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[Android, iOS] Free - 1x Incense, 2x Incubators | 1x Verizon Jacket, 1x Verizon Mask @ Pokemon Go


[Android, iOS] 1x Incense, 2x Incubators @ Pokemon Go
^ This code might not work for you

[Android, iOS] 1x Verizon Jacket, 1x Verizon Mask @ Pokemon Go

Referral Links

Referral: random (112)

Referee and referrer unlock various in-game rewards after referee completes certain tasks
Referee gets guaranteed 100 Pokeballs.

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  • +5

    First code doesn't work

    • Same with me; said error. Maybe it's for new players? I've been playing since release

  • +4

    First code is most likely a unique returning player code.

    The Verizon Mask + Jacket Clothing has also been previously posted (Auto-expired by the system and meets Duplicate Exceptions to be reposted).

    • Yeah I'm revoking my vote as I've already gotten the Verizon gear from a previous deal and the left code is unique/targeted.

      • why yous want to be a walking Verizon billboard

  • +1


    This offer code is not available for your redemption (already redeemed or belonging to another account)

  • Code for incubators does not work.

  • +1

    First didn't work for me. Second did tho

    • Same here.

  • Add me my trainer code is 9624 7399 6643, looking to trade gifts and pokemon!

    • +16

      People still say people play this?

      • -6

        Yeah it's darn old 2016, 5 years it's been

        Thought people have moved on

        • +4

          The gameboy games originally came out 25 years ago…so guess not.

      • Got nothing against pokemon, just surprised people still play pokemon go.

        Legit question… who’s still running around outdoors chasing them?
        Was huge on release but don’t see people like you use to doing it 🤷🏽‍♂️

        • Not the kids.

          In my neighbourhood, it's the parents of the kids who started playing as they escorted their children around back in '16.

          Lots of professionals too, we have a couple of GPs, a Uni Professor, (in virology), a Draftsman, as well as a swim instructor, web designer, the local coffee shop owner, etc etc.

          Quite a mix of backgrounds.

          • @sir_bazz: I did it myself on release, just didn’t know it was still popular these days.

  • +6

    1st code doesn't work, 2nd code is old and was already posted

  • unfortunately only the sponsored stuff that should be free anyways worked for me, ah well

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