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Lenovo P14s - AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U (8C / 16T), 512GB NVMe SSD, 32GB RAM (16GB Soldered + 16GB SO-DIMM) $1,549 Shipped @ Lenovo


Really good specs for the price, if only the screen was a bit better!

ThinkPad P14s AMD
Part Number: 20Y1002JAU

AMD Ryzen™ 7 PRO 4750U (8C / 16T, 1.7 / 4.1GHz, 4MB L2 / 8MB L3)

Operating System
Windows 10 Pro 64

Display Type
14.0" FHD (1920x1080) WVA 250nits Anti-glare

16GB Soldered DDR4-3200 non-ECC + 16GB SO-DIMM DDR4-3200 non-ECC

Hard Drive
512GB SSD M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe Opal2

1 Year Depot

AC Adapter

Integrated AMD Radeon Graphics

Second Hard Drive

Integrated 50Wh

720p + IR with ThinkShutter

Fingerprint Reader
Touch Style, Match-on-Chip

Backlit, English

Intel AX200 11ax, 2x2

Integrated Mobile Broadband
WWAN Upgradable

Web Price:
After eCoupon:
inc. GST & delivery

Pre-order to ship by mid Feb.

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  • +27

    That's a real shame about the screen

    • +1

      Especially on a P series.

  • Are there aftermarket screens for this model? Couldnt find any

  • +3

    I was eyeing this off the other day, I don't have an issue with the screen so much - but for that price I would like something a bit better.

    Making me much sadder about missing the S540 deal.

    Just noticed in the features

    "Design in vivid detail
    For vibrant images and video, opt for an FHD (1920 x 1080) Privacy Guard 500-nit display featuring on-cell touch. Enjoy increased brightness, expanded contrast, and refined detail—all in brilliant colour."

    Edit - you can customise it and get the 500 nit display for $500 but WSP10 code will not work

    • +1

      I've heard some people hate the privacy guard too. Viewing angles are less TN panels apparently.

      My own opinion is that if you're going to charge over $1000 for a laptop it better be over 300 nits on the screen.

    • +4

      I bought p14s (intel) in Nov 2020, paid 500 for privacy screen. Save yourself some money, don't get privacy screen. 500-nit not even worth 100$. Like most privacy screen it has a yellow tint to it, negating the extra britness. Also the software for ePrivacy is very flakey. It randomly flickers the screen and kicked in automatically every now and then.

      I am a long term Lenovo user, so much that I am brand married to it. But I would recommend against p14s. Very poorly designed machine and runs very hot. You almost need a hard surface under it to keep it from heat in up. Has intermittent freezing issues, under intermediate load. Gives up even on basic video editing or CAD work.
      Lenovo keeps blaming it to Windows 10. Battery life is problematic too. All in all does not deserve a 'p' title. It is not built like original 'p' and older 'w' series.

    • If you can wait, when is the S540 with 5000 series gonna be available. April? Might even have a 32GB version this year…

  • +2

    For those who always diss laptops with 8GB or less RAM, I guess this one is for you.

    • +3

      Unfortunately this isn't one for the screen dissers.

  • damn, crazy specs but how bout screen and etc?

  • +1

    rather unimpressive P series laptop.

    crappy screen. U series CPU (65W adapter says it all about computing capabilities). 50Wh battery. at least the keyboard is backlit thank goodness Lenovo

    the only reason for such configuration to exist is some companies needing a super reliable laptop with meh specs to provide super reliable compute on the go with low requirements in graphic or compute departments.. can't think of any applications for such a machine. a T series would be a better choice overall for this kind of requirement.

    "light duty CAD" duh. every laptop is capable of light duty CAD. portable workstation my behind

    • +3

      Bruh shhh, it's an excellent 14" laptop with a decent amount of power considering the price

      • true, I am mostly annoyed by the trend of calling a "workstation" any old laptop config

        when workstation implies a supreme build and a certain set of components which are totally absent in this case, while the build may be premium after all.

        I probably wouldn't rant if it was a T or W series machine. it doesn't belong in P series, it's misleading

    • Spot on ( I am p14s, W510, X1 Youga gen 2, gen 5 owner) Worst Thinkpad I have ever owned.

    • +1

      The Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U is immensely powerful without using much electricity. "The 7 nm AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 4750U destroys the Core i7-10810U and Intel has no answer at the moment"

      • +1

        I am more expecting an H class CPU in there, but that's not the point

        we're missing a dedicated graphics card and a solid quality screen for this to qualify as a mobile workstation

        without those this belongs in T series and is just a fancy workhorse laptop that will drive you mad with this kind of screen, so what the hell

        last time I handled a bottom line mobile workstation it was a Dell Precision 3530 with 8300H dedicated graphics and 300nit 90% sRGB panel, and it was built like tank and had 90Wh battery to keep you running for hours and hours if need be. that's what a mobile workstation is

  • thoughts on the Yoga Slim 7i? Specifications look OK. Carbon worth the extra$$$

    • +1

      I got the Carbon and for what I use it for, I would say it's worth the extra $$$ :)

  • i bought a e15 the screen is really bad…

    • Yoga has 300nits. However like to get peoples opinion if good laptop. I am staying away from 250nits screens based on ozbargain feedback

      • I have 2 X1 Y0ogas, and I am very happy with them. Hate the latest ourchase, guess which? P14s

  • Shame about the rubbish screen. I went with Yoga 7i 15 with a much better screen rated at 500 nits for the same price. Yoga 7i with AMD processor would have been perfect. I can't imagine using something dimmer than this.

  • Seems like a lot of laptop for the money, but what is the usage case (if any)? Just seems to be v high spec'd in a couple of areas to draw in people who want top spec without really needing it.

    • I get drawn in by the specifications (guess most do also). Basically cloud based work, and netflix/web after hours. LIke it to be well built and not fall apart as I travel also.

    • It's snappy and responsive. Having dealt with slow machines for years, that's worthwhile. My file and print server is a Celeron NUC and even with an SSD it's painful waiting for apps to start and web browsing is noticeably less pleasant than with my i7 machine.

  • How can Lenovo call the ultrabook with U processor and integrated graphic "P series mobile workstation"?

    • +1

      It is in no shape or form a workstation machine. Lenovo is piggy-backing on 'p' series label and selling crap to customers. It is a paper tiger.

    • +2

      Both Dell and Lenobo are shortchanging their "workstation" lines these days.

      • That's a shame.

  • +1

    I need a work laptop <$1600, needs to be lightweight but still good specs with min 14" screen. Lenovo or Dell unless I do special order but even then only adding Microsoft, HP.. maybe. I really can't find anything at the moment that I'm impressed by in my price range, can anyone suggest any? This had me excited.. but it's at the top end of weight and doesn't sound like it is that great to use despite specs. The screen might be ok, it will mostly be used in an office, but I do like bright screens so unsure.
    Any others I should look at?
    Anyone have any idea when the ideapad slim 9i will come to Australia? Probably going to cost too much but then so did this without the coupon

  • Any similar spec but Linux tested ?

    • Linux should have no problem running on this ThinkPad. Need 5.6+ kernel for Ryzen 4000 series.

      • I used to think so with any PC I installed Linux on , then I took an arrow in the knee.

  • +4

    If the screen was good, this would be an excellent deal! Why on earth Lenovo continue to include these mediocre panels on $1000+ laptops is beyond me.

  • +4

    FYR this P14s is essentially a rebrand of the T14. I have no idea why Lenovo did this other than to charge more.

    You’ll find that the manual and BIOS updates are the same for the T14/P14s.

    • So what is different then? This spec is pretty much exactly what I’m after.

    • +1

      Once upon the time when a P-series means dedicated Quadro graphics and 35W+ CPU. Now it's just a label change.

  • Im a noob, especially when it comes to Ryzen.

    How does it compare with

    Is it worth to get this one for the extra Ram?

    • -1

      Look the CPUs up on Cpubenchmark

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