
    I get why it's called a spot light, but a spot light is more of a focused beem which would defeat the purpose here, more like a broad security light.

    Only downside I can see is that the angle is about 85degrees, and although it is shaped like a wedge the LED's don't seem to take advantage of this.
    Result, is a smaller through with a good portion of the light is directed at the wall. If you try and correct this, then the Solar Panel won't get enough light.
    If this is a problem, a small block of wood or something may be enough to extend the throw.

    Surprisingly if you don't require an overly long throw, the effect is quite nice (a as per the video linked above) and the throw is quite wide, but not super deep.

    Installation is two screws, and you can easily remove the light (lifting up) and replace any time you wish.
    Has a bright green LED when it's charging which is re-assuring.

    Disclaimer: Ordered today, and arrived today so my testing was not of a fully charged product.

    I would have preferred 2 x AA batteries, however the choice of a standard but less common 18650 is appreciated. I have a few of these for torches, and in these devices, it's usually the battery that fails. In this use case if you have it on motion, it shouldn't run dead flat every night and should last a reasonable time, but if you have it set to always on, or always dim then bright on motion I would expect to change the battery more often.

    I am considering getting another batch, as I am happy with the light output and feel the solar panels are more than sufficient to charge the single battery.
    The high number of LED's means more efficiency, longer LED life but also wider throw with less shadows.
    Also very easy to install. Need to find something like this with a separate solar panel that I can put on the roof of the garden shed and have the light on the inside.
    Actually looks like Solar lights have come a long way, so I will be looking at other gadgets like a solar powered house number light ect..
    Back in my day the solar lights were very dim and disappointing.

    • Awesome thanks for the thorough write up, arrived the same day? That's bananas! Looking forward to getting mine now.

    • Hey, bro~ Thanks for your professional comments.It is our honored that you want to test our flood lights.
      This product has a unique appearance and we have applied for a patent for it. Easy installation ,Super Bright & Long Last& Energy Saving.
      Amazon has their own warehouse in the Australia, so you could purchased a set and arrived and arrived some day!
      Because this is a type of solar lights, compared to powered lights, the brightness is incomparable.
      But compare to the solar lights, believe us~ You get the perfectly functional soalr flood lights.
      Here we noticed that the spot lights, it would called the flood lights or security lights. The spotlights is our another type soalr landscape lights.
      If you would like to test,we would love to give you for free.Pls let us know your idea.
      Only downside you mentioned that you can see is that the angle is about 85degrees.
      This type of flood lights has this design to get the enough solar energy. Otherwise, can't get the enough solar energy, you surely know that~
      Besides, we will feedback to our engineer and look for better design. We appreciated your advice. Thanks a lot.
      We feel very happy that you pay high attention to our solar flood lights, if it is convenient, we sincerely hope all the Amazon customer know this comment.
      Would you please share this comments in the Amazon review?
      By the way, if you are interested, we would provide the evey JESLED product to you!
      (Pls le us know your Amazon order number and email)