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Telstra 150GB SIM Only Plan with Bonus $600 Gift Card - $89 Per Month for New & Port-in Customers @ JB Hi-Fi (in-Store Only)


Shopping around for a new SIM Only plan, visited JB and GG. Here are the details for their Telstra SIM Only plans -

JB HiFi -
$99 per month - 150GB data, unlimited local calling & sms -
Discount 10$ per month (if purchased before 07 Feb), comes to $89 per month
Add on - $600 Gift Card (if purchased before 28 Feb)
Website says $99 and $500, but in store representative confirmed $89pm and $600 GC

Good Guys -
Same deal available, but for $99 per month and $600 gift card

Caveat - International calling cannot be added on top of this, as per JB & GG reps. Called Telstra, and they say no such limitation. So, not sure who to believe. Anyone has any experience on this?

Available for New Telstra & Port-in Customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers.

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    waiting for $89 pm with $1000 gift card. then I might bite

    • +1

      Let me know when that happens, till then, will stay with Vodafone :)

    • When was that? Or u just teasing us

  • so that’s fine 12 months lock minus the 600 off is $39 a month

    • +1

      that is correct.
      12 months lock in, effectively $39 per month

      • +1

        it’s not that great deal unless u needed the good coverage and data …jack up price and you have a gift voucher. win win for jb

      • +2

        I look at it as between $540 and $570 off, assuming you sell the gift card at a discount of either 10% or 5%. At 10% that's $44pm; 5% it's $41.50pm. Compared to current Telstra deal of $65pm for 180GB and no lock-in (noting that you can choose either prepaid or postpaid with slightly different inclusions), effectively you're paying a premium of between $21pm (48%) and $23.50pm (57%) for an extra 30GB and no lock-in.

    • Gift card has been $1000 before, worth waiting

    • Yeah, you are still buying the gift voucher at full price though, even if your "effective" SIM plan cost ends up at $39 a month. That's okay if you have a need to spend $600 at JB of course, at least some time in the future as the GC's don't expire and we don't expect JB to expire themselves.

  • +3

    I was on Telstra for years. Ported out to Optus and waiting for one of these deals. Got 500/40 download/upload on Telstra 4G. Test on Optus 40/4 on both 4G and 5G network at exact same location. Can't wait to go back to Telstra. They said you get what you pay for.

    • done with optus and telstra overrated. going to get back to landline and answering machine : )
      prefer vodafone in most bigger area in australia good enough

    • +1

      As many have said numerous times, it depends on your location. For me, Telstra had no 4g, while Optus did. Just a small difference ;-)
      Where I live now though, Telstra has better reception.

      • Definitely agree, 100%

      • have to just chop and change …

    • +2

      I did the swap from Optus after 10 years to Telstra last November.I'd happily go back to Optus. Telstra speeds are bloody overrated by OzB fanboys imo. I'm getting the same if not worse speeds on Telstra now.

  • Caveat - International calling cannot be added on top of this, as per JB & GG reps. Called Telstra, and they say no such limitation. So, not sure who to believe. Anyone has any experience on this?

    you can't make international calls.. but you can SMS/MMS but you gotta pay extra (i'm pretty sure)

    • The $69 CIS says international calls/SMS are not included but will be charged at the rates located at

      Can't see how the $99 plan would differ from this?

  • +6

    Anything for the $69/$59 (after $10 discount) per month plan?
    Website currently says $300, was hoping for the $500 GC if not $400.

    • This

    • +1

      I checked in store yesterday, its $69 no $10 credit and $400 gc

    • -3

      Its on now. Finish tonight.

      • So why I got 2 neg? :D

    • just went this evening to try get this deal at Prahran store.

      was offered straight up $400 GC, $59/mth.

      • Damn, wish they were more consistent. I called up Maribyrnong and they didn't have $59/month + $400GC. Only the regular stuff on the website.

        • +1

          Its on from yesterday til 14 Feb.

          • @bnh: I've called several different stores and they couldn't offer me $59/month + $400GC.

            • @iuselect: I just sign up around lunch time. Maybe “in store” only ie. you need to be in the store?

  • +1

    Man $89 a month is so much. Big commitment. Waiting on the $49 deals, and wishing for $29 deals…

    • Boost Mobile

      • Yea I'm on the Optus $150 365day 180gb. Will prob move to boost next.

        • Wait what is that deal?
          Is it still available?

          Just a lump fee if $150 up front? 5G?

          • +1

            @arkdog: It comes up often yea. 4g.

          • +1

            @arkdog: Oh man, boost is like $200 for the same thing. Guess gotta wait for ebay deals on them.

  • +6

    Wait for $59/m for $500 GC .. much better value

    • Ageee

    • Me too

  • International calling pack cannot be added…

    As per Telstra cce,

  • Is this only for new / port-in numbers?

    • Yes

  • Can this only be done in store I assume?

  • Could we use this sim plan in a 4g router to act as a wifi system for the home

  • The offer used to be $800 JB Gift card… ?

  • ETC on this?

  • Went into my local store (NSW) and asked for $59pm + $400 gc and they gave it to me straightaway. Not the $500 gc but still happy. Thanks OP!

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