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Get $50 Credit When You Register for Managed Payments As a Seller @ eBay


Received an email from eBay

REMINDER: Get $50 when you register for managed payments.
Register by 22nd February and you’ll also receive $50 invoice credit applied to your March eBay invoice.*

Check your ebay email.

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  • for sellers?

      • So, can you register for it, but
        later Not Use it? Or UnRegister?

        • We will email and notify you in My Messages on eBay when you can register to have eBay manage your payments. eBay will require all sellers in Australia to register for managed payments in 2021.

  • What is managed payments?

    • Looks like eBay's way of allowing "small-time" sellers to offer more payment options for buyers.

      e.g. if you (seller) want to list your item for sale, you can allow the buyer to use Credit Card, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, afterpay etc.
      Ebay will pay you directly (in around 2 business days), and then ebay will take the money from the buyer.

      I can't imagine there aren't catches to this though, and most likely the biggest catch is exorbitantly high fees.

      • TransferWise would make Buyers' $$ go farther or let them buy a bit more… Not (yet) on eBay, AFAIK.

      • from what i gather,

        no fees to paypal

        but also no more seller protection from paypal

    • eBay will work as payment processors. Buyer can choose a number of ways to pay you as mentioned below. You won't need to have PayPal which means no PayPal seller fees.

  • Once managed payments comes in sellers are screwed. There will be no protection at all against credit card chargebacks for "unauthorised transaction". The scammers would be all over ebay.

    • It's already come in and I have been registered for several months with no problems. Would be interested to hear from anyone who has.

      • How does it work if you sell something for say, $100?
        Are the fees any different from just using PayPal?

        • In my experience they are almost identical.

          • @lukethefish: Slightly cheaper on managed payments it seems:

            1) Managed Payments - 13.4% plus 30c vs
            2) eBay 10.9% and PayPal 2.6% + 30c

            However, for managed payments your fees are taken out immediately and they pay you out (minus the MP fees) in 2 business days

            With paypal your funds (minus the paypal fees) are available to you immediately and same day transfer to your bank account, and also you don't need to pay your ebay fees until a month (or more) later when your invoice is due

      • Yeah well wait until you get a scamming buyer cause you will get one eventually and just hope you havent sold something thats valued in the hundreds. There will be no Paypal protection for you then and may very well wipe away most of your profits in the last half year all in one go.

        • I'm just a private seller so likely to be alright. Sounds like you are a business of sorts so I can understand how it could be more of a problem.

      • I've been screwed CONTINUOUSLY by managed payments. As soon as a buyer opens a dispute (ie not received on time) eBay withhold funds from you, even if you have uploaded a valid tracking number they will hold funds and you have to explain your case.

        Seller protection has saved me BUT I've had to fight for it each time. ie. Take your money, sort it out later (if the seller kicks up) is the mentality. Wouldnt be such a big deal if you could just call ebay and talk it over - nope - even volume sellers have to sit on brain numbing chat for 45 mins to explain in detail what the issue is to a robot who if you're lucky will refer it to a real human.

        Also I've had issues with buyers claiming items were "sent short" - problem is the buyer is given a 100% refund and keeps whatever it is they received. How can you prove you sent an item in full - Ooops you can't. Dispute closed by ebay.

        Did I mention that if a buyer opens a dispute - then ignores any response you may enter - eBay managed payments will close the dispute in their favour and take the money from you as a seller after 3 days of buyers ignoring you - the only thing you can do as a seller to close the dispute is to voluntarily provide a refund.

        If you allow ebay to determine a dispute (ie dont immediately volunteer a refund) - and ebay close the dispute in the buyers favour automatically - you as a seller are then slapped with a "disputes which required ebay intervention" slap - which counts against you as a seller in relation to the fees you pay and the placement of your products on the platform.

        Items not as described: If a buyer opens such a dispute, ebay can determine they keep the item and do not need to return it. So this is a great way for unscrupulous buyers to basically get free items at seller expense. Given their is no way to actually prove the client got what they ordered - eBay's robots just concede to the buyer.

        Did I mention everything I sold TODAY (25/1) that is marked as same day shipping, if not shipped by 11.59pm AEST eBay will automatically contact my buyers tell them I have not performed as a seller, give them a free return label and send me a slap. Even items purchased at say 5pm.

        I would think this is perhaps OK - except I've literally been sitting at my desk from 6pm-midnight packing as fast as I can, as soon as midnight rolls around - everyone who I am still due to pack that night, but can't physically get to because i'm too slow gets a free return label and is encouraged to return the item for a refund when it arrives.

        Also eBay payments also charge a "dishonor fee" if a buyer opens a chargeback with their bank that is determined in their favour. Only problem is eBAy will not stick up for you as a seller (even if you have provided valid tracking) but give in to the card issuers bank every time - so not only do you lose your item, lose the money - but then eBay managed payments slug you a dishonour fee for a chargeback - when they are the ones that throw you under the bus and dont stick up for you to the card issue when providing information regarding the charge back.

        Managed payments is a tool eBay use to get rid of smaller sellers on the site and sellers of used goods, only high volume sellers who can afford to lose X% of sales to buyer fraud and nonsense recharges and fees will survive. Its a move by stealth to change eBay - they just dont outright come out and say it to their clients, they just frustrate them out of the system.

        • I've left a message under their Youtube video. I encourage you guys to do the same.


        • Thanks for the heads up Jason - looks like they are turning the thumbscrews even tighter on sellers

        • I'm just a private seller so likely to be alright. Sounds like you are a business of sorts so I can understand how it could be more of a problem. The worst I have had is actually that selling promos won't apply correctly and had to fight to get those reimbursed to me.

          • @lukethefish: Do you know whether this is a long term thing - i.e. promos no longer work after being transitioning to managed payments.

            Or is this just a glitch and will be fixed soon?

            It will be exhausting trying to fight for each and every FVF to get reimbursed!

            • @proudwanderer: Promos have been broken for a while - several months

              • @King Tightarse: Do you mean broken in general or broken just for managed payments?

                Is it ever going to be fixed?

                Or is it a sneaky way of denying promos to people who have switched over to managed payments?

                • @proudwanderer: Well I have only a couple of unusable promos on my accounts (link doesn't work) and no fresh ones.
                  I generally could rely on some free listings or $1 listings ever month but nothing at all recently.
                  Over the last two months the promos have been very flakey - not working correctly, dead T & C links etc

            • @proudwanderer: One of the higher ups called me - I think from America - and pretty sure he told me it was something they were trying to sort out for managed payments. Take that with a pinch of salt however, since I previously had a long-standing issue with eBay Plus sign up (now fixed but took forever) and as far as I know I still have a long-standing issue with accessing eBay Plus returns labels as well. You are right it is an aboslute nightmare getting the FVFs reimbursed because of the transition between invoicing (which still exists in a way) and managed payments the customer service agents often have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, or no idea how to actually fix it. In general however it seems like they first process the reimbursement to your seller account (relatively fast once they agree/recognise the FVF issue) which is then taken out of your seller account and paid out through managed payments around the time of your next seller account invoice (can take up to around a month since invoices generated monthly).

        • This sounds unfair to me.

          Ever thought of lodging a Complaint with (some Aussie gov't dep't, who might help)…?

          PS After all, this is the Season for gov'ts to go after high-profit Tech-Companies.

          • @IVI: Have tried QLD Office of Fair Trading with regards to the broken selling promos and they are not interested since they don't consider that I have purchased anything and rather that I am selling stuff.

        • Did I mention everything I sold TODAY (25/1) that is marked as same day shipping, if not shipped by 11.59pm AEST eBay

          I thought everybody adds a tracking number by the day of posting required and posts normally the next biz day :)

    • Sellers are already screwed in general. When does a seller have any kind of advantage on eBay. High fees, no seller protection (buyer always wins) etc

  • They'll need to give me more than $50 to register.. eBay can easily change their fees for managed payments at any moment plus seems safer with PayPal..
    eBay send notifications, emails, messages & call me almost weekly to set it up. Im not interested..Eventually there will be a catch, it FeeBay..

    • I don't think you have a choice. From the link in OP.

      " eBay will require all sellers in Australia to register for managed payments in 2021."

      • Yep, but I'll drag it out as long as possible. Its ridiculous they're forcing people to do it.

        As a small sized seller, I hate the fees on items.. They are already quite high and really add up but have managed it okay so far. Rather not give eBay even more control over fees like this is

    • +1 vote

      So, how long do you need to stay before bowing out?

      $50 free is you can bail B4 your next sale.

      PS There really ought to be a Required "Don't Bother Me" mechanism in all [commercial] web apps:

      Eg, If I indicate "No Thanks" after being asked, for a reasonable # of times, the asking should be Stopped.

  • I agree re scammers. I'll continue to manage my own payments by only selling via facebook or gumtree and only accepting COD. Anything I can't sell this way isn't worth the hastle and potential losses of selling on ebay, so I either post it on one of facebook freebies/pay it forward groups or send to landfill.

    • How much does FB charge to Sell there?

      • I think it costs to sell through FB Marketplace, but I've joined a few local and specialist buy/swap/sell groups where it's free.

  • Isn't Managed Payments going to be compulsory?

    • Yes, after they offloaded Paypal and made their extremely healthy returns, Ebay is now ditching Paypal to get more revenue from us. The beauty of American capitalism by slowly screwing the rest of us. I might give up on Ebay once this thing get brought in.

      • Would a locally devel'd competitor do any better?

        (Is there a skilled Aussie app developer out there?)

  • Managed payments is supposed to make payments easier for everyone, right now there are all sorts of quirks with the current payments system - ie. many sellers can't and dont offer afterpay, so if you mix and match those products in your cart, it wont even let you check out, etc.

    This is a modern improved system that puts everyone on a unified footing, it will benefit sellers and buyers (and hence will lead to more sales).

    • Have you not been reading anything in this thread? Ebay will not be protecting any sellers. There is no benefit if what extra sells you get from this leads you to lose more financially.

    • +1 vote

      Circulate an online Petition, if no gov't dep't can help.

      Name & Shame eBay.

      Maybe we can create a low-cost, AU-specific escrot system & refuse to accept payments -except- thru it.

      Don't put up with a frustrating payment.

      (If USA can dump a nuisance of a pOTUS,
      AU should be able to invent or find some
      work-around to Payments Managed, IMO.

      Prove me Right! ;~)

  • eBay offered $200 a month ago to register for managed payment.

  • It's a pain in the ass for buyers as well, I haven't bought items for sellers with ebay payments 4 times as your forced to slip the transaction when another seller is with PayPal meaning you miss out on discounts for spending x amount in a transaction.

  • I ve been ignoring messages to move to new payment platform, even with $50 incentive

  • Is anyone doing amazon? I work for a truck body manufacturer but have had some towing accessories on ebay for 12 months with a bit of success mainly to gain exposure to customers we otherwise wouldn't have. I've had one case where a douche put in a dispute and ebay were not interested even though I had tracking and had contacted both buyer and courier during covid. They refunded him straight up.

    I'm wondering if I should try out FBA, or is that an equally big nightmare?

  • I just received this email:

    Dear XXXX,

    Your account is eligible to register for managed payments. Access the benefits including simplified processes and protections, and overall savings for most sellers as you will no longer pay third party payments processing fees for selling on eBay.

    PLEASE NOTE: if your business entity is a trust, partnership, cooperative or association please do not register for managed payments at this time. Instead, you are required to click here to provide additional information about your business. Once we have verified this information we will contact you again to begin registration.

    If your business is not a trust, partnership, cooperative or association, you are required to complete registration for managed payments by 1st March, or you will no longer be able to create new listings.

    Looks like there's no way out of this. If I don't "register" this month, then I'm no longer able to list anything anymore after this month!

    To "register" they're going to need me to do the following:

    1. Confirm your account information
    2. Verify your identity
    3. Verify your bank account details
    • Wow so no chance of having more than one seller account after this.
      I have multiple accounts and I generally use whichever has free listings.
      This is a big change!

      • I guess you can still create a brand new account after your current account is required to go managed payments - but you'll have all sorts of restrictions on the new account though like only 10 listings a month and only can list a certain $ amount a month and maybe even paypal restrictions too - so it's not worth it.

        Also, even any brand new accounts you create will probably have to go managed payments some time this year.