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Lacoste Graduate Men White Shoes US Sizes 7-11 $55.99 (RRP $159.99) + $10 Postage ($0 with $130 Spend/ C&C/ in Store) @ Platypus


Men US Sizes 7-11 (UK sizes 6-12) available.

  • Premium leather uppers
  • Classic monochrome colourways
  • Raw eyelets and tonal laces
  • Clean design lines
  • Bold ‘Lacoste’ branding throughout
  • Iconic embossed crocodile branding

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  • +1

    Thanks got a pair

  • +1

    Got a pair. Thanks, great price.

  • +6

    If you wear this, definitely ozber.

    • What does that even mean?? Excuse me for not knowing ahaha

    • +1

      Graduate ozbargainer shoe, shame I'm size 13

      • +1

        Yeah, me too!

      • +5

        less attitude more stretching the shoe to fit goddammit. It's the ozbargainer way. Smaller size means less soul, so less soul to wear out over time. Equals less shoe budget overall. So many other benefits - smaller shoe means you need less foot space in your car. Equals small car. Boom! A 16k Hyundai as opposed to a vehicle in the mid 30k range. Boom! Buying these shoes will save you like 20k my fellow based ozbargainer.

        • +2

          Have an up-vote, another trait of the Ozber is to be trigger happy when it come's to negs? it is the way!

  • Got one, thx op

  • Got one for the "Bold ‘Lacoste’ branding throughout", thanks OP. 😁

  • +1

    Noice. Needed something for the shorts.

  • None available for pickup in Perth.

  • Got a pair. Thanks OP!

  • Got a pair posted here and 4 other pairs of different brands. Thanks OP!

  • +3

    Don't forget commbank rewards $15 Cashback on $100 spend

    • -3

      This is $55

  • +2

    There’s also AMEX offer of $15 cash back with $100 spend

  • Premium leather uppers

    Yeah nah.

  • +4

    The white text over red …. It's just …

    • You mean red text over white box over red tab? White text over red would've made them look like Stan Smiths.

  • +8

    Good deal, but they look like bowling shoes lmao.

    • +1

      Ugliest pair of white shoes

    • +1

      Which is why I purchased them!!!!

      • Walk away from the mob, be your own man. Respect 👊

  • wish I could find some size 15 shoes on sale. can anybody recommend me websites that can cater to my big feet? ty

    • Is it true what they say about big feet? ( Big toes?)

  • Good deal OP; is there a trick for C&C order ? Not offering this option despite two nearby stores.

    • It will only allow C&C if there is a stock in a particular store…

      • Thanks, gathered as much …

  • -1

    How do you get the 30% off marked sale price?

  • I've been looking for a pair of these so I can join the Noosa Heads white shoe brigade

  • I’ve always wanted white shoes!! Are these comfy?

  • are these good to wear on a date?

  • In the UK these are generally worn by chav's. They are low quality & very narrow shoes. Likely to be landfill before long :)

  • Size 12s are gone :(

  • Ew ew ew. Surprised people like this.

    • People will wear it if they got it cheap

  • No sale on the black ones:
    Black would have been good for work.

  • Gawd, youd have to be a special sort to wear these at full price.

  • -1

    White with red.. does a free sanitary product come with this one.. Id rather all white or all red

  • +1

    That red is so ghastly. It's amazing people are buying this in droves.

  • +1

    theyve got an extra 30% off the sale now as well

  • hahaha Bowling shoes