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12 Months Xbox Live Gold $45.49 @ CDKeys (Brazil VPN Needed To Redeem)


Note: I suggest clicking the link a few times until you see the lower price, because it seems to change almost every time you click on the link.

12 months of Xbox Live Gold from CD Keys for $45.49

It's been cheaper in the past, but this looks like the cheapest price atm from a reputable seller.

VPN needed to redeem !!!

For instructions see:





Other similar posts on Ozbargain (there are quite a few)

Note: the price was increased to $52.79 for a while, but it's back to the original price.

Then back up again to $52.79 before dropping to the original $45.49, and so on in circles.

Note to Mod: please ignore my report, it seems the price changes almost every time you click on the link, so the deal is still available. Thanks.

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    I think this will still automatically convert to the equivalent value in Ultimate

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    Ok I previously converted my gold to ultimate for $1 and my subscription ran out and I didn't renew.
    I again purchased 36 month gold via vpn (japan vpn worked out cheaper for me) and managed to convert the 36 month gold to ultimate for $15.95.
    It only works if you have no subscription left over after first gold to ultimate conversion.


    Any origin key for PC EA pro like this?


    Might be a dumb question but how many months of GamePass for PC can you get from this or is the conversion not possible?

    Cheers in advance!


      From memory, I think I read somewhere that 12 months of Gold can be converted to 8 months of Ultimate.

      I'm not sure what the conversion ratio is from Gold to Game Pass for PC (or if it's even possible) but Ultimate includes Gold and Game Pass for PC.

      I'm pretty sure you can find conversion rates on the Xbox website somewhere.

      Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, maybe someone else knows more.

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        You can still do 1 to 1 conversion using the method Syco described above.

        Just need to really make sure that you are not currently subscribed to ultimate or any recurring payments.



          So the way I understand it from what Syco wrote is that you make sure you have recurring subscriptions turned off.

          Then wait until all your Gold/Ultimate/Game Pass subscriptions run out on your account.

          Once you have no Gold/Ultimate/Game Pass left you can redeem any Gold subscription vouchers or codes you have.

          Then you can convert it all at a 1 to 1 ratio to Ultimate, by buying a month of Ultimate.

          There are several posts on Ozbargain how to convert Gold to Ultimate for the first time.

          So, I assume you can basically do it again, provided you have no subscriptions left, and recurrent billing is turned off in your account.

          Is that about right?


        It's half that. 12 months Gold -> 4 months Ultimate. https://www.xbox.com/en-au/xbox-game-pass#faq. You REALLY want to let it lapse and do the conversion after.


    Can I buy this and sit on it until I'm ready to redeem? My game pass doesn't expire until April.

    Also how long can I redeem to? I think I read that maximum was 36 months?

    Last question - how long do people think game pass will be good value for people who only have xbox one (plans to upgrade not definite)? I assume after a certain point, there'll be fewer and fewer games with xbox one support/compatibility.


    It says $45.49 but when you go to purchase it changes to $53. Pulled the trigger anyway


      I just noticed that myself.

      I edited it, but I don't know if I should expire it or not, since it's still a good deal.

      I'll report it and let Mods decide what to do with this post.

      It may need to be expired and posted again with the new price, but I can't be bothered to start a new post from scratch (I just posted it a few hours ago lol).


      Guess what mate, it's back to $45.49 again.

      Maybe you can request a refund of the difference from CDKeys, or at least get in-store credit or something.


      It's back to $52.79 again! WTH?

      I've had it, I'm going to bed for the night.

      I suggest playing around with this deal, maybe wait and see if price drops again soon, like it did before.


      Within minutes it's $45.49 again !!!

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    Damn it, day after I did mine.

    For anyone interested in whether this works for accounts that previously took the deal it does, did it yesterday. Just be aware you might get a message before confirming the conversion from gold to ultimate saying something to the effect of "this will convert your account at the equivalent ratio etc". Gave me pause but it converted full 36 months anyway.


      Thanks, I was wondering that myself.

      But since you said it converted to the full 36 months, I assume you had run out of Gold/Ultimate/Game Pass and had recurring payments turned off in your account when you did this?

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        Yes let my previous gpu sub lapse cpl days before hand

        When applying the xbox gold cards to your account, don't select reoccurring payments. You can only have a maximum number of 36months. If you select yes when adding 12 month gold card 1 or 2 it will prevent you from adding the third 12 months gold to your account


          Thanks for that mate, that's very good to know.


    seems to be at $52.79 with each click for me.