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All PennyTel Mobile Plans Free for First Month (1, 3, 5, 15, 30GB)


First month free on 1, 3, 5, 15 and 30GB plans. Scroll down for the 30GB plan.

No contract, so you can port out after the first month. This is postpaid, so you will need to be on point with your planned port out dates and such.

Uses the Telstra Wholesale network (like ALDImobile), not full fat Telstra (like Telstra and Boost Mobile).

ShopBack and CashRewards have 8 and 7% cashback respectively. From my experience, they track at the regular price, so you get free money.

There is a referral system, but you cannot have a promotion and a referral reward at the same time. Entering a referral number will only reward the referrer, nothing for the referee.

Ts&Cs at the bottom of the page.

Available for new service orders: $0 for the first month when you order any Pennytel plan. Valid for new orders placed from 1st February to 16th February 2021. SIM card must be activated within 2 months. Limit to 2 customers located at the same address. Offer may be withdrawn at any time. If you choose to add data bolt-ons, or activate mobile roaming services or make calls outside your inclusion you will be charged at standard rates.

Referral Links

Referral: random (6)

$10 credit to referrer and referee.

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    Pennytel back.


    Not bad, not bad; but considering spintels new plans, and pennytels history; unless you love the Telstra mvno network specifically, it makes it a tough sell

    Edit: assuming you intend to STAY with the carrier of course; otherwise a free month is a free month.


    is it prepaid or is there a credit check done?


      They're a month to month postpaid afaik.

      So I doubt your credit rating will mean squat, so long as you don't owe money to the telecommunications sector you should be good.


    You can withdraw anytime. So sign up and used it for 30days or first month then cancel it without any charge?


      Yes, but it is postpaid, so you have to be on point with the dates, otherwise you'll be charged for the following month.


    How to do it so I don't accidentally cross 30 days?


      Port out before that day or use a single-use virtual card as payment method (like the ZIP card, as this one expires after 24 hours so they can’t charge you).


        And If I don't want to port and just use this for data? What would be a good way to use this?

        T I A


          The 2nd part of my comment. Or you can contact them to terminate it, I reckon.