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AmEx Platinum Statement Credits: NET-A-PORTER / Mr Porter - 2x $75 Credits with No Minimum Spending


Just saw this on my Amex Platinum. Looks like it's a flat $75 x 2 credit, no minimum spend.

Save offer to your Card by 25/06/2021 & spend online or in-app at NET-A-PORTER or MR PORTER to receive your purchase amount back, up to $75 per Card. Offer available twice within a calendar year. First credit is valid on spend made by 30/06/2021. Second credit is valid on spend between 01/07/2021 - 31/12/2021

Everything on the website is ridiculously overpriced, but there's a few options for $75 freebies. Can't complain, I guess.

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  • Damn, not on my Explorer.

  • +2

    Platinum plebs only!

    • I have had Platinum for 4 years and haven't got any targeted offer for years. This has something to do with me always paying back in full monthly. In the banking industry, they call people like me "deadbeat" - if they give us offers, they earn no interest because we just payback.

      So not only Platium plebs, but only the plebs with a taste for over spending.

      • I never carry a balance and still get most offers - can you complain to Amex?

        • I thought my case was common thanks for letting me know. will complain.

        • I also always pay mine out too, and get most Amex Plat . offers. Also At Mr Porter, I just bought the biggest size possible in a T-shirt under GBP 25 + GBP15 shipping, along with 8.4% shopback. If I can't find someone who it will fit, then it will make a good car polishing rag.

      • With Platinum Charge card, you would have to pay in full every month. Are you sure yours is THE Platinum Charge card?

        • +1

          Think you may have solved the mystery of his missing platinum charge card offers.

          First rule of platinum charge cards offers….must have platinum charge card.

  • Thanks OP, any $75 ideas?

    • +1

      Hard to go past the self-adhesive breast petals. One can never have too many of them.

      If they don't catch your eye, then just look at the sale section and sort by price. There's some under amour sneakers on Mr Porter that look okay as well, but not in my size.

      • +1

        thanks i got a short sleeved shirt for $70 delivered but will still have to pay the CC fee as per the T&C of the offer.

        • Did you get some breast petals to go with the shirt?

    • +1

      Bought 2 pairs of coloured socks for ~$73 delivered.

      If you want value for money, you can get 2 packs of sports socks which come in packs of 3.

      Don't forget cashback!

  • $1450 annual fee!

    • +2

      bargain! really is

    • +2

      afr $600
      accorplus $200
      two travel credit $850
      two wws/coles offer $800

      this year is ok

      • How do you get two travel credit 850

        • +1

          It's two travel credits totalling $850 ($400 Reserve + $450 Plat)

  • +1

    Thanks OP!

  • Anyone have a direct link? I haven’t had any offers on my Amex for months now! Not sure who I upset 😂

  • +1

    Did anyone receive credit back on this offer?

    • Still waiting

      • +1

        I rang them up. The customer representative said they will follow this up for me. Fingers cross.

        • I finally got the cashback. It appears it was manually put in by AmEx.

          • @jakxon: I received mine. It appeared to be automatic.

  • +1

    Does this stack with the new 15% back for Net a Porter?

    • Not sure about this, but in the past you could stack amex offers, like fashion night out with a stand along DJs offer.

    • I can confirm the offers stack, just got the email notifications… So between getting 15% off at Net a Porter (Code TREAT15), my 15% AMEX credit back and $75 immediate off I'm pretty happy to have paid next to nothing… Now what to do with it?

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