This was posted 9 months 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo $809 Delivered @ Kogan


Mavic mini 2 combo $899 less $90 so $809

Pretty good price, lowest I think was Amazon AU at $799

Ultralight and foldable DJI drone and combo pack
12MP camera that captures 4K, 30fps video
3-Axis motorised gimbal
4 x Zoom capability
Transmits HD video up to 10km away
Level 5 wind resistance
OcuSync 2.0 anti-interference video transmission
3 x Batteries with a life of up to 31 minutes each
Maximum altitude 4,000 meters
Includes handheld controller
Take to the skies with the DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo and film moments in stunning quality with a small but mighty drone that lets you master aerial shots, and comes with a range of add ons.

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    beware, au stock or not i heard dji only accept warranty based on region so you may need to send that back to hong kong for example

    • +1

      Official partner and au stock

      • good to know

    • Do you know if it's the same for Apple products?

      • -1

        One year manufacturer's warranty applies to grey market Apple products, if you're in a country where Apple has a presence then you don't need to send the product overseas for service. Consumer law does not require manufacturers to cover products that weren't originally purchased in Australia, so Apple products from Kogan (which are usually imported from HK) = one year limited warranty from Apple and anything else is up to Kogan. In some ways you can think of the Australia tax as an extended warranty (not legal advice).

        • -1

          Good advice until the last sentence. Do you really think there is a court that will prosecute you based on your anonymous comment in a bargain website?

          (P.S. Don't eat contents of Eneloop… not medical advice)

  • Can I get it priced matched at Anaconda?

    • +1

      A quick look at their policy suggests that it

      Excludes competitor websites that don't have a retail store in Australia

  • +1

    Combined with 6% off gift card from Suncorp and paid $761

    • +1

      Can you help me with gift cards from Suncorp? ;D

      • +2

        Sorry guys!! my bad.

  • this is sooo tempting! wasn't the price around 1200 recently?

    • +1

      RRP is $949

  • Thanks OP. Picked one up and this is a pretty damn good price. Thanks again legend.

  • Guess the Mini 2 doesn't have Active Track?

    • No

      • Ok thanks. Guess the step up would be the Air 2 for that function

        • Air to so expensive, I would rather jump straight to the Pro 2 with the Hasselblad Sensor. Way better for photography in low light.

          • @Rakibul: I see. Would need to look into this a bit more.
            Want something to take nice footage on trails while on the bike e.g. gravel or MTB

            • +1

              @Shuey: That would be amazing if it could follow a mountain bike down a trail avoiding trees, but it sounds like active track limits the speed so I don't know if it would keep up

  • +1

    Good beginner drone. Got mine for 950 in November. Recommend getting some coverage as I just crashed mine into the beach on the weekend and it died.

    • -1

      Alternatively, the cheaper option would be to just not crash it into the beach?

      • I’m an amateur pilot.

    • That is every drone pilot nightmare. Can you get a replacement from DJI care?

      • I didnt even know DJI care existed until I looked it up. Definitely going to add that to the replacement drone. Customer service is trying to arrange a drone only replacement.

        • You didn't pay attention when you installed the DJI app :)

  • What is the maximum number of gift cards can be used on Kogan?

  • +6

    That’s a pretty good de… oh, Kogan. Never mind.

  • +1

    was $895 in amazon a week or so ago then now $948. tempting…

  • +1

    Thanks op..just bought.$761 total cost after 8x giftcard using suncorp.

  • I bought the first gen Mini only a few weeks ago and now this is getting tempting!

    • Do it!

    • me too but it was my first and don't yet have enough flying hours to make myself consider worthy of an mini fly more combo for $570

  • Anyone knows if Harvey Norman would price match this? Asking because I have a $700 HN gift card

  • Can't seem to find DJI Care refresh for Mini 2 on Kogan. Can I buy it somewhere else and just redeem on DJI website?

    • Should be able to buy on DJI website

    • +1

      No need, its offered to you once you activate the drone via the DJI Fly app, pay with CC and you're good to go for the year. You have 48hrs to purchase it once activated.

      • Anyone looking at the flyaway add-on? Looks pricey

        Edit: looks like flyaway is under the normal DJI refresh just that it's a more expensive replacement fee than the $79?

        So buy refresh $79
        Replace damaged drone $79 on top
        Flyaway replace missing drone $379

        • sorry if I'm being dense.

          Pay $79 for the refresh service and if you loose your drone while flying / its unrecoverable you have to pay $379 for the replacement drone if approved by dji?( as its gotta be locked to remote and logging flight etc)

          I know $379 is cheaper than a new drone package but ouch!

          i see it will replace:
          For the DJI Mini 2, Mavic series and the Spark series: aircraft × 1, gimbal × 1, camera × 1, propellers (pair) × 2, and battery × 1.

          I guess it wont replace a memory card if installed ( if they still even take them )

          sorry to ask just trying to get my head round it and totally new to drones.

          • +1

            @Mr Icarus: Yeah if you crash and can send drone back then they send you new one for $79

            If you crash and lose in water or can't find it then use flyaway coverage and pay $379

            I think under both options you must send back controller

            I would pay for the coverage.

            I crashed my first mini 1 and only read about DJI CARE after, now def getting DJI care when activating.

            Although I crashed my drone overseas when travelling and I am told coverage is only in your local country if you crash.

            • @bargrin: I've had a mavic pro original:
              - mavic 1 just dropped from middle of the air over a field. Luckily recoverable but damaged. Covered under DJI care
              - tried to fly the mavic 1 drone through a hole thinking I was a better pilot than I was, crashed and replaced under DJI care
              - had a flyaway due to strong winds in a mavic pro 2 but managed to get it on the sand and landed it and recovered after walking 30mins. Thought it was going to be lost or water damaged. But luckily all ok as it didn't have flyaway cover.

              They can be insured through contents insurance but claiming may be harder. Need to read into flyaway terms and conditions if they will cover even when it gives you high wind warnings (it always says this but I tend to fly even when it does)

  • Top deal mate. Used the Suncorp gift cards too.

  • Kogan's In The Box details only shows 1 battery. I thought Combo has 3 batteries

    • Might be a typo. It says

      Fly for longer with a combo pack that includes three battery packs, each allowing up to 31 minutes of fly time, a two-way charging hub that can charge the handheld control and your smartphone, a sleek and sophisticated travel bag that fits all the accessories, propeller guards, and a charging base for the Mini 2.

      under the "Combo pack extras" section a bit further up the page, and

      3 x Batteries with a life of up to 31 minutes each

      in the list below the video.

  • Any luck to price match at JB hifi?

  • +1

    JB was able to lower the price to $844 for me. I also used suncorp 5% giftcards so the total came to $804. Not a bad deal at all!

    • +1

      Sweet, do you mind posting the receipt so I can bring it to my local JB

  • -1

    Just very few places allowed to fly it

    • +2

      Have you actually looked at the flight maps? The restrictions are pretty reasonable in Australia - plenty of places to fly.

      • Not in Adelaide. Council restrictions. National Park restrictions.

      • +1

        Not in Vic too. Please point me to where I can fly in south east Melbourne.

        • -5

          Being allowed to fly a drone wherever anyone wants isn't actually a basic human right.

    • This is so true. I feel only flying over the sea will not against any drone rules. Otherwise if fly over the land there are too many restrictions, if not jaywalking. No national parks, no fly over & 30m horizontal distance from people, vehicles, buildings……and you must see your bloody small grey drone physically at all times… point for OccuSync 2.0……

  • Should I sell my Mavic Pro platinum and get this? I have the extra batteries too. Any disadvantages?

  • +3

    Lol, there is too much going on for me to process in their promo pic

  • -1

    Oh no just spent $850 on Amazon a few weeks ago…. Just wondering is this Kogan one Australia stock? Does anyone know if amazon record serial number on digital products? (Eg. can I buy this one on Kogan with Suncorp and then return it to amazon?)

    • +1

      Ah yes, OzBargain ethics on full display.

      • -1

        So this is AU stock?

      • -1

        Nothing about ethics. Return brand new AU stock will not break Amazon’s return policy.

  • Bought this yesterday afternoon and delivered this morning with free shipping. Thanks OP.

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