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Western Digital 3.5" 4TB Blue Desktop PC Drive - WD40EZRZ $129 Delivered @ Centre Com


4TB should be sweet spot for WD Blue and it uses CMR.

This is the lowest price I can find for brand new one. Amazon is at $138 at the moment btw.

Note: grabbed mine, it's produced in Sep 2020 in Thailand.

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  • What are the best hard drives for replacing failing drive in a Topfield PVR?

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    Or grab a 4TB Seagate Desktop Extension drive for $109 and shuck them

    • I think they're $99 on sale at JB hifi

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    • Not if you want to avoid SMR.

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    5400 RPM

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  • Amazon is $82.44 + $12.03 Delivery (free with Prime)

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      You're looking at the 1TB model there champ.

      • Ops! My Apologies!

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    OP, in my experience describing any hard drive as "reliable" is providing a false sense of security no matter what technology it uses. Almost every mechanical hard drive fails eventually - some way sooner than others. As a PC technician I've even had M.2 and SATA SSD hard drives die completely without warning, so there's no sense of security in those newer technologies either. The only guaranteed method to not lose critical data is to regularly create backups to other devices.

    • And in the case of WD drives use WDIDLE3 to turn off the super aggressive head parking.

      • Could you please elaborate?

        Is that just for WD blue drives? All their drives? All modern drives? Does it affect seek times?

        Many thanks!

    • Thanks, removed "reliable".

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        In your defense, you described CMR as ""reliable"", not the drive.

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          Yeah, thanks. I just did not wanted to be subjective on its reliability. I should assume WD makes SMR the same reliable like CMR. But most people just didn't like it ;)

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    My Nas sent me this
    Read abnormality is detected on drive 3 in DS1511+

    I should probably change the drive, right?

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      Try a new WD Red for your NAS