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Monteiths Pointers Pale Ale Carton 24x 330ml 2 for $70 @ First Choice Liquor


As the title suggests. Catalogue special. 2 cartons for $70 (save $62 apparently…but I’d question that). 24x 330ml. Not bad at $35ea.
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Monteith’s Pale Ale is zesty and aromatic with lots of lively, penetrating fruit characters. A concentration of tropical and gooseberry and passionfruit flavours with an abundant bouquet, it is a beer that is distinct, refined and refreshing.

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  • +1

    $75 for me in WA

    • Yea, same for me in WA.

  • 1 case for $40 in QLD

  • $75 for 2 cartons in SA

  • Awesome, thanks OP

  • $75 for me in NSW
    Picked 2 cases up anyways :)

  • +2

    It's an okay drop. I have a case in my fridge but don't find it anything special. Good value at $37.50 (in NSW) though.

    Their stout on the other hand is awesome.

    • Stout is definitely good.

      This is better than mainstream swill so agree good value at the price

  • Cheap beer. Not great.

    • Great for the wallet :D

  • one of the few beers you'd have to pay me to drink, I dislike everything they make with the exception of their cider and a few of their dark beers i've tried.

    • +2

      Agreed unfortunately - I bought a couple of cases of pale from a deal before and it's not exactly nice and took some getting through….but then compared to the usual undrinkable swill on tap in most venues it's acceptable by comparison…. I still tend to stick to Coopers (Sparkling/Stout/Vintage/Celebration - I avoid most of the others also)…

    • +1

      Pay me to drink

      Jesus it’s not that bad.

      Particularly at $35 a case

        • +3

          ^ personal opinion (especially considering you haven't been able to buy any beer in Australia at $20/case for more than 20 years)

          If you're not a fussy drinker this is perfectly acceptable and a good price at $37.50/case (as is the case for me) especiallialy considering this is a Delivered price.

          • @ESEMCE: obviously taste is subjective and if I'm recommending Aldi beer I'm obviously not that fussy.

            I jumped on a similar sale for these a while back, thinking they were good value - I didn't like them and neither did anyone who came over to my place.

            Do what you want with your own money, but I'd caution people against buying this and clearly there are a few people in this thread who've had the same experience as me.

            The price is good, but having 48 beers you don't like taking up space in your house isn't imo.

            • @Tijin: I've also bought previously and it was perfectly fine.
              Nothing fancy but also not remotely close to undrinkable.

              If you dont describe yourself as fussy I can only assume you had a case that had gone bad from poor storage. Alternatively you are actually fussy.

              • @ESEMCE: drinkable vs I am actually enjoying this and/or dear god I wish i spent $5 more for something I'd enjoy twice as much.

  • +1

    Got this yesterday. Now I have two carton of beer I don't like.

    Tastes nothing like the description.

  • -2

    Monteiths is pretty bad unfortunately. Price is good.

  • Any additional cartons will checkout at $37.50 each as well. Owned by DB (Heineken), some interesting reading here:

    • +1

      Interesting reading indeed. Love a good wikipedia rabbit hole!

      DB Breweries attracted controversy during a legal battle over the exclusive use of the name Radler. Radler is a style of beer, in the same way that Pilsner or Stout are. However, DB has trademarked the term "Radler" since 2001…IPoNZ handed down its decision the trademark has been upheld, citing the fact that the term "Radler" was not well known in New Zealand at the time the trademark was taken out.

      TIL that you can trademark things in NZ that are just normal names for things in other parts of the world.

      • +2

        112.5 for 3 carton 2000 bonus points $20 cashback and $10 AMEX credit bring down to $72.5 which is $24 per carton.

  • No stock in Qld.

    • Just ordered 2 slabs in the GC

  • No stock in VIC either

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