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Extra 15% off FIBARO Smart Home Products + Delivery/Free with Order over $299 @ Oz Smart Things


Hello Guys,

We have a special deal for OzBargain.

15% off all FIBARO Products. This is for one week only and is only available with the link above.

The discount will automatically be added at the last stage of checkout when using the link.

Happy shopping Bargain Hunters!

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    Why so expensive for everything?

    • Avoid z-wave like a plague, they're all expensive. If you have money, get your whole house automated using Philips hue for probably less than half the price.

      • So replace 6 downlights with Philips Hue at $65 each ($390) or add 1 Fibaro Dimmer for $100. Fibaro is cheaper when you have a string of lights on a single switch. And the best part is the switch controls the light, unlike Philips Hue.

  • Fibaro is a proprietary platform (may work and may not with other products!), that's the biggest reason you have to stay away in addition to be super expensive!!!!
    You can do everything simply over WiFi (lights , switches , infra remotes , roller blinds , kettle , exhaust fans, garage door…etc, All I have done in my place) if you search enough. I do API call back to my google home from all (I'm fully aware of data privacy…blah blah)

    • Never heard so much misinformation. Fibaro uses Z-Wave, which is a standardised protocol and is compatible with any manufactures Z-Wave hub.

      Wi-Fi has it's place in home automation but it's got some downsides too. A hundred devices on a poor Wi-Fi setup can bring it to its knees. Wi-Fi devices also rely on your router. If you move, the next owner may not know any home automation devices exist at all. Whereas Z-Wave devices can stay with the house and add home value, without the new owner having to reconfigure anything.

      • I had tested all three before switching to WiFi only , just to let you know i didn't get to know Zigbee or Z-wave yesterday!

        Going back to to your WiFi capability comments , i agree if user is not knowing what needs to be done , outcome will be poor and unpredictable (My wifi has close to 100% coverage with nearly 1000 device capability (full enterprise APs with WLC controlled i got free through work), router is high end enterprise as well)

        From moving perspective i also agree with you , if I ever sell my place , next tenant will have issue integrating most of them to their WiFi while they have to reset and reconfigure. however main point is : I'm setting up based on my requirement not the future tenant!

        Enjoy Fibaro mate :)

    • @Samykn: Perhaps that a look at this as he does a good Job of explaining the differences,

      Z-Wave vs. Zigbee vs. Wi-Fi! Smart Home Basics: How To Pick The Right Protocol

      • I hate when people neg without giving an explanation. I think this vid does a great job with explaining the differences.

    • Fibaro integrates with all open devices such as Philips Hue, Samsung TV, Shelly wifi modules. Z-wave is also a protocol that incorporates many companies to make products that all work together. If its z-wave it will work with Fibaro. That is the opposite of a proprietary system.

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      We supply Wifi and Zigbee devices too but when it comes to our installs and what we actually use in our client's homes. We use Z-wave and Fibaro as this is the best wireless solution that we have at the moment. Yes, it costs more but the system is rock solid and the ease of installation makes it the best choice. We do install other systems as well but we would always recommend Fibaro.