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VDE 8pc S/Driver Set 1000V $9.99, 1KG Fire Extinguisher $16.99, Fire Blanket $6.99, 38pc Ratchet Screwdriver Set $14.99 @ ALDI


Excerpt from the upcoming Aldi catalogue. Too lazy to upload and edit the rest.

  • 12 stem bouquet red roses $20
  • musical instruments also on sale.

Full credit to the Facebook poster. Original upload

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  • Fyi Aldi is having stock problems special lines I called in today for there current sale and no stock of most advertised lines I ask staff & informed me nothing had arrived & not to bother going to other stores there all the same so its pot luck.

    • They've been having stock problems for a very long time, but they eventually show up sooner or later.

    • what is the number that you call ? So that I can do it in the future and not waste my time. Cheers

  • They've been having problems since early in Covid, though some weeks are worse than others. Don't believe their 'Bot' when it tells you that there's stock at a particular store.

    There was one special last year where I drove around half a dozen stores in different parts of Sydney to try and get something. Both their Bot and their 1800 number insisted that there was stock at each store, but staff on the ground said it hadn't turned up. Luckily, I just happened to be doing the groceries about a month later and spotted the staff bringing the item out - it had just turned up that morning. They had heaps - apparently it was supposed to be split across several stores, but due to the problems had all been delivered 4 weeks late to that one store.

    It's much easier with tools to hope that Bunnings price matches a similar line. Has anyone had experience with the ozito battery powered circular saw?

    • I was actually after the hedge/pole trimmer and a 4aH battery. No luck on both.

      • Keep an eye out over the next few weeks. They might turn up late. Also, if you can mix doing your regular shopping across a few stores, you're more likely to stumble across them when they eventually arrive.

        • Thanks. Will keep my eyes open. TBH though, my trips to supermarkets have been kept to a minimum with long lists and bigger shops instead of quick trips to the store every few days. I suppose it's an effect of new normal.

    • I have the 165mm ozito 18v circular saw. Its one of the few ozito tools I really wouldn't buy again.

      I bought it for cutting ikea particle board kitchen panels and it struggled and stalled unless you have a brand new blade on.

      The 184mm ozito one is brushless so may be a but better but if you're doing occasional cuts I'd just get a corded AEG or Makita.

      I wanted cordless so ended up splurging on a hikoki 36v saw on sale.

      • My 150cm ryobi 18v is the only tool i took back, after it 'died ' cutting through thick kitchen laminate. Bunnings upgraded me to a 165cm. I know there was a special blade for laminate, which was humongously expensive.

  • any link to the FB poster so we can see the rest of the catalogue?

  • they just had the screwdriver set on sale a few weeks ago, I bought one….

    I was wondering why bunnings had a pliers set on sale.

  • What brand are the VDE screwdrivers?

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    Aldi has a Special Buys stock check on their website now but you can only check 24 hours after a special buy goes on sale (i.e. on Sunday for Saturday's special buys)


    • Great initiative, but in my experience hopeless accuracy for products that are running late.
      I suspect that it's based on the amount of inventory that was supposed to arrive minus sales.

      I've had a couple of big trips across Sydney to get items showing as in stock according to their website checker, plus confirmed with their (central) phone centre, only to get to the store and be told that the product hasn't arrived yet and they're not sure if it's still coming.

    • "No stock information available"

      For every location anywhere within 100kms…. 😒

  • What musical instruments are for sale?

  • As always with these little fire extinguishers, don’t buy one and automatically expect you’re ‘protected’. They’re not really big enough to put out anything except the smallest of fires, and that’s only if you really know how to use one properly and efficiently. Take a course with your local fire services to learn this, and spend time with your family or other housemates to put together an emergency plan that includes at least two ways of how to escape if there’s ever really a fire.

    • Should we be putting out anything other than the smallest of fires?

      What about the fire blankets, are they good?

  • All of this stuff can be bought at Bunnings already, if you are concerned about Aldi not having stock.

    The real bargain is when Bunnings price matches!

    Bought the fire blanket and 1kg fire extinguisher from Bunnings last week for the same price as advertised as Aldi.

  • nice should see some bunnings price matches. pity i literally bought one of all those power tools listed within the past few months