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½ Price Raw C Coconut Water Pure Natural 1L $2 @ Big W


Coconut Water by Raw C is pure hydration, keeps potassium levels up, healthy vitamins and minerals, and with a great PH balance. No Fat No Cholesterol!

Made from just premium single origin Young, fresh, green coconuts 100% Pure Coconut Water. That's it. Nothing else!

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  • +1

    Good price, considering that coconuts are ranging in (retail) cost from $2.80 - $3.70, and those probably only provide up to 250ml.
    And this would be easier to open.

  • +4

    Who would have thought, somehow taste better Pete Evans free?!

  • +1

    These packs taste awful. 2L packs taste better. Different packaging changes the taste!

    • +2

      The 2L tastes more like coconut oil and is sweeter than the 1L pack. Hence a bit expensive than the 2L pack.

  • +5

    the tastiest coconut water available.

    • +3

      cocobella sucks ass these days. watery af

      • +3

        I kinda like Cocobella. This one wasn't as sweet.

      • +1

        I noticed that change too and stopped buying it. Its a shame as that was my favourite, but it it was very diluted or watery last time.

  • Noice with lotsa ice in a tall glass. Gulp half and sip the rest. Heaven.

  • Agree. Best tasting clean/clear coconut water without any smell.

  • +1

    I thought woolies and Coles both stopped selling this because they dumped controversial Pete Evans?

    • https://thenewdaily.com.au/entertainment/celebrity/2020/11/1... Raw C has dropped him however old stock still has his name.

      • +3

        They changed the packaging. They didn't really dump him as He's part owner of the company. They like to keep that hush hush. Don't buy this brand.
        It doesn't even taste like coconut water BTW. Go buy some raw drinking coconuts, get a mix of countries including Australia. Then buy all the brands of packaged coconut water and compare them to the real thing.
        For me cocobella tasted the closest to real coconut water.

        • Thank-you for letting me know he was still involved!

      • https://www.smartcompany.com.au/people-human-resources/leade...
        Pete’s a partner so his “dumping” is just token really.

  • Love this coconut water!!

    • But lower taste. It's the mud of coconut waters.

  • Cocomax is the best

  • +3

    Pete Evans is a scumbag!

    • He's also a scambag ($15k BioCharger NG).

  • +1

    They removed the coconut waters from their website? Is this promo likely to finish tonight?

  • How did we survive without coconut water? give me a break….

  • No luck in WA. My local big w has it for 3.6

  • This is by far the best Coco water. Uber-Waser.

  • I bought the last one of the shelf at Majura.

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