[QLD] 398 Free Courses from Queensland Government: Java, Python, Angular, Excel, Xero, Bookkeeping etc


Hi all,

Note: For Queensland residents only.

Not for everyone but I came across www.skillsfocus.com.au from Queensland Gov with 398 free online courses.

Key courses of note:
- Programming (beginner courses): JavaScript , Angular, Python
- MS Office: Excel, PPT, Word
- Finance: bookkeeping for beginners, Certificate in Xero , Financial forecasting

There are other courses on communication and hospitality skills but not my thing.

I’m doing the cert in Xero to help beef up my resume. It’s not bad and it’s free.

Edit: apologies title originally said 399 actually 398. Fat finger!

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  • Is that 399 (in title) or 398 (in description) courses?

  • Oh thanks! Meant 398 which showed when I searched. Fat Finger!

    Thanks for pointing out:)


  • Do I have to be QLD resident or <any google> address will do?

  • What’s the difference between this and say udemy? I was thinking about doing one of those Harvard uni IT courses for free as well

  • Can I register if Im still working? Im trying to improve my excel skills.

    • On the page itself - The Skills Focus Queensland training hub is free of charge for any Queensland resident.

      So I assume, yes, you can.

  • Lol I worry about any RTO that offers a course and can't even spell the name correctly. Block Chain? Really? It's Blockchain.

    • I'm more worried that an education platform for getting people work-ready thinks teach Blockchain is a good idea.

      • Why is blockchain not a good idea?

      • I don't necessarily think it's a good idea, but there is an extraordinary amount of money flowing into blockchain businesses. Must be some jobs somewhere.

          • @railspider: Blockchain is just a technology, you seem to be confusing it with cryptocurrencies

            • @Ononono: The only (non-trivial) active use case of Blockchain I've seen is cryptocurrencies. Maybe I should do the course and figure out what else it is currently being used for

              • @railspider: I used to think this way, until I heard that asx intened implementing the technology, and I've been hearing of other use-cases since.

                Obviously what I first heard of it was incorrect: that it requires an ever-growing transaction file to be distributed to everyone who has a transaction, and if you lose the file you lose ownership of that electronic asset. Clearly neither of those things could be true for there to be real business cases for blockchain.

              • @railspider: It's still new so you're right to say that cryptocurrency is the main use case however most of the big banks and central banks around the world are investing heavily into developing blockchain products. In my opinion, it's just a matter of time before we start seeing a gradual shift where most digital transactions will be done using blockchain. It makes transactions more efficient, faster, more secure, easier to trace, etc. There are also applications outside of banking, although I believe most of them are still in research stages. If you're interested I would recommend
                just watching a crash course on YouTube to learn more without getting into all the maths behind it


    The Government is also providing tools for small businesses to develop their staff under a similar program: https://www.qldskills.com.au/

    My association: I work for Go1, who are providing the technology to support the initiative.

  • do you get a Certificate at the end and is it recognised?

    • At the bottom of the page :
      "Do the courses come with qualifications?
      Given the diversity and short nature of the courses provided in this hub, training provided does not come with a recognised qualification (e.g. diploma, certificate or bachelor level qualifications). For this we recommend visiting the Queensland Skills Gateway for a great range of learning options. "

  • I never saw that a government body provides online courses~!

    Great move, SA ~! Hopefully, the other states and even the national government bodies would also provide free online courses.

    Just for curiosity, has anyone done these gov online courses and Cousera, Udemy, Udacity, eduX etc.?

    What are the differences between the courses provided by the government bodies and online education providers?