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ValueHall Electric Fly Swatter $16.19 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Egogoau via Amazon AU


❥ EASY TO USE AND SAFE. Simply press the button and wave against the fly, and you can stun it. Low voltage, It use be two AA batteries (AA batteries not including), can be recycled more than 600 times (Please do not touch the grid when the Electric Fly Swatter is turn on, to avoid causing pain).

❥ MATERIAL HEALTH. ABS high-quality plastic and galvanized steel wire mesh, compared to the traditional pest control agent, Electric mosquito swatter is non-toxic and harmless, fly swatter electric will not affect health and environment.

❥ BEAUTIFUL DESIGN. Three-layer grid, similar to the design of a tennis racket. Small size, space saving, easy to carry, to reduce mosquito interference when you are traveling or camping.

❥ CLEAN AND HYGIENIC. Our products include 1 cleaning brush, you can brush the grid after using it, to maintain the electric mosquito zapper clean and prolong its service life.

❥ HIGH QUALITY. Very high quality electronics which have been tested over 100,000 times.

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      Sold out + shipping.

    • No stock mate…

      • It is in stock ^_^

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      Personally I think it is much better to use the AA battery than the rechargeable option as the battery will degrade over time and it is better to have a replaceable option.

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        You are right

  • I doubt i'd be fast enough to actually hit a mosquito…

    • Nor the racquet durable enough! I've only seen a few of these things, but they always end up unused and fairly quickly in landfill.

      Flyswat+blue zap lamp is the way to go.

    • The effect is obvious, will be better than hand-held fly swatter

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    Cheaper electronic fly swatters on eBay. You can get one for around $10 delivered.
    No deal here.

    • link

      • ebay.com.au

        There is a search utility that even the most amateur of internet users should be able to navigate.

  • +2

    Aren’t these like $5 in cheap shops?

    Yeah flies too fast for me.

    • I think I've seen them for $10.00 in bargain shops & on eBay every day of the week. Definitely no bargain here, neg.

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    Just go to any asian dollar store… It could be any dollar store actually.

  • Do 50% off OP, you got a deal. $17.99 still expensive compare to others on ebay

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    I bought one for $5 in store at NQR today if anyone's interested in buying one themselves

  • Aren't these illegal? I remember they were an illegal import years ago?

    • We have uploaded the relevant security certificates on Amazon and have legally passed customs clearance. You can buy and use them with confidence.^_^

    • why were they illegal?

  • +5

    "stun" the fly. Hmm. The last time I used one of these on a fly there was a spark of light followed by smoke and the slight acrid smell of burnt diptera.

    • Yes, there may be slight smoke and smell

  • +2

    I have one. If you hit the fly, it makes a zap sound and there is a smell.

    But …

    The fly then carries on flying about its business.

    • -2

      It's business, or your business?

      • +5

        Its business, not it is business.

    • If bugs are relatively large, you may need more hit.

      • If bugs are relatively large, you may need more hit.

        Chuckle, this is starting to sound like fun now, and maybe good exercise and hand/eye coordination training … going '20 rounds' with Louie. Tennis players could get some good practice in with these, especially in the outback. It would be like the self-returning ball. Or 50,000 of them …

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    The only taser weapon that is legal in Australia…LOL

    • We uploaded the security certificates on Amazon and legally passed the customs clearance.

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    I have one of these. It is good quality. I could be wrong, but any version that includes AA batteries is less likely to be landfill. Only thing the item is a bit smaller than I expected. It makes a very satisfying zap for any fly unlucky enough to be caught.

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    Mine uses C sive batteries but I got a AA converter so it uses 2xAA for every C. works great and been going for 8 years or so just don't touch it as it give a real good vap from the risdual power :)

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    As good as a fly swatter, both kill flies & spiders

  • +2
    • Good suggestion.

  • possible alternative uses for this…?

    • What are you referring to?

  • Can find it cheaper online.. sorry not a deal for me.

    AU $6.27 20% Off | Home Living Electric Fly Swatter Fly Zapper Use Insect Racket Electric Bug Battery Mosquito Kills Bug Killer AA Mosquito Zapper

    • You can neg a deal if you find it cheaper elsewhere

  • my Aus Open sorted