Advice Needed - Stranger Parking Car Daily in Front of My House and Putting Trash around. What Are Options Available ?

I live in Sydney west, for the past few days a stranger is parking his car in front of my house (on the road) and the car is parked from ~ 5 PM to early morning. I could see a girl in her 20's always inside the car.At the end of day they throw trash around ( McD Takeway) and leave the place.

Its really annoying . Is it legal ? Like living in a car in a residential you are not part of ?

Can I talk to them ? Or call the cops ?

Pls advice.

Note; The concern is more from my\family privacy and security .


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    Call the Council for the Litter and maybe they have Social Workers if the Car Dweller is homeless.

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    In WA you can report someone litering, and they send a fine to the registered owner. I've done this with dashcam footage.

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    Report litter:

    So is the girl in the car for the entire time the car is parked?

    As for street parking. You don't have authority to tell others where they can park or not on a public street.

    • Thanks twww for ur advice. Yes I am seeing a girl inside all the time ( or when ever I look at)

      • I have contacted the EPA weekly for almost 6 months over different cars because the street was becoming a kebab shop.

        All the cars stopped coming.

        Make sure you have time, car rego, make, colour, description of what happened and, description of “offender”.

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      But you can call the cops to check on someone parking in front of your place. A couple decades ago cops came up to my car because I was parked on a residential street making out with my gf in the middle of the night. Obviously some homeowner didn't like a random car parked on their street at midnight.

      If this person is doing it every night, call the local cops with this info. They should be able to pay this person a visit.

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    1st thing to check would be to see if the car is registered. If it’s someone living in a car it might not be. If not registered leave a note on it or mention that as it’s unregistered it shouldn’t be on the road and perhaps the cops may visit.

    If you have actually seen the driver or passenger leaving the rubbish, report them as above. It’s relatively easy. You can’t just assume it was them though, if they dispute you might end up having to go to court and you’ll need to be able to either provide evidence (like video) or turn up and tell what you saw.

    Parking? Not so easy, except park your own vehicle in the spot for a few days.

    • Thanks Euphemistic ,today I will check the registration and the litter is definitely from them as i seen the take away in the car roof and the next day it's in the curb/ reserve where the car was parked.

      Definely today I will park my car on the same stop and see it solves this issue

  • Try “Snap, Send, Solve”

    • Thanks Marcsie. If this issue continues I will use it.

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    Can I talk to them ?

    Why not?

    Don't start with: How much?

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    "Yes I am seeing a girl inside all the time ( or when ever I look at)"

    Geez, then why not go over and say 'Hello' and see if she's OK and if there's anything you can do to help her out?
    If she's homeless and in trouble why make her life harder by ratting her out to the government?
    If she's mental in some way you could call Lifeline or the Salvos and they could send someone to help her out.

    Pretty radical stuff?

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      Perhaps because they don't want to get stabbed.

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        Happened to you a lot has it?

      • Extremely low faith in humanity going around these days, isn't there? Jeez. Asking someone if they are ok without being aggressive about it isn't going to get you stabbed in the enormous majority of situations.

        It's not worth losing our kindness and sense of community for the microscopically small chance someone will be so unhinged as to be violent to a kind stranger.

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    There are so many reasons why a person may become homeless, and doubly so given the current economic client.

    Unless you live an area where you'd expect to find it's a meth-head or prison escapee, then I can't help but feel that coming at this from a position of compassion is warranted.

    It's amazing what a simple: "Hi there, are you ok?" can mean so someone who's found themselves alone and in a bad situation.

    Now, if the worst case actually eventuates, then smile, walk away, and follow some of the good advice already posted.

    On the other hand, you may just find yourself in the rare position to genuinely have a major impact in someone's life.

    • We initially of thought of asking that.. 🙂but don't want to turn out to be ugly. So today I will park my car in that place and see if they still come and if so I will go and talk to them.

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    Put a roll of rubbish bags on the windscreen so she gets the hint.

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    Some good suggestions. Maybe see if the person appears to be under influence, if not a chat might be helpful. If the car is gone during the day, my guess is that they probably have a day job, and homeless. So, any offer of help, a home cooked meal, some bedding and toiletries might help that person. It might also solve your litter problems. Also, knowing their story might give your family some comfort that the person is not there to harm you. Maybe leave a note for them, and some pen and paper to leave their message for you. In situations like this it might be easier if the person thinks that you come in peace.

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    Lol @ privacy… they are parked on a public street. You have more privacy than what they do.

    The littering is an issue though. Call the council ranger or the EPA.

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    She might be working; it seems like an obvious possibility.

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    Talk to her, if she is indeed homeless help her out with referring her to some services. Possibly print out some things for her. Let her know that if she has rubbish could she please place it in your bin if there are no others around. You never know how she’s ended up where she is and the last thing she probably needs is fines or police. Try to make a difference for her for the better if safe for you to do so 🥰

    • I agree. Will do.

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    This is something I like about the OZB community. It didn't take long from reporting to EPA to yes, I will try and make a difference. In most posts there are opposing views, and the original poster is usually able to see arguments on both sides and make and informed decision. Not saying one viewpoint is better than the other. It is just another view, which helps in weighing up the situation and making your own decisions.