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Lenovo Smart Display 7" $99 @ Officeworks (JB Hi-Fi Price Match with Bonus Lenovo Smart LED Lightstrip)


Price matched Officeworks who currently have this on sale for $99, to sweeten the deal by getting the bonus LED strip from JB Hi-Fi.

  • Purchase the Lenovo 7" Smart Display and get a bonus Lenovo Smart LED Lightstrip! Both items must be purchased in the same cart transaction to receive bonus offer, delivery fees apply. Offer valid until February 28th, 2021 or while stocks last. To add the Lenovo Smart LED Lightstrip Click Here.

LED Light features:
Voice Controlled using Google Assistant and/or Amazon Alexa
Set up automation to create unique behaviours to make your home smart
IP65 dust and water resistant (lightstrip)

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  • I'm pretty sure we got one of these for $79 from JB's at some stage last year.

    • Yep they have been that price.

  • Latitude also broadened the terms of their $20 off deal to allow existing customers. So I got one from HN and one from TGG for $79 each (not both for me, for family that have been annoying me about then since I got mine)

    • How is it, is it similar to the best hub

      • +3

        Nothing beats the best hub

        • Hahahahah you got me

      • Screen's too small to really watch any video on it, although young kids don't seem to mind.

        Would be good for bringing up home security of Google could launch the video a bit faster.

        But for not much more than a nest mini, the screen is useful for big clock, photo reels, recipes (with hands-free progression), news with images and occasional smart home controls.

        I quite like the ability to specifically tell it who you want to see photos of, and it then scrolls through your Google photos to pull them out. Pretty much the easiest implementation I've seen.

        Same applies for Google version I expect, just without the Lenovo's camera.

        • I see thanks for the info

  • how do you price match online please?

  • does anyone know if this can scroll through World clocks, or shows multiple timezones in one view?

    • No it can't, with the existing firmware. Unless Lenovo pushes a firmware update to include that feature.

    • If it can show web pages then I've got an easy solution for you! :)

      • It doesn't have browser but if you view a business in google maps, you can click the website link and will redirect you to the website.

  • Does anyone know if the camera here can be viewed remotely like nest cam in Nest hub max?

    • No, you have to call this device via Duo to be able to use its camera.

      • Ok cool thanks, I'll skip this.

  • Has anyone tried the Google phone calling through Telstra on these? It's not supported on the Lenovo Smart Clock, so guessing it also isn't supported on this Smart Display?

    • +2

      Yes I have tried and it works fine.

      • Awesome, thanks!

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  • Says use with Amazon Alexa, anyone used with it how does that go?