Issues with eBay Buyer. What to do?

So after years of eBay selling odd bits n pieces, this is the first time I've really encountered a buyer (yes I'm pretty lucky) who is this troublesome. So all was ok. They paid on Friday, got it delivered via courier and it arrived on Monday.

That's when it gets a bit dicey. So they ask for a tracking number. I give them the job ID and date which is required by this particular courier to track items and I also screenshot the Proof of Delivery notice, the contents is worth about $400 but sold it for a fraction of that. Back and fourth messages constantly asking for tracking n such.

Next day I get this message:
"The old man that came in a personal vehicle with no invoice or ID is not safe or secure shipping. If I wanted my family subject to strangers that would be my choice.
There is no invoice or barcode or any legitimate details of the courier company. There is a hand written address and that is all. Not only is it grossly overcharged, but to add insult, your pictures shows 14 boxes in the photo and I get 9!!! You have delivered just over half of the stated numbers."

My package was about 5kg and postage I charged was $25, same State. And I wrote in permanent marker on the box their address so I don't know what they expected? It to be printed in what Gold, diamond encrusted with Glitter?

My picture shows 12 open boxes of capsules, which I boxed and sent. So I don't know where they got 14. They also said I under delivered the amount. 350 capsules out of 500. I have photos of everything.

So I'm left with a few options:
- accept a return and cover their postage and fully refund them.
- partial refund amount
- I have some extra capsules that I can send to them.
- or leave it and cop it as a loss
- maybe they are also on Ozbargain and will see this as well. LoL 😘

Sorry for the long post but I'm sure a lot of y'all have your own stories about issues with eBay, gumtree or FB marketplace. So how should I deal with this particular buyer?

Please share your own experiences as well!


Poll Options

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    - accept a return and cover their postage and fully refund them.
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    - partial refund amount
  • 2
    - I have some extra capsules that I can send to them.
  • 5
    - or leave it and cop it as a loss
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    - maybe they are also on Ozbargain and will see this as well and back off? LoL
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    - Other (comment below)


  • None of the above, if you have photo evidence that you have done the right thing then see what happens if they complain to ebay about it. Could just be trying to scam you into taking one of the first three options.

  • Send them more capsules, however now containing a laxative.

  • My experience is Ebay will side with the buyer everytime…

    Whats in the capsules?

  • We sell over 500 items a month on eBay and have probably seen all types of buyers!!
    For a start, what shipping service did you use? All legit courier companies will use printed labels with a barcode to use for tracking.
    Strange that you say you put the address on the box in marker - this implies you use a private delivery service such as Uber or AirTasker?
    If the buyer opens an INAD (Item Not As Described) case with eBay you are shafted. eBay will make you refund in full and also pay the return charges.

    • They are a legit courier company: Bonds Express Couriers.

      I have to pack my own box and label the package with the buyers address and they come to pickup and deliver.

  • May be other options. Have you checked ebay's "seller protections" article? - "If a buyer reports that an item hasn't been received"

    • Thanks man, that link helps as they are falsely accusing me. First with the courier and now with the capsule amounts.

  • I'd say you have some recourse.
    The type of courier doesn't really matter, nor does the packaging as long as it's as described.
    Sounds like they expected it to come from a retail shop something along those lines.
    I would say stick to gumtree/marketplace. But selling capsules on either of these sites probably won't get the best response.

    Take em to the cleaners.

    • I advertised as 12 boxes of capsules and sent 12 as advertised. I took photos of everything and have the delivery proof with weight and dimensions. I find it strange about their complaints about the legit courier company I used. Sendle, Toll, TNT all of them I use my own packaging and put the address on myself and they pick it up, so I don't see an issue with this.

      But ye. See what happens.

      • Agreed. I send stuff sendle/aus post/followmont/toll. I print out an address because I'm too lazy to write it but then slap it on with moving tape.

        The dude is a scammer. Seems there's gonna be more of it soon so we'll probably bail out when ebay is just going to side with buyers without any investigation.

  • I have some extra capsules that I can send to them.

    If ebay doesn't refund first. That way his complaint is resolved?

  • Ok so there’s a couple of things in your post.

    I don’t see any issue with hand written address, that’s totally upto the seller.
    Once tracking details have been provided there shouldn’t really be a need to contact the seller again re postage (well not in under a week)
    What vehicle companies deliver in is their business nothing stipulates auspost/couriers need logos on their vehicle.

    From your details above I believe I can see your listing on Ebay.
    -the number of boxes isn’t stated in the description but the photo DOES show 14 boxes, 12 open boxes to display the contents but looks like inadvertently another 2 box are also pictured above.

    -postage. Your listing has “australia post standard parcel + signature” for $25

    You have used the wrong postage carrier - if your not using auspost you can’t list it on Ebay there is an option in postage “standard parcel delivery” the. You can use your choice of courier/auspost.

    If I was the buyer I’d be getting partial-full postage refunded for using a cheaper courier from the wrong details on your listing.
    I know when I’m selling people will pay more not to have sendle/certain couriers.

    The buyer is either rightly or wrongly thinking they are short 3 boxes /150 pods. And probably were expecting an auspost parcel vic to vic in under a week.

    Poll - my vote. Send 3 boxes in a small auspost satchel printed via email Ebay postage is $8.65/$8.95

  • If I were you, I’d give the customer two options as a one time token of apology (not saying it’s your fault but just to keep the grumpy customers satisfied):

    1. Accept a partial refund (choose a reasonable amount) for the inconveniences caused
    2. Send them extra capsules covering the cost on your end

    Let them decide and proceed on whichever option. It’s not worth a neg and ruining your selling reputation/metric

  • I would accept a partial refund - if you think they're being dodgy then sending them extra boxes isn't going to stop them asking for a refund, and then you're out even more. With a partial refund (mediated through ebay official complaints processes) then you are done and dusted of the matter.

    • I was thinking the same thing. If I sent more pods then they make another claim against me I'm out of pocket for the extra pods, shipping etc.

      Might be better if they send it back to me and I cover their postage and that's my loss.

  • the contents is worth about $400 but sold it for a fraction of that

    They’re worth what someone is willing to pay - eg what they sold for

    So how should I deal with this particular buyer?

    Have you actually tried asking what they would like to have complete resolution of this issue?

    It sounds like you should stick to Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree in the future - no PayPal