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Up to 77% off: New Balance Men's 247S $34.99, Vans Shoes $20.99 (C&C/+Shipping/Free Shipping $130+) @ Platypus

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    Not bhed, gud soize.

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      perfect for scomo, if anything

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        Remember Engadine Maccas

  • The sole of 574/all NB shoes kinda slippery on wet surface, wonder these would be the same

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    Damn save50, back at it again with the Vans deals!

  • No half sizes?

    • Vans has half sizes.

      • Very limited selection.

  • I was today years old when I learned what a "collapsible heel" is.

  • are vans true to size?

    I am a 10.5 in ultra boost 4.0 - what would I be in this?

    • For me its true size but Vans don't have much of the slection for 1/2 sizes.

    • Hi HasibA, can you please reference a shoe that doesn't look like dog shit?

      • haha I am about a size 11 for new balance 247
        size 10.5/10 for converse low chuck

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    30% off sale items in store Rundle Mall

    • Do they have much stuff on sale at Rundle?

      • Didn't go in just seen the sign out the front. Might have a look tomorrow

        • See ya in there :)

  • is there a code to get the extra 30% off?

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    Pair with commbank rewards $15 Cashback on $100 spend

    • Doh! read this 30mins too late

    • I don't have this reward in the app…just other shops. are cba rewards targeted?

  • Is there a pick up option? Can't find it on phone.

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      There is but not all items I was looking was in the local store. Paid $10 to get it all items shipped which is reasonable.

    • There wasn't a pick up option for me. I just went in-store to order. Delivery is free if there isn't stock in-store.

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    How to get the extra 30%?

  • Pair with AMEX offer - $100+ spend = $15 back

  • Cheers op, ordered 4 pairs of vans to get over $130 for free ship, then realised I ordered 1 pair in the wrong size. Partial refund made and got to keep free shipping, not mad at all.

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    So Is Australian shoe size = to UK shoe ?
    I don't get why the websitr doesn't list Australian size. Its defaulted to US, which i am pretty sure is a bit different to our sizes.

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      AUS shoe size is equivalent to US shoe size.

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        Why does every chart I find online for Mens shoe size comparisons have UK/Aus together while US is different. They differ by half a shoe size.

    • You can pick UK sizing when selecting the size on their site

  • Ordered two pairs. Thanks

  • combine with unidays for extra 10% off

    • sorry, not applicable:
      Discount cannot be used on sale items or in conjunction with any other offer.

  • Ordered 2 ~ US size is not AU.

  • Had my order from this morning cancelled not long ago, saying they are out of stock.

  • 4 pairs of Vans later…


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      Same, I got the 1460 Suedes for ~$80 with cashback!

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        rare dip in prices for sure! DM are amazing value

      • Legit bought them a week ago, only kinda mad

        • Ah dang, how much did you pick them up for?

          • @poppingtags: $106 with postage, think it was cause platypus was doing an extra 20% on sale as opposed to the 30% they are now

            • @Stek: Still less than half price! How are you finding them?

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                @poppingtags: They fit amazingly well straight off the bat, couldnt be happier. You won't regret

      • Perhaps a review that might be of interest to you


        • I would take his reviews with a good serving of salt - he has gotten torn apart in fashion forums for either not knowing what he's talking about or having a very shallow understanding of leather and shoe construction. For instance, when he says that the shoes aren't good year welted - he's completely wrong, they absolutely are. Sounds like he's finally figured out what a metal shank is now - he didn't when he cut open a pair of common projects.

          Doc's aren't high end dress boots, they're meant to be worn hard and scuffed up. While I do agree that quality has fallen on some of their shoes - and certainly some leather is better than others, it's not nearly as bad as he's making it out to be. Still great value on sale, especially under $100.

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    Thanks! Bought some NB White sneaks

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    Heard there is an extra 30% on top of the advertised price?


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        Poorly worded. Should state “we’ve taken a further 30% off our sale prices”. “Further 30% off sale prices as marked” means exactly that: take a further 30% off the marked price.

  • No futsal shoes. 💔

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    Thanks OP copped too pears

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      Any partridge?

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    Two for me, two for the wife.

    Cheers op

    • Same. Great find by the op

  • Thanks for posting i went to Harbour Town Adelaide this morning purchased a few shoes and there was an extra 30% off sale price. 😊

  • Thanks op. I ended up buying Adidas performance boost black x9000l4. I was after the full black ultraboost and missed the previous deals.

  • Woah my delivery has already shipped and it's expected Monday :)

  • Thanks OP, just spent more money on shoes.

  • Went to their store to try on a pair of the New Balance Men's 247S. Ordered and paid in full in store with free shipping (black/white color) to me (as they only had plain white color in stock).

    Very helpful staff and first time shopping here so didn't know they have the pay in store/free shipping (no minimum $ amount for free shipping requirement, as long as it's showing in stock online for the size you're after) option!

    Thanks OP

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