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2019 Riot Pinot Noir, $99.20 (24x250ml) down from $124

Tasting notes: Raspberry and red fruit aromatics. Cherry blossom and plum on the palate. Elegant and silky.

Free shipping over $50

Note:24 cans is 8 bottles of wine, equivalent to $12.40/bottle.

compared to Dan Murphys (danmurphys.com.au) (delivery only - direct from supplier) $123.99

Rose Spritz (24x250ml) $88 down from $110

A rosé-based spritzed cocktail with 10 natural botanicals including blood orange, passionfruit and elderflower, with only 78 calories and 3.6g sugar per 150mL serve.

In true Riot Wine Co style, R!OT Rosé Spritz is made with only the highest quality ingredients to deliver an easy-drinking and refreshing spritz cocktail – and best of all, it’s sustainably made.

Serving suggestion:
Best enjoyed poured over ice with a slice of fresh orange or served chilled straight from the can.

8.0% ALC/VOL
Approx 1.6 Standard drinks

Riot is a CUB brand SMH Article (smh.com.au) https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/ros-on-tap-carlton...

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  • Anyone tried these?

    • Their stuff is surprisingly decent for wine in a can, obviously they're more on the "smashable" end of the spectrum than the premium end.

      • Thanks I'm the only wine drinker is my house so like the idea of not having to commit to finishing a whole bottle quickly.

        • +1 vote

          We feel the same way. The 250ml serving size is perfect if you only want a glass or so, as opposed to cracking a whole bottle and having to drink it within a couple of days. You also don't have to compromise if you want a red wine and someone else wants a white wine! There is also some great research into the benefits of using cans, both for sustainability for the environment, and preserving the quality of wine. Two elements that destroy wine are UV light and oxygen; with a can you eliminate these! We also use a water based polymer to line the inside of the can, which stops any aluminium taste. Hope that gives you a bit of insight to what we are all about :)