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SUNLU Silk PLA for 3D Printing 1.75mm 2kg A$28.52 or 5kg A$69.91 @ ZHSUNLU Store AliExpress


Saw this Silk PLA listed at less than half the price of the store's other filaments. I personally ordered 8kg 3 days ago not knowing when/whether they would arrive but they arrived today! Make sure to choose "Ships from: Australia"
The same store has more filament listings but for much higher prices and without free shipping, not sure why this one is the cheapest but whatever :)

Combine with aliexpress coupons if you can get them to work

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  • Thanks, just bought some!

  • +1

    The green is PLA+. Grabbed some, thanks!

    • can you explain the difference?

        • ah yes I saw that. specifically vs silk ones? is silk just PLA but shiny?
          sorry im totally noob. just got the ender 3 pro deal recently

          • @Ceri: Basically yes, it's really shiny as if it's been varnished. Haven't tried this brand at all but I love the eSun Silk PLA, especially the gold.

  • Thanks, ordered

  • Ugh, they all sold out just as I was adding them to my cart…

    • Silks are still available

      • they won't ship to my location apparently. Only the PLA+ Greens would ship to me. But now they're gone.

  • Fantastic price!

  • damn, OOS

  • They have silk green but 5 rolls…

    Scratch that just the white ones

  • Bummed that I missed out :(

  • +1

    You ordered something from Ali express and it came in 3 days? 😱 Did you choose express shipping because everything I order takes like 2 months!

    • +2

      It shipped from their Aussie warehouse via Auspost

      • Ah fair call

    • That's only 1 spool though (1kg).. ☹

    • 26 bux for 1KG though!

  • Looks like they've put some more stock up, different options though. And the 10 roll is down a heap.. 😂

  • Gotta be quick! Think I scored the last 2 x red

  • stock has changed

  • +1

    Not same as original offer no free postage?

    • Look like party is over, missed out :(

  • Received mine today, will try a test print tonight