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Hizero Cordless Bionic Mop $699 Delivered (RRP $799) @ Hizero


Been eyeing this out for a few months and its finally in stock.
Has been cheaper before when the retailers where selling it.
DJFREG @ Checkout for $100 off + free shipping
5$ If you join Club Hizer0

2021 Award Winner in Steam Mops & Hard Floor Cleaners category
4.7 - 286 Reviews

Amaz0n 3.8 - 96 Reviews

4.56 - 72 Reviews Winning Appliance

4.6 - 73 Reviews Appliance Online

HIZERO goes beyond a vacuum.
It Sweeps, Mops, Drys* all your hard floors and cleans the roller.
Its innovative, simple, smart and economic.
HIZERO will revolutionize the way you clean your hard floors.

– Combines the capabilities of a powerful vacuum cleaner and a damp mop in one cordless appliance
– Automatically separates solid waste from liquid waste for easy disposal
– Dual-tank water system means clean water is used every time
– Cleans a 100 square meter area with only 1 liter of water in 8 minutes (Laboratory Test Data)
– Cordless technology; Li-ion battery run time up to 80 mins each charge; 4 hours per charge session; power dissipation at 40 Wh
– 70% quieter than regular vacuum cleaners
– Sleek, ergonomic and lightweight design, weighing just 3.9 kilos

U.S. 2018 VDTA Innovative Cleaning Technology of the Year Award,
VDTA 2017 Product of the Year Award
Malaysia’s HOMEDEC 2017 Innovative Product Prize
Nominated for the 2019 IHA Global Innovation Award.

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  • +4

    Bionic Mop $699

    Much better pricing than the 6 million dollar mop I bought in the 70's…

    • I’ve missed you jv 🥰😘

      • +1

        We miss you too Diego…

  • $700 on a mop…. does it come with gold inlay?

    • +2

      It was rebuilt by NASA after the crash of an experimental mop…

      Better than it was before. Better…stronger…faster…

  • +1

    Got this for my mum a year+ ago, she loves it, but up keep is a bit too much for her tho.

    • +11

      No one really noticed at first. The clean lines and 12.5% discount kept us distracted. It was more of a gradual slide. First we found it the reflective surfaces needed to be wiped down or they'd be covered in fingerprints, then the recharging times. 1 hour for 10 minutes work. It seemed we were in a constant cycle of charge and mop, charge and mop. Then the 3 month filter replacements hit. $60 each. That was expensive but we'd all just dropped $700 on a mop, what were we going to do? Throw them away? So we kept replacing the filters, some of us taking multiple jobs just to afford it. Not everyone realised at the same time, some were quick to notice, others took much longer to catch on. It didn't really matter, there was no way out now. We had become slaves to our mops.

      • is the mop on display or something? my mum just keeps hers in the morning of the bathroom. only really brought it for my mum because it was self propelling which will theory decrease labour.

      • I really want it but $60 every three months??!!! dang!

        • I've had this for over a year haven't changed a filter. Actually unaware of a filter.

        • +2

          Pfft. Depends how much you use it.
          They say replace everything at 6 months.

          Everything means brush roller. Seriously that never needs replacing.
          The wet roller. That can need replacing ~$40
          The filters.. The newer models have a different one that shouldn't need replacing.
          The cleaning fluid is proprietary.. No alternatives. We just use water.

          But we are only using it for kid eating messes. Which it's great for. Get it quickly before the situation gets out of hand.

          It's not got the guts to do a thorough clean on dried mess. Maybe on laminate floors.

          Read my comments on previous threads.

      • New York Times #1!

      • Where is the filter I've not changed a filter.

        • On newer models it's designed out.

  • Looked into it a while ago, but the price makes it hard to stomach vs the only slightly inferior bissell crosswave and karcher mop / vacuums. I have a crosswave and love it. The clean up after using it is troublesome though if you're using it just for a small spill. Reading through reviews it looks like the hizero is pretty similar.

  • +1

    My family has two of these across two houses and honestly they just sit in the corner now.

    We find they leak water a lot and despite contacting support (my bro has sent it off about three times for repair) they say there’s nothing wrong. Our experience has been disappointing. My mum won’t use hers because it’s just too much hassle and it’s easier to get a regular mop and bucket.

    • If you have the clear plastic tray, stop using it. Just use the green tray. Will prob fix your issue.

      That and replace the wet roller if damaged.

      The wet roller must be soaked through or you'll ruin it.

  • If you were going to spend this much on a cordless mop I would probably get the Karcher FC5.
    I have one and I like it but I didn't pay for it and I think the concept is fundamentally flawed unless you have a small house.

  • I have one. Absolutely loved it at first. That is until it kept getting clogged with pet hair, causing dirty water to leak out all over the floor and into the grout. Hate it now.

    I cleaned the pet hair after each session, eventually the motor seized from the hair. HiZero barely fixed it under warranty even though it's claimed to be a pet friendly machine. They said next time I'll need to pay to have it fixed. I also vacuumed before every session, didn't help.

    The maintenance is also a PITA. The consumables are expensive and need replacing quite often.

    I wouldn't recommend it at all. If it handled pet hair and the maintenance wasn't a PITA it'd be a great machine.

    I've switched to a $40 steam mop from Kmart and I'm happier with it.

    Mod Edit: Removed private selling.

  • +2

    after researching last year I bought the Bissell Crosswave instead of this one. Find the crosswave very good. cheaper roll replacement and easier to run a clean cycle after use.

    • where do you buy the crosswave replacement rollers? official website?

  • +3

    I have this and have been using it for over a year. I don't use it to clean up big messy spills as I find that cleaning the actual mop afterwards is more work than just cleaning up the mess itself. However, it is great for regular mopping in my opinion.

    I like it mostly because I like the idea of new/fresh water going over the surface every time, as opposed to regular mopping where you are essentially re-using dirty water to wipe the floor until such time as you decide to get fresh water or unless you are cleaning the mop after every wipe. I find that overall, it is efficient in terms of water use, and dries much quicker than regular mopping.

    The drawback is that because the water tank is small, you will have to refill the fresh water tank and empty the dirty water tank fairly regularly, but this process is simple enough. My 9yo daughter uses it to mop as part of her weekly chores and has no problem doing this. Also, as others have said, upkeep can be expensive as you will need to purchase a new roller every 6 months, but I have always bought it on sale, and I find that you don't have to do it exactly every 6 months, you can stretch it out for longer.

    Of course, it is pricey but it has been a good investment for our household.

  • +3

    My 2cents worth: We have two of these.They are fantastic. Any spills of sauces on floors, dog wee or whatever, they clean seamlessly. However there is a learning curve in cleaning them especially with pet hair.
    If water is accumulating on the floor, the filter grate needs cleaning.
    Soap suds if your floor has old detergent will suds up and require frequent waste water emptying.
    Pet hair will need to be regularly removed from the rollers.
    However with machines over 12 months old, we would buy again.
    As for service, I cannot fault them. I have contacted them by phone with questions on five occasions with positive help and courtesy.
    I took both units into their Bankstown outlet recently to get some screws replaced and was overwhelmed by the service I received. They insisted on my leaving both units so they could service them and ensure all was working well. This was completed in several days at no charge and with new filters and orientation decals fitted.
    We recommend this product.
    Incidentally the agents listen to constructive criticism and there is a definite evolution occurring with the product as a result of feedback.

  • The coupon seems to have expired. OP, can I ask where you found it, or if it's been replaced?
    Many thanks!

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