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[Pre Order] Nintendo Switch Console - Mario Red & Blue Edition $449 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Available by 12/02/2021.

Price drop from $469 to $449

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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Amazon AU

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    in before “looks terrible” comments

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      amazon coming in hot with the pre-launch price drop because they realised nobody will buy it….. BECAUSE IT LOOKS TERRIBLE

      • -3

        amazon coming in hot with the pre-launch price drop because they realised nobody will buy it….. BECAUSE IT LOOKS TERRIBLE

        Yeah, it’s not like they’re just price matching Big W or anything.

    • +4

      …for real though

    • Would look pretty nice with standard black controller middle

      • I'd have gone white. the hat is way more iconic than the overalls

    • +2

      I think it looks good. Its essentially a red switch. The only ugly part is the blue and they're pretty much just extras.

    • looks terrible

    • +4

      Looks Spider-Man.

  • in before "thanks bought 10" comments

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      thanks bought 10

    • +1

      No one in their right mind or not blind will buy these to scalp. It looks terrible.

      • Yeah I wanted to scalp it until I saw the bloody thing. No chance mate.

      • the biggest offender is that without the joy con grip, which many won't use instead of a real controller, the whole console in its portable state is 100% flat out red. It's literally just a RED switch and dock.

  • -2

    In before "why is RRP a deal" comments

    • +8

      It’s 20 dollars less than RRP ..

      • Not only did the marketing team come up with the TERRIBLE Blue & Red colour scheme but also increased the standard price by $20 👍🏼
        Can't wait to see what Xbox & PS do…

  • -1

    Here before “it was cheaper on x day” comments

    • It was cheaper when "lockdown" was just a thing ute enthusiasts did with their tonneau covers…

  • Here before “no Mario Kart bundled”

    • -2

      no Mario Kart bundled

  • Feels as though they'll go through the entire array of colours in the rainbow before dropping the price..

    • +5

      It's Nintendo, they don't drop prices even when end of life.

      • +4

        Or end of the world

    • Based on Nintendo's past performance, this ugly version of the least-powerful last-gen console will be sold out fast, then go up in price forever.

      And I still low-key want one…

  • Here before "holding out for a Switch Pro to be announced"

    • +1

      holding out for a Switch Pro to be announced

  • This or switch for $349 on eBay Black Friday.

    • Switch going all the way down to $349 just because it's last gen and four years old? Some wishful thinking there…

    • I mean, you want to wait 10 months?

  • +1

    Looks terrible, bought 10

  • In before "monster hunter edition is better"

    • +4

      The Animal Crossing edition was better

      • +1

        agreed. however that game is not my cup of tea.

    • and not even by that much, they didn't even put effort into repainting the hunter switch its just white stickers on the standard switch base colour.

  • Broken Link - fixed thanks op

  • +1

    Here before here before comments

  • +1

    Here after all the "here before"

  • +8

    Thanks bought 10. Looks terrible though and no Mario kart bundled. Was gonna hold out for the switch pro to be announced but the monster hunter edition looks better

  • I'm going short on this one.

  • In before "this belongs in the forums" comments

    • +1

      And yes, your 128GB micro SD card will work with this.

    • +1

      this belongs in the forums

      • +1

        you missed one lol

  • Same price at jb hi fi

  • Didn't buy 10, 1. doesn't look good. 2. no good perks.

  • +4

    You know you fkd up with the release when scalpers don’t even wanna touch it with a yard stick.

    • It’s more the colour (monster hunter one is also not the target market here). When Zelda and Pokémon editions come they will sell out..

      • its straight up red without the con grips, its a total failure of design.

        The animal crossing one was a total paintjob with designs, god that was the tops.

  • +3

    The colour is more like Spider man. I think they will sell more of these if they put a spiderman logo

    • Buy it, put a couple of spiderman stickers in key places so it looks official, sell on ebay as a rare edition for $800.

  • +1


  • +1

    I wish they sold Just the joy cons separately in Australia for a reasonable price, that I would buy for sure

    • +1

      you might need to buy more than one pair given how fast they drift.

      • i actually own 6 pairs but they are for display / collection purposes.

        I mainly use the pro controller.

        • +1

          i see. I do that with headphones and power banks.

          • +1

            @lostn: oh geez dont get me going on power banks.

            I could play jenga with the amount i have LOL

  • Darn, I bought a neon one for $399, four days ago, will this one go faster?

  • Target currently has the regular editions for $399, for anyone looking:

    Neon: https://www.target.com.au/p/nintendo-switch-console-neon/629...

    Grey: https://www.target.com.au/p/nintendo-switch-console-grey/629...

  • Probably cheaper at launch 4 years ago. If you've waited this long, 'hold' till switch pro.

  • JB Hi-Fi is now matching $449 but delivery is extra.

    Typically you can't pre-order from stores until close to launch as they don't yet have a stock allocation but might be in luck now if you give your local store a call for those who want $449 with local pickup. Amazon delivery estimate for my order is 16th Feb (4 days after launch).

  • Harvey Norman is currently showing a price of $398- with a coming soon message. No add to cart yet https://www.harveynorman.com.au/nintendo-switch-console-mari...

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