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Osmo Mobile 3 Combo $129 (Out of Stock) and Osmo Mobile 3 $99 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Found this deal on what looks like an awesome price for the combo and non combo gimbal mount for a smartphone.

About this item:

  • Convenient buttons and intuitive functions make Osmo Mobile 3 easy to use with just one hand, providing more versatility and freedom of movement
  • Say goodbye to time-consuming steps Osmo Mobile 3 is able to shoot from any angle with the M button and trigger
  • Enable most operations with a single hand thanks to the joystick, intuitive button combinations, and access to the Quick Menu*
  • Modern and durable design

First time poster :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    Solid deal OP, looks cheaper than the one posted earlier. Free shipping + 5% cashback from shopback.

    • +1

      cashrewards also has 5% back.

  • Thank you… Got one

  • Get the combo or just by itself

  • What's the difference between the two?

    • Comes with extra shit like the tripod n bag

      But I checked it out n tripod is 15 or so

      But would like to keep it all original for extra 15 more…

    • the combo pack comes with the tripod and the carry case. The only thing that I don't like about the carry case is that it doesn't allow you to store the tripod inside the case, unlike other aftermarket cases.

  • Does anyone have this and tried it with a OnePlus Nord?

  • does it wrok well enough with the samsung note series?
    ive heard that they only work well with iphones

    • +3

      Hardware-wise the gimbal performs just fine on Android as on Apple. The Android app however is limited when compared to the iOS app. You can use your native camera app to regain the lost shooting options, but lose some of the other features only available on the DJI app. I wrote a more detailed post below.

      If you're fine shooting auto, don't care about slow motion shooting, and are not fussed about FPS, then this works just fine.

  • +1

    Damnit. I already bought it from earlier deal today.. grrrrr :(

  • 5% price beat at office works

    • reckon it will last until tmr morning? I’ve noticed that Amazon ups the price when they’ve sold too many / stock gets low

      • Yeah it’s a gamble if it’s still available in the morning, probably better off taking the 5% shopback

        • +2

          No it's a gimble

    • +1

      It's the same price after a shopback cashback of 5%

      • But you don’t have to wait months for it

  • +1

    Can ip12pro max use this or might be too heavy

    Edit: found the answer on Amazon works fine

    Thx OP been wanting to get one for ages.

  • Does it work well with Samsung S21 series?

  • Combo is oos

  • Uhmed and ahh'd and the combo sold out. Bought the base one though, I guess I might as well get a tripod and carry case from elsewhere. Thanks OP!

    • Tbh the combo and tripod is really not necessary, as it is quite fiddly. The actual gimbal barely squeezes into the case and you have to get it in the perfect position to fit..

      • Can u elaborate on the fiddliness - is it just the case or is the tripod fiddly as well?

        • Both. To use the tripod, you’d need to screw it in. Tripod doesn’t even fit in the case so you’d need to put it elsewhere.

          Also YMMW but I found the tripod to be useless as the gimbal itself isn’t that tall and most times you’re using the gimbal for hand held stabilisation. The tripod also isn’t sturdy for larger phones (I have the 12 pro max)

          I would honestly save the extra $30 and just get the gimbal.

  • +2

    Combo shows $188

  • Wow great price! Looks to be a good gimbal based on reviews. Nabbed one. Thanks OP

  • Damn was keen on the combo but no longer available through Amazon AU :(

  • Bought the combo when 3 left. Thanks!

  • +5

    Digidirect offers the same sort of combo deal. Placed an order lets wait and see!


    • Thanks so much for posting this!!! Ordered the $99 stand-alone from Amazon but saw your comment and have got that and gone back to cancel the Amazon one successfully!

    • Is it worth paying extra $30 for the mini tripod and carry bag? There is a soft carry bag that comes with the normal version right?

  • Combo price back up to $183. The non-combo price of $99 is still available though.

  • tried to check the review to see if I need it, the standard one

    but, the review pushed some price link

    then saw the price in China(taobao's xianyu) now,


    399 yuan for a combo


    ummm I will wait

    • Xianyu is basically gumtree, mostly 2nd handed items.

      • ppl sale tons of unwanted gifts sealed there

        and for those not qualified online shops in taobao

  • Does it take photo in 16:9 ratio? Because the original osmo mobile doesn't

    • +1

      Unless you’re on an old Nokia of some sort. Then yes.

  • +5

    For Android users, there are limited options when using the Android DJI Mimo app when compared with the iOS DJI Mimo app. These include not being able to use manual mode (ISO, shutter speed, EV), not being able to change FPS (4k, 1080, and 720 all at 30fps only), and no slow motion. This is a similar case on the accessory apps for the similar Moza and Zhiyun too.

    If you want to be able to shoot with those features you can still use your native or any other camera app but you lose all the features on the DJI Mimo app (Active Tracking, Hyperlapse etc) and software based features that are directly tied to the gimbal (the record button and zoom slider). The gimbal still works fine, as does the joystick, trigger, and rotate button. If you want to change the gimbal mode (Tilt lock, spinshot etc) you'll have to go to the DJI Mimo app, leave the app, and go back to your native camera app.

    The FiLMic Pro paid app is a commonly suggested alternative to the DJI Mimo app that's compatible with all Osmo Mobile models. It adds back some of that lost functionality as well as some other features too, but you still need the Mimo app if you want to change gimbal mode as well as for the initial setup I think.

    Personally for me, it wasn't a deal breaker, and while I've only had mine for a week or two, it's been fine.

    • This is another reason why I left Android. It’s bloody weird how some apps are better on iOS. Why tf would you do that software devs

      • +2

        Only because android apps must cater to hundreds of different screen resolutions, cpu and ram configs and camera specs (including where a camera’s pulsating autofocus behaviour may not play nice with things like activetrack. There are only a handful of different specs to code for among ios devices, and all of the hardware pretty much behaves the same way across devices.

        • +1

          Ah I see thanks!

      • Its Google's fault in combination with phone companies.

        Instead of using the standard API to develop the camera, Samsung and others make their own fancy one with all the fancy features, but only Samsung apps can access it.

        Google is partially for blame for not supporting some of the fancy things that Samsung and others want to do, they are trying to fix this though.

    • You can still use the record button without the android app.

      The only reason I use the app is for motion timelapses.

      • Oh doesn't work for me, and other people have mentioned it too. I've got a Samsung S10.

        • Make sure you have bluetooth connected.

  • +1

    Get your $10 promotion with this offer (Target): https://www.amazon.com.au/b?node=8462012051

    • Then you lose cashback. It's all the same.

      • But you dont? This is a promotion for the next purchase.

        • Lose cashback on next one?
          Well I am heading to the office works lol

          • @Mortin: If your cashback is more than $10 ($200 item), and eligible than feel free to office work :))

  • Thanks. Got one

  • Thanks. The combo's gone, so just ordered the standalone one.

  • Thanks. The combo's gone from digidirect, so just ordered the standalone one.

  • I'm gonna cry. Out of stock

  • Kogan have the combo for $149 with free delivery if you have a Kogan First account (sign up to the free trial). Hit the forums as someone is bound to have some Kogan discounted card which will bring the price down close to this deal or less.

  • time to become influencer ;P

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