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Full Service Flights between Sydney and Melbourne: Economy from $49, Business from $199 (Travel from March 1) @ Rex Airlines


Book with confidence with the Rex COVID Refund Guarantee

Rex is offering never-before-seen business class fares for just $199, and economy fares from an unbelievable $49.

All fares include free carry-on baggage, checked baggage and refreshments on board!

Whether you are long over-due for a catch up with interstate friends or family, or you desperately need to book your holiday at home, now is the perfect time to fly between Australia’s two biggest cities.

The fare special is available for flights between Sydney and Melbourne in March 2021; book now to secure your $49 fare – sale ends February 28., 2021.

With Rex’s COVID Refund Guarantee, you can book with confidence!

We think ‘it’s only Fare’ that passengers affected by a flight cancellation or rescheduling can choose to have a refund of their fare with no fuss and no stress.

And we don’t stop there. Rex offers full refunds for all passengers who are directly affected by COVID-related border closures or travel restrictions, even if our flights continue to operate as scheduled. This even applies to our discounted and promotional fares.

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    With just a handful of aircraft (3 at present), if and when one goes unserviceable (Qantas and Virgin have 737s that go U/S daily - but have plenty of spares), there's gonna be some looong waits at the airport.

    Seems like a bit of a gambling exercise to me.

    • no, Rex will do very well with much lower costs than qantas. qantas might be in trouble. Sydney/Melbourne is probably their most profitable route.

  • Good for Jetstar price beats if you don't need to check in a bag.

    • tried this but customer service was completely useless, sigh lol

      keep insisting jetstar's was cheaper, i even gave her all the details, including flight number/schedules
      even offered to provide screenshots but she said no.. lolol

  • Nice - competition - finally. Hope it can last

    • This pricing is not sustainable for a full-service airline, so it won't last. Take advantage of it though if you want a super cheap seat to Sydney<>Melbourne (while it lasts).
      They currently only have 2 x 737-800's flying, so when one breaks down, enjoy the wait.
      Yes, I know they will have a total of 6 down the track, but this is typical of an airline launching into a new market (first time for metro to metro routes for rex).

      • If a 737 does break down, can't they just use one or two of their 56 other smaller planes to transport what few passengers are booked on the 737?

        • So the passenger in the first aisle has to hold the map for the pilot :)

        • No. It's not as simple as changing an aircraft around. It will be 100% cancelled.

        • Those are for regional only, they don't have the capacity to service Sydney<>Melbourne. They have already said they will only be using 737-800's for metro routes (They have a licence for a certain type of aircraft for certain routes, all airlines do).
          A Saab 340 (their biggest regional turbo-prop) only seats 30 to 34 people, their 737-800's seat 176 people.
          Additionally, if they can fit all their passengers from a Sydney<>Melbourne flight (from a 737-800) onto a Saab 340 they won't be in business for long.

        • of course. Qantas uses turbo props on slightly longer routes such a Toowoomba to Sydney. About 10 mins slower in the air than a jet, but when airports like Sydney & Melbourne get congested again, time difference is immaterial.

          If in the unlikely event that a Rex aircraft has an issue, Rex might say to passengers, you can either go on a Saab 340 in an hour or we'll have the jet sorted in 2 hours, take your pick. Plus they might offer some sort of compensation. Not money, but something else, like food, drinks or a $x voucher for future flight.

      • Rex have aircraft lined up, as they as so cheap to lease now. There will never be more than say 10% of seats at this price. It's not like every seat on every flight is $49. Wish they'd hurry up & announce Brisbane to Sydney. Had to fly at short notice a while back & it cost $950 & that was in economy.

    • only certain percentage of seats at $49. Probably only 10% & none or not many in peak hour Mon-Fri which is approx. 6-8am & 4-6pm

    • Edit - I changed my message as it was a bit on the toxic side…

      REX have no reason to discount other routes, they're trying to establish themselves on a new route so it makes sense for them to target these passengers.

      The 'what-aboutism' really annoys me, when a private company targets a discount, it's never good enough for some people who aren't targetted.

      • Yeah, they will never discount their existing regional routes like this, they quite simply don't need to, they are well established.
        They are barely known to the metro only flyers, so they need to have a big incentive for people to consider at least giving them a go.
        A discount like this might even get them a little free media attention, which is what they need (the purpose of this deal).

        • much cheaper to offer $49 seats & get free advertising everywhere, than to pay for advertising.

      • Regional routes are the lifeblood of Kendall REX.

  • Regional flights still look to be 50% more than they used to be pre-Covid

  • Tullamarine or Avalon?

    • Tulla

    • Tullamarine as that's their Melbourne base.

      Part of the reason for these Capital city flights is that their Saab 340s are getting on in age and there is no direct replacement available, so they will have to eventually upgauge to the ATR42 which has 48 seats compared to 34 on the Saab, so they will need to increase passenger loads as apparently the Saabs could be profitable from only about 15 passengers. So if they can increase connections within their own network, they are probably hoping they can increase their passenger loads within their regional flights.

    • The “Tiger Shed”… T4.

  • Yikes, this is Compass MkII all over again.

  • Jetstar has responded by putting up $39 fares.

  • That plane is waaay too close to those skyscrapers in the picture on the deal link page.

  • +2 votes

    +1 for "REX IN THE CITIES" line!