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Xcellent Global Set of 2 Car Window Shade Covers $11.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Xcellent Global via Amazon AU


Super cooling sun protection for your kinds and pets. Block harmful UV rays and protects your kids from the sun and heat.
The flexible stretchy mesh easily pulls down over the open car door window frame in less than a minute and when you want to take if off its just as quick.
This High Density shade provides privacy as well as shade, protect valuables from thieves looking inside your vehicle
Fold up small (971.1 inch) for easy storage, washable fabric for car hygiene.


This sun shade builds a virtually impenetrable wall between the sun and your dash. Featuring a light-reflective coating, our car window sun shade keeps car interior cooler and reduce inside temperature by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Breathable mesh keeps your vision unobstructed; washable fabric for easy clean, foldable design for easy storage. This stretchy sun shade fits most car windows like a glove and can be effortlessly covered on your car window.


Color: black
Material: mesh cloth
Item Dimension: 10051cm
Folding Dimension: 23

Package include:

2 PCS x Sun Shade

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • interesting reviews…..

    • Do you mean 'pretty bad' recent reviews ?

      • +3

        i was going to say that but tried to be diplomatic

  • I see a lot of cars with these on so perhaps a dumb question but are these legal?

    • I have one to block out the sun from our babies face and can't say whether or not they are legal but can confirm that visibility is reduced to just about zero through the window it's installed on.

      • Yeah that's not great. There are restrictions on the level of window tinting so I figure these can't be legal if it makes it hard to see through the back windows?

        • There are restrictions on the level of window tinting

          That is for tinting though…

          Not sure if that applies to shades…

          • @jv: Based on that the windows are allowed to be very dark for rear passenger seats, as long as the car has mirrors on either side. Unsure, but the shades may comply with the 20 VLT requirement, even if they are subject to the tinting requirements. As a comparison the front window can’t be bellow 70.

    • +1

      Like others have said, not sure if it's legal or not but I have these on and have gone past cop cars, none have stopped me. Pretty sure if they were illegal they would not be available at major brick and mortar stores too (may vary by state).

      • Yeah you can buy them (or equivalents) at Autobarn and Supercheap, there's an Aussie made version (Window Sox) that is manufactured specific to the dimensions of whatever model car you are ordering them for. Great quality and fantastic fit too.

  • Lol at the reviews.

  • Global Set of 2 Car Window Shade Covers $11.99

    What makes them 'global' ?

    • Just like the Global Japanese knives

    • What makes them 'excellent'?

  • +2
  • Folding Dimension: 2318*3cm

    This is my main concern, it's enormous when folded.

    No lewd comments please.

  • can anyone suggest shades that have window sox quality but cheaper?

    • +1

      Get the Sox, they're made locally, very good fit and great quality.

  • +1

    Snapshades ftw

    • Are they actually worth it? I feel like just blocking out the back windows doesnt reduce much heat

      • +2

        It’s more the direct sun that hits your kids/baby eyes that you’re trying to prevent.

        Easy to put on and off as well.

    • I second this.

      We got a set of SnapShades a month ago and they are excellent quality, block out more light than the old stick on stuff we had on the windows and are easily removable.

      Very impressed.

  • These are a little cheaper at $6.00 free prime of + delivery


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