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[Prime] Early Access to New Books + Choose 1 of 9 Kindle eBooks for Free (Feb 2021) @ Amazon AU


Get early access to one of nine editor-picked Kindle Books: Prime members can exclusively choose one Kindle Book in the selection to read for free. Note that the price remains $1.99 each for everyone else.

Title Genre Avg. Rating (Goodreads) # Ratings
The Deadly Mystery of the Missing Diamonds Mystery 4.75 4
The Wedding Game Romantic Comedy 4.71 7
Infinite Thriller 5 3
The Speed of Light Book Club Fiction 4.9 21
The Psychopath: A True Story Memoir 4.71 7
After Alice Fell Historical Fiction 4.75 8
Wings of Fury Fantasy 3.4 5
Black Boy Out of Time Memoir 4.91 11
Agnes's Place Children's Picture Book 3.79 28

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