Do You Have a Dash Cam?

How common is dash cam usage? Is it considered essential these days or just a nice thing to have? Has it ever been useful for you in an insurance claim? Do insurance companies ask for or rely on your footage when they make decisions on who is at fault?

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    Yes, front only
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    Yes, front and back
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    I don't have a car


          • @apsilon: You plug it into the fuse, not into the OBD connector.

            • @lunchbox99: I was referring to the one narmeian is using. I'm well aware of fuse taps and add a circuits and definitely recommend them, just make sure you get the right size.

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      You hide the cables, its not difficult, loads of Youtube tutorials out there. I paid for a professional install first time but in future will do it myself, not worth wasting $200 for them to tuck some cables in the trim.

      • Thx for the tips!

      • I did the same mistake. Paid the "professional" to do that the first time, ended up with 80 satisfactory job and less $200 in the wallet. Purchased hardwire kits, watched a few Youtube videos and re-done it all myself.

        • im mostly afraid of breaking the clips or snapping the trims

          • +1

            @capslock janitor: The first time I did my own install I popped plastics out. The second time, I realised you don't need to pop any plastics out. Most dash cams now come with a little plastic crowbar. I use that to leverage the trim just enough to get a bit of the cable under, then for the rest of the cable I use the plastic tool to push it under the roof trim, a pillar, the rubber seal around your door is a good place to tuck the cabling into, then it goes under my dash into a vava dual dash cam battery that I bought ages ago.

            I've used blackvue cameras, some cheapo stuff, and recently the xiaomi 70mai dash cam pro and 70mai A800. I find that the xiaomi dash cam pro is my preferred one with decent battery life, voice control (you can say take a picture or start recording to start a locked recording), and the resolution and angle are plenty. The A800 is nice because it has 4k recording, but it loses voice controls and the battery is pretty crappy.

    • +2

      I didn't bother going down the hardwire route but I did a reasonably straightforward rear view mirror tap:

      Grabbed this from Amazon:

      No long ugly messy cables and about 5-10 mins of installation.

  • I just installed the Avico one (from previous OzB deal) in the front last week. I will install the back one this weekend.
    They had a note not to install it on the demister lines. My whole back window is covered in lines about 30mm apart.

  • +2

    Bought one on a special a while back and it's been sitting on my desk ever since.

    • Lol. Same, I have 5x viofo 129s (for our and parents cars) sitting somewhere as couldn't be bothered installing them… One day

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    Need another few poll options.

    I have a cam and the footage has been useful
    I have a cam and never needed the footage.

  • Less than $200 and an hour to install for a dash cam or $500+ plus for an excess and arguing with the insurance company. Makes it a no brainer.

    That said, I don't have one currently in my work car.

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    What are the laws around police confiscating SD cards after an accident?

    • Say what now?

    • Yep, if they suspect a crime

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    I drive around Box Hill quite a lot for work, I need front, rear, side, under, and over car cameras.

  • +1

    I've noticed that most of my friends only bought dashcams after they were involved in an accident where they had to argue/explain and sometimes pay up. I can never convince them.

    • Agree. Involved in an accident and my first purchase after was a viofo dashcam. $150 for peace of mind suddenly seems very cheap compared to not having one.

  • +1

    I consider myself a pretty safe driver but I can't control what other people do so DashCams would help just in case.

  • At my partners behest, helped her entire family set up front and rear dash cams, and I ended up having one set up in my car as well.

    Hope to never actually have to pull any footage from them, but its nice knowing its there. Though just have to remember to format the SD card once in a while.

  • +1

    I don't want to get one, seems like dashcam owners get into a lot of accidents, judging from the videos :(

  • I have 1 each in both of my car for last 5 years. It would have come handy in an accident wife had 4 years ago but the other driver was honest, he admitted his fault on the scene as well as to his insurer so did not need the footage

  • +2

    Had two accidents where the other driver was at-fault. Dash cam proved useful and convenient every time.

    In the second accident, the other driver admitted fault at the scene but called later to claim that I was at fault, potentially so he can claim for a “not at fault” hire car. I advised I had dash cam footage and that made him quiet.

  • I have a dashcam too but only ever recorded something worthy once.

    It wasn't even the recording of a vehicle. Anyways, that recording still sits in my archive.

  • put a dashcam on yourself so when you get into road rage fights we can see the action

  • Have dashcam on all personal cars. Compulsory on all business cars.

  • 1 X Thinkware from Korea back in 13' before it was a thing over here, and 2 X Blackvue cameras for other cars.
    All are dual front\rear FHD cameras.
    Piece of mind, one of the cars can spend a while in car parks which is an invitation for unwanted damage to your car from careless people if you're not lucky.
    Used video from them a handful of times for things with idiots involved, other times just for weird stuff you see on the road.

  • +1

    Definitely worth getting a dashcam, less headaches for later on. Been in one accident and the dashcam quickly sorted out any disputes.

  • Any suggestions for sleek camera?

  • +1

    I wish modern cars would come with builtin dashcam. Not sure what is stopping them to offer this feature even on 50k car. Let's hope like reverse camera, this becomes a basic features on modern cars in a few years time.

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      Dashcams can go faulty and get outdated. You wouldn't want one built into the car.

      Cars should however have a USB or power source easily accessible in the front and rear part of the roof to make installing own easy.
      The effort or cost of installation is what stops many people.

      • +2

        What about GPS? They can go out of date too but it still comes built in.

        • Yes that's true. And old GPS systems are horrible 😂

    • Buy a Tesla

    • +1

      100% agree, shoud be standard
      A friend bought a $45k Mercedes and was quoted $1800 for their propriety version, she ended up buying a much much cheaper one instead

    • I'd rather cars all have a standard slot for fitting them. Like ye olde DIN head units.

  • I've had dashcams for nearly 9 years.

    I had a guy pull out of a side street in front of me, and Both myself and my passenger thought we had missed hitting. 2 days later I was at my parents house, and my Dad asked how I got the massive scratch on the front drivers-side bumper.

    Now … I keep ALL my dashcam footage, so was able to go back to the incident that had happened a few days prior, and it was clear as a bell the sound of the collision, and you could see the other car rear end change trajectory ever so slightly.

    Because of this, I got the registration of the other car and headed off to the police. Took a while, but eventually got it sorted at his expense.

    I have had comprehensive insurance on all my cars, but without the dashcam, I would have either had to have a scratched bumper on my recently bought car, or paid the excess for a claim.

    With the price these days, there really is no excuse not to have one.

  • +3

    I have had dash cams for around 10 years.
    I think my first was a BlackVue DR300 brought in 2010/11.

    I first heard about them from someone I worked with, he told me about an accident his wife had.
    She was at a set of traffic lights and the car in front went to take off but was in reverse. At first the other driver admitted fault but then changed her mind saying my friends wife ran into her and wanted the police to attend.
    She didn't say anything and when the police came they said it appears as a typical rear ender.

    My friends wife said she reversed into me and I can show you the dash cam footage.
    The police asked the other driver did she want to change her statement before they viewed the footage, she said she does.

    The police told my friends wife the dash cam saved her, after hearing this I brought one myself.

    • +1

      Damn, I buy a dash cam just for this kind of situation. But if it were me, I won't disclose the dash cam to the police, let the other party claim the insurance then I will show the dashcam to the insurance company to tell them that their client is a liar and a fraud !

      • Won't you then have to pay the fine that the police give you?

        • No, unless you commit a traffic offense (e.g. running red lights). The police is just there to record the event for insurance purpose. A false claim will result in loss of excess money (at the very least) and possibly get insurance canceled or increase premium.

          • @duluxe2000:

            No, unless you commit a traffic offense (e.g. running red lights).

            Remember, the person in front said you ran into the back of their car. You're saying you wouldn't disclose the dashcam to the police, i.e. you'll go with the other party's story that you ran into the back of their car, then send the footage to their insurance company later.

            Surely not maintaining a safe distance to the car in front is an offense.

            • @eug:

              1. I don't disclose the dashcam and don't admit the fault either. The other party, being confident about her lie, will claim insurance. At the time of the accident, this is the case of he said and she said, the police won't take sides. They just record the event.

              2. Actually, I got into an accident once. The police does not give a shite abt traffic accident if there is no one injured. Two parties just give each other details and deal with their insurers.

              • @duluxe2000:

                At the time of the accident, this is the case of he said and she said, the police won't take sides. They just record the event.

                OP said "…when the police came they said it appears as a typical rear ender".

                So the police record will show you as being at fault because you rear-ended the car in front. They could issue you a fine for careless driving.

                Actually, I got into an accident once. The police does not give a shite abt traffic accident if there is no one injured. Two parties just give each other details and deal with their insurers.

                OK, but that doesn't mean all police don't care. The OP says the police showed up. No injuries were reported.

  • I got an 'apeman' dash cam on prime day, something like $40 bucks. At first the power wire was a pain as it's so long, but I realised I can hang the wire over the rear view mirror through the makeup/sunshade thing, then the handle above the door, to behind the driver's seat, then along floor to the 12v.

    No accidents yet but such great peace of mind.

  • +2

    People who refused to buy a dashcam always seem to buy one after they have an accident.

  • -2

    I don't have a dashcam. I must say that it could have come in handy for others driving. I haven't had an accident in more than 5 years but come close a couple of times due to an accident. Insurance is more important and don't spend too much on one if you have had no more than one or two accidents in last few years.

    • Shit happens.

  • I bought one some years ago, but as a massive procrastinator, I've never installed it. Luckily I haven't had an accident for ages, and the car I'm driving now is a lemon shite, so I don't think it's worth installing it. If/when I buy a decent car then I'll have dash cams.

    • +1

      If/when I buy a decent car …..

      Can't begin to imagine how long it will take you to make that decision .🤣

      • Lol! You're right. The crappy one I'm driving now is still running so I am not throwing it away until it kicks the bucket.

  • +3

    I don't have a car, but I have dash cam for my pushy. Hasn't ever been useful though.

  • It’s great when you get those footage of other driver doing stupid things and it shows you’re breaking the rules yourself. Lmao.

  • Thanks for the post OP. I've been considering every dashcam sale and thinking I've been slack not keeping up. Now I realise at least 50% of ozbargainers with an interest in dashcams, don't have one.

    It's not the price - I'd prob get the best one I can get a good deal on, it's the cords and charging and wiring and potentially flattening the car battery etc that puts me off.
    I don't think anyone has a good solution yet. Firstly, cars need to be manufactured pre-wired. Then, I'd have thought they should recharge an internal battery whilst driving, and maybe a low-power mode driven by a portable powerbank when parking for extended times.
    I'd no doubt have one if that was available.

    • +2

      I've just a viofo plugged into the USB port. Cables all tucked into the trim pretty nearly, most people in the car don't even realise it's there.
      It won't catch anything while parked, but I figure 90% of things worth catching will be while you're driving anyway and it means no worries about flattening the battery or hardwiring cables

    • My BlackVue was hard-wire installed with battery monitor and the only wires you see are one coming down to the camera behind the rear view mirror and about 3cm of wire going to the rear camera. They can be done neatly at a reasonable price.

      • much more to have it all done an dinstalled for you rather than buying and DIY? or just a small premium on top for convenience?

        • It was a comparatively small extra cost. I THINK I could have done it myself (except for the battery back-up) but I intend to keep the car for 10 years+, so I wanted it done well.

  • +1

    Have one, very handy.

    I've only had two accidents in the last five years, but in both cases my dashcam was really handy. In one instance the other driver got out of the car trying to blame me - until he saw that I had a dashcam. I explained we can check the footage since I also got a rear camera. He then proceeded to admit that it was his fault.

    There are ones that have a motion sensor and records if something goes passed your camera view, recording any mischief (scratching a car, for example).

    I really think all cars should have it. Handy gear I say.

  • +1

    I've got front only and have used in an insurance claim.
    The other car moved into my lane around a corner, without the footage they probably could've claimed I moved into theirs and with no witnesses I don't know how that would have gone
    I included it in my initial claim so they didn't get a chance to ask

  • +5

    Have a Blackvue 2 channel dash cam with the lithium ion battery pack under my seat for parking mode. Saved me twice now. Once was where a lady drove past and knocked off my side mirror and didn't stop. Got her plates and contacted her for details. Begged me not to contact my insurance company for repairs but I did it anyway. It was a $1800+ side mirror (folding, auto-dimming, heated and had LED indicators) replacement and not at fault to me.

    • -1


  • +2

    Bought a Blackvue 2-Channel Dashcam with parking mode which set me back around $700. Luckily I did because a month later after I had it installed, someone had reversed into the front of my car while I was parked. Mechanic quoted about $4,000 in repairs. Dashcam had a nice view of their dashcam and it was an easy insurance claim.

    • +1

      Good stuff mate. Glad to know it more than paid for itself

    • +2

      I meant had a nice view of their number plate*

  • +2

    Bought front and rear cameras (~$600) when my car was new. I had one hit and run while my car was parked. Took footage to the police and the woman had to pay the $1200 repairs. I think they’re worth the money.

  • +2

    I believe with the craziness on our road these days, they are a great investment.

  • -1

    I have 8 cameras - 4x Blackvue DR900S & 4x inbuilt TeslaCam

    • LoL are you serious….???

      • Yep, but the inbuilt ones only got ‘turned on’ after Tesla starting offering the central control unit upgrades a few weeks ago

  • +1

    Yes got 2, back and front, top of the range…not some crappy one. As others have said, don't trust people to do the right thing if they hit my car…especially in the area I live, there are a lot of…lets say people who don't know how to drive and yet have pricey cars.

    I also generally still park away from other cars just for the added safety too.

    Depending on the car you have it's a no brainer to have a dash cam.

  • I just use a basic action camera (GoPro copy) mounted on the windscreen, they have great angles.
    It has caught a lot of drama over the years but luckily the drama never includes my car.

  • +1

    I got ours not for the craziness on the road but because of an overly aggressive parent at the school bus stop. Cops said they need more evidence, they like vision not audio so we go all out and kitted out all our cars with DR750S front and rear. Wasn't cheap but that did deter the crazy biatch from being crazy whilst around our cars.

  • I got rear ended by a P plate Holden Commodore ute driver, driver sped off - used footage for insurance - VIC

    On another occasion I was inside having a coffee and my car hit in the side whilst parked - got great footage - VIC

    Just caught a bus driver driving over a roundabout on the wrong side of the road - not a crash but evidence of the lack of quality drivers - NSW

  • i would like to know which dash cams can record clear enough to read plates. Also if they can record while the engine is off and the car is parked. I've had a lot of hit and runs in the car park, with damaged to the value of thousands of dollars to repair.

    • Most do record when parked, but you need to get them hooked up to the battery direct as the standard (easy) install is to just plug into the cigarette/DC which only powers up when the car is on.

      • that would mean running long cables to the rear?

        And on the front a cable running up your windscreen?

        I just don't find these to be elegant solutions. It needs to be integrated into new cars imo like tesla.

        • Wiring can easily be hidden, plenty of places that can do the job right if you don't think you're able to do the job yourself. It's easy enough to do.
          Blackvue dashcams can do the 2 cameras and have options for a stand alone battery backup or time based settings for using the vehicles battery when the car is off.

          • @91rs: how are blackvue? Are they worth the $? Seem to be pricey but i presume they're gold standard?

            Again though is connecting direct to battery the connecting to a fuse box position under the steering wheel?

            • @SaberX: Since i personally own one, i can say i wouldnt necessarily go back to a Blackvue. Its missing a critical feature which is a proper manual recording (it has it but its doesnt lock the file which means it will be overwritten unless you download the video). Also the wifi is flaky and frankly a pain to connect to on android devices.

        • You hide wiring under the trim. Mine is hardly noticeable

    • Mine did, my car was parked when it got hit with the engine off - easy to setup

  • +1

    It's interesting that car manufacturers install GPS into their cars now as almost standard after the whole GPS/TomTom releases over a decade and a bit ago.

    How long before car manufacturers have a dash cam installed? They've got so many censors and cameras already for adaptive cruise control and safety breaking etc. Shouldn't be too hard to throw in a dashcam and all you have to do is provide the SD card.

    I'm surprised they haven't done it yet tbh. Seems a no brainer

    • I think it's silly we don't do a built in rear view mirror camera. lik ein south korean movies/shows i see they take the memory card out of the back of the little round cameras (like a ps4 motion camera) and surely it'd be smart to just build these into the front and back of cars. Surely it wouldn't cost them much to automatically put it in as well.

    • +2

      How long before car manufacturers have a dash cam installed?

      Tesla started doing it in 2017. Not sure why everyone else is taking their sweet time.

  • Haven't had an accident but I have cameras installed on front and back. It is an insurance policy against the insurance company when they want to worm their way out of paying you. Also it is nice to see footage when something curious happened and you can tell a story.

  • +1

    Here in Thailand I get a 10% price reduction for my car insurance by having a cam fitted.

    However, there is a corresponding penalty if you make a claim, and the cam was not working at the time. It is a big incentive to make sure you have a reliable SD card.

    Having said that, you would be crazy to drive here without a dashcam - with or without the insurance incentive.

    • -1

      Drove there on holidays without a cam, nothing happened

  • It's $100 and 15 minutes of your time to install. I don't see why you wouldn't have one.

  • +4

    Poll needs an option for:

    "I have a dashcam, but it's not installed"

    For the OzBargainers here who bought it just because it was a deal.

  • +3

    Three uses of the dash cams relating to accidents
    1. Someone else's benefit - Someone reversed and hit into the car in front of me. I got the details of the driver that got hit and sent them the video
    2. Someone else's benefit - A ute turned the corner to tight and ripped off the bumper of a new C class merc. Saw what happened and drove off. Left my details on the merc and provided the video. Was then hassled by the owner of the merc and their insurance company because they didn't know how to click on a link and download a file…..
    3. My benefit (sort of) - I was in a car park and a 4wd hit me from behind. Made an awful noise. Driver didn't want to hand over any details. On closer inspection, no damage, not even a scratch. So I didn't follow it up any further.

    • I would #3 check it. I bumped once someone and a second time got bumped form back. Maybte the repairers wanted their money but supposedly the damage can flow through to the chassis and need repairing, although face value you wont notice anything. Same for me getting bumped in the back from stationery when approaching a roundabout (traffic banked up). Slight spider cracks along the back boot, and i decided to just claim it on their insurance just incase …. probably all you couldn't notice at face value. and perhaps the crash repairers were taking the mickey…