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Atomic Habits by James Clear $13.66 (Was $35) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Xylophone Sale via Amazon AU


Great book, especially if you’re a Prime member. The lowest price ever!

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  • Good read. Check out James Clear on youtube if you're interested in the book.

  • Whats everyone's preferred way to read?
    I have a Samsung tablet, a 6" KOBO.

    I understand some titles are worth buying a physical copy, esp when its a discounted price.

    • I prefer physical books …i tried Kindle but always go back to physical books

      • +1 vote

        This… have several eBooks but much prefer a hard copy. Seem to absorb the material better. Audiobooks are good too.

        • That's my biggest issue too. The physical sight and feel of paper… but also just feels like it absorbs better visually? Not sure if it's because of the comfort factor of it being what you're brought up with?

          I have a kindle, like kindle 4 or something.. back when it had the square arrows for direcitons down bottom…. still haven't used it much and can't let go to get a kindle white as i never gave it the use it needed. hoping to someday!

    • Whats everyone's preferred way to read?

      With my ears: Audiobooks and Audible for stuff like this!

    • Kobo for me. Even if I have the physical book next to me. And I used to be the guy that even loved the smell of paper.

  • 100% agree. Great book, and the audio version is also good.
    A steal at this price.

  • Thanks, ordered.

  • What's everyone's thoughts on the book seller sthough? Whenever i find a real cheap amazon price and click through to see the sellers they're all newly setup or somwhere from 5 to 50 reviews.

    Its really suspicious to me and they're usually super cheap to the established names. Am i being paranoid that some are fraudulent and you wont see your book? Not sure how amazon protects from you ordering a cheap item form a new established supplier and it falls through and they take your money? Do they refund similar to ebay/paypals protection?

    • Looking through the reviews of that seller it seems like you would receive it, but a few reviews were complaining about counterfeit or damaged books. I decided to pay 2 cents more and roll the dice with another seller with all positive reviews (still only 28 reviews though).

      • i think i'll go by the motto of if it's too good to be true - it probably is. All these cheap sellers are all only recentlly opened with a few dozen reviews. When miles below the normal amazon price it makes me wonder - probably counterfeit. In which case might as well download and print the book myself….