This was posted 10 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Brita Marella XL Blue Jug with 3 Bonus Filters $45 + Shipping / Pickup @ The Good Guys


Seems to be a good price considering total of 4 filters. I have bought one .

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • This is a good deal

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      Urgh, you're the worst Britta!

      • Why the worst?

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    $38 on Goodguys Commercial if you have access

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      Cheers bro. Finally used my union membership for something other than a tax deduction :P

      (Together union has "member advantage" so I didn't even need to sign up for union shopper - but I should prob do that one day)

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    eBay TGG shows it is always $45.

    Free shipping with eBay Plus.

  • Anyone know the height of this? Just want to see if it will fit on the shelf in my fridge :)

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      Only 2 bonus filters

      • I purchased one from Costco. It was mentioned 2 filters as a bonus exactly the same as the provided link, but when I opened the box at home there was just one filter inside the box, disappointing.

    • Thanks but that’s with two filters as I can see

    • $29.99 at Costco. But yeah, only 2 filters total.

  • $30 at Costco with 2 filters, seems to be the standard price there.

    Got mine 3 days ago.

  • Flip open lid or removable lid? The former is better

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      Flip but I assume you can do both.

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    I find this newer design actually worse than the older (Navelia) one:

    • It is uncomfortable to hold it because of the curved handle, especially when it is full and heavy.

    • Unfiltered water gets mixed with filtered if you pour right after filling it. You have to keep the lid closed by pushing it down.

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      Those don't come in 3.5L varieties though.

    • When it's full, you hold the lower part of the handle to balance the weight.

      • …or use a properly designed product?

  • Is this product really worth it?

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      Depends on your area I suppose, in our suburb the water is quite harsh. Kettles becomes rusty / filled with sediment super quick if not filtered post tape. I can see how this would be worthless in an area where the water quality is a lot better.

      There is a significant difference in water taste filtered vs straight from tape. Drinking from tap actually just tastes like chlorine in our area.

      • Which area is this?!

        • what happens coz I drink tap water every day??

      • I had the same in Qld, near Toowoomba, where the water just tasted dirty if not filtered. We ended up fitting an under-sink 2-filter system for convenience, but usually had one of these in the fridge. Since moving to Tas we’ve found the tap water markedly better. We started filtering out of habit but after the first filter expired we haven’t felt the need to use another one.

        • Since moving to Tas we’ve found the tap water markedly better.

          That’s a weird statement to read, considering the number of boil water alerts TasWater used to regularly issue a few years ago…

    • Totally worth it.


    Free delivery + 20% off first order, seems to be an okay deal.

    • That is a different one (2.4L vs 3.5L)

      • Blue / Marella Jug XL 3.5L + 20% discount (code: WELCOME2021) ends up $44.95 (incl. $15.35 shipping)

        • And that's only got 1 filter.

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    How often are people replacing the filter. If I went by the indicator it wouldd be like 2 weeks. I'm trying for every 2-3 months

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      I think the indicator is more like 30 days. I set a reminder to change every 45 days for Chinese made filters. You could do 60 days for the German made ones. 3 months is definitely too long imo.

    • Replace every month or 150L according to this

      (Technical Specifications)

      Additional Features:

      Reduces chlorine, metals, minerals causing limescale build-up and other impurities* , Compatible with all BRITA jugs and casks (excluding Classic range), Replace filter every month or 150L for optimum performance

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  • Filter wise. One can pick a 6 pack of Maxtra+ at Bunnings for $49.90 ($8.31 per). Factor that into whether this or other deals are good.

    • Some also said Kmart/Target filters fit ($3 per), some here aid they don't,

      I didn't take the chance and bought the Bunnings Steffi compatible brand and it's fine

  • Not available at most stores for click and collect, but can place an order via phone for click and collect

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