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[WA] All City of Perth Carparks Are Now Free During Lockdown


All City of Perth carparks are now FREE.

This is to assist essential workers in the city and will remain in place until the end of lockdown 6pm Friday 5 February 2021.

When entering the carparks, these will function as normal with a ticket required to enter. However, when validating the ticket on exit, no fee will be payable.

Car parks without boom gates currently have 24/7 access and parkers in these areas do not need to buy a ticket.

The City will also continue to monitor red zones for cars parked dangerously in areas such as clearways, on footpaths or in an ACROD bay without a valid permit to ensure community safety.

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    Does this include wilson parking? or is this just CPP

    • +2

      CPP = City of Perth.

      Not Wilsons.

      • +7

        Meanwhile all the essentials park at wilson because that where the hospital is..

        • Royal Street shrugs

        • +2

          Not taking anything away hospital staff, they're doing a much tougher job than I but there is a lot more "essential" workers still going to work than the number of hospital employees. There is 'essential' to dealing with the virus as well as 'essential' to keep good and services as well as the economy running.

    • +34

      CPP is about the cheapest parking in Perth. It has two advantages over Wilson -
      * Cheaper
      * not Wilson

      • +4

        The second point is extremely important

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    Wilson parking charged me $300 parking at Optus company parking lot on one day. That meant I used the parking 30 times in one day. They didn't find it suspicious. Tried to cancel it with Amex. Another useless company.

    4 months later they found out that some employees were abusing the system.

    Didn't help me.

    • +10

      wilson are grubs. once gave me an "infringement" claiming i didn't have a valid ticket. my dashcam also caught the flog inspector fiddling with my car, so i mentioned that as well when challenging them. got a letter a couple of weeks after that saying it was rescinded.

      • +3

        Indeed. Made the mistake of using the carpark in Fremantle once. Fully prepared to pay for the early bird rate and paid the correct amount, but the machine would not spit out the correct ticket. Needless to say, I got fined, and when I appealed to them, they said I needed to pay in $0.50 coins to be eligible for the special rate. But no mention on the parking sign or on the ticket machine.

        Never again am I going to park at a Wilson owned car park.

        • back when i had to park at wilsons regularly for work, occasionally the machine would not give me the correct ticket. another person once gave me the tip to call them up and explain the situation. they will [usually] then ask you for rego to grant you an exception. never got a fine that way.

        • Wtf, why only 50c coins, a coin is a coin?

          • +1

            @DH: lol exactly!
            Can't deny paying in any method of legal tender AFAIK? So if you wanted to pay in 5c pieces or a $50 note, it shouldn't matter.

          • @DH: Apparently that's how you unlock the early bird price.

            • @t25: The only trigger I can logically think of is if they have a really old parking machine that can't be coded (eg no central management system and physically requires some to flick switches or plug in and program) but it would be an absolute long shot.

              • @DH: This happened back in 2008-2009. I still don't believe that the parking system would be that backwards.

        • +1

          I think you've been had. 50c coins only…. I wonder how many people that works on?

      • +1

        I got given an infringement by Wilson before my ticket expires. DUH! Weren't they got exposed once for buying contact details off from Licensing department years ago? My relative used to work for them and told me there are a lot of dodgy people working there.

        • culture of dodginess sounds about right. they have a rather dubious record with refugee detention centres, too..

      • Had a 'fine' issued by Wilson when I had paid - the machine was one of those 'enter your licence plate' ones. Luckily I had printed a receipt so I sent them a scan and asked for an apology. Got an email about 4 weeks later saying that they had 'waived' the fine.

    • +1

      Take it up with the AFCA, $300 is a lot of money to waste especially when you’re not in the wrong.

    • +10

      Wilson make most of their revenue by issuing their fake fines and unfortunately most people simply assume they are real fines and that they must pay them… It's basically a legalised scam. I just dont pay them, they simply cannot enforce them as they would need to prove in court you made them lose the money they are fining you for (which is impossible). Also you dont even risk getting clamped anymore now that clamping is illegal in WA (thanks to Mark from Rocko 🤟🏻 mah man).

  • +1

    Basil Zempilas policy working well to the extreme…

  • +5

    oxymoron Basil Zempilas and working in same sentence…

    • better than scaffidi

      • +2

        She worked hard….to keep her job.

      • well thats not hard ….that lying corrupt dishonest ex Mayor and her corrupt arse husband too should have been locked up ages ago

  • +6

    Thinking about driving over from Brisbane for this deal.

    • +3

      toad trip

  • +1

    Just remember you need to validate the parking at the parking machine even though its free.

  • Funnily enough, not the hospital staff parking (Wilsons) where the frontline medical workers need to park

    • +4

      Although there are lots of other "essential workers" other than those in the medical field.

      • If I don't get sick then it's not essential!

    • How much free parking does there really need to be to treat one person with covid during the lockdown?
      I don't see why a company like Wilsons is expected to stop charging for their service. Seems unfair and unreasonable.
      Do the hospital staff need to park there, or choose to park there?

      • Well that is one that that is subsidised under their parking arrangement.

  • CBD parking should be free at all times. No reason to go into the city these days unless you work there or have a court appointment.

    • +2

      So you expect someone (or the govt) to just give away use of their prime land? Not to mention there isn't enough parking for everyone that works in the CBD so it's supply and demand.

      Hypothetically if paid parking had to come to an end, everyone would just sell the parking lots and cash in on the land.

      • since office space is more expensive in perth moving out is cheaper for business. Government staff go there only really to use their car allowances because the majority do very little.

        that leaves essential services who could do with more parking if they can afford a car, and retail who also tend to use the train.

        Selling the land would achieve very little except allow government offices to be refurbished twice as often.

  • +3

    I'm referring to land owned by the council - street parking specifically. It was the recommendation by a review of the former council that it should be free/reduced to encourage more visitors in to the city (shoppers, tourists etc..) rather than just workers. The place is dead on the weekends.

    • Most of the street parking is free on Sundays, as well as numerous CPP complexes that were doing the 3 hours free on weekends to lure people back. They weren't filling everything to the brim then, so no point doing it on weekdays. You'll just get workers filling the street parks for 8-12 hours instead of the time limit which is more beneficial for people just popping in to do something for an hour or two.

    • +1

      I lived in Perth for 10 years recently, the place is definitely dead on the weekends.
      Free parking would help, but shops also need to be open too

      • -2

        why bother - covid remains an issue for at least 6 months… and then there's the ever increasing level of violence

        • -1

          I felt safe in Colombia in Medellin at midnight than I did northbridge at midnight - thats saying something