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[QLD] 50 New Free Courses (Total 400+ Courses) from QLD Gov (Python, Data Science, JS, Mental Health First Aid) @ Skillsfocus


Given response to my last post was, I thought I'd share.

Seems like the state gov have added new courses and extended the free courses offer (? end date, see my original post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/568140). These additional 50 free courses take it to 400+ free courses.

I've done quite a few to date and would recommend given the variety of course providers. Surprised to see https://next.tech/ courses available for free which I know aren't cheap as I have done them through work (would recommend if you are curious about dev).

QLD residents only.

From the email:

"As an existing user of Skillsfocus you have access to free online short courses.

The Queensland Government are pleased to announce that a further 50 online courses have now been added to Skillsfocus…

…We also have a whole range of other topics and courses for you to learn, including:

Mental health
Sales & customer service
Business & finance
Preparing for your next job
Skills development (IT)

GLHF. Enjoy!!

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