Does Anyone Know COVID Clinic in Sydney (Govt or Private) That Do Saliva Test Instead of Nasal Swab

Does Anyone Know Covid Clinic in Sydney (Govt or Private) That Do Saliva Test Instead of Nasal Swab.

I don't mind paying.

Even better if covid clinic can take urine or poo 💩 sample (nsw health conduct regular sewer waste water sample for covid), so i would assume they can taste my waste sample.

I watch so many tik tok video showing BRUTAL nadal swab, some have nose bleed after. So nobody violated my nostril or tonsil.

I am not sick. Just curious


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    I've had throat/nasal swab 4 times, it's not that bad

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    many get reference material from elsewhere other than tic tok

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      OzB forums is the new alternative (so it seems!).

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    Tik tok as medical advise. You need Tic Tac.

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    I am not sick. Just curious

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    have you tried onlyfans for reference?

  • Right now, I don't think there is a comfortable and accurate way to swab for tests… So you should know the answer if you want an accurate test. Until then, stay safe.

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    I've been tested twice at 4cyte pathology in North Ryde.

    The nasal swab isn't as bad as you'd think. You'll drive away wondering what all the fuss was about.

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      after you wipe the tears from your eyes

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    Congratulations, you’ve been brainwashed by weak people making click bait videos.

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    "… i would assume they can taste my waste sample…"


  • Apparently the test takes less than 5 seconds. Minor uncomfortable inconvenience I would have thought.

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    watch so many tik tok video

    I'm sure people posting this sort of thing on tiktok are trying to give out medical advice, and not just looking for attention 🙄

  • You should fly to China and get anal swab then.

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    I’ve had 4 nasal swabs and 2 hurt quite a lot (eyes watering, had to really use self control not to whack the tester away) one didn’t hurt and one was okay. I survived them all, the pain is temporary.

    After the first one the tester told me to tell them on future tests that I had pain as I’m apparently in the 2% of people who experience pain (I’m calling BS on that). Second test hurt as much as the first.

    Third test I told the guy again about the pain. He recommended breathing out from my mouth when they put the swab in. I did and had zero pain. I also put this down to either better technique or less general inflammation in the sinuses.

    Fourth test I used the breathing out of the mouth technique again and had only mild discomfort.

    So I think the breathing out through the mouth thing helps. Trying to relax in general as well as the more you tense up the more it will hurt.

    Anyway it’s not going to physically damage you, the swab tip is slim and soft, I think it’s just that some people are more sensitive especially if inflamed with a cold. Just let them know when you go that you’re anxious and they’ll do what they can to help you.

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    My 10 months old baby have to get the swab and she was fine so yes, it might be a little bit uncomfortable and you might end up crying a bit but it will be done in less than 30 s . And keep in mind that what you see on tik tok is in america where they don t really care about managing your pain or you… health worker in australia will help you the best way they can .

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    I have had 1 test and it was fine - I was allowed to administer it on myself so could go nice and slowly and gently. It didn't hurt, just a little bit of a tickle.

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    They normally do both nasal and a saliva swab. Or at least when I had my 3 swabs last year.

    When they first started doing swabs they'd go really far up the nose and back of the throat, but now they hardly go any further than a finger could go due to the method of testing improving.