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EGO 56V 30cm Brushless Bike Handle Brushcutter Skin $189 (Was $449) Delivered @ TradeTools


Hello OzBargain,
Its your favorite EGO dealer back with another one of our awesome deals for you EGO Garden Tool lovers!

BC3800E EGO 56V 30cm Brushless Bike Handle Brushcutter Skin including postage to most of Australia rrp$449 now only $189


1 x BC3800E Brushless Bike Handle Skin
1 x Double Shoulder Strap
1 x 38cm Rapid Reload Anti-Clockwise Head Assembly (AH1501)
1 x Blade

Yes - This is not only a brushcutter - it comes with the line trimmer head.

It does not come with battery or charger.

We have limited stock of this SKU. We will do our best to keep a close eye on stock to avoid disappointment.

EDIT: Wow - Blower kit that was also listed has already sold out. Thanks for your support OzB. We will work hard to get more deals in for you.

Looking to make the jump into EGO? Get online at or instore and let us help you get a deal!

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  • +1

    So for someone like me its $589, otherwise I would have purchased if I already owned the batteries.

    • +2

      If you are looking at a complete set up, check out this unit, it would be better value at $429 Delivered.
      EGO 56V 2.5Ah 33CM 2 Speed Brushless Line Trimmer Kit

      • -2

        $429 Delivered.

        $25 extra for a shoulder strap…

      • How long would the Battery last on that ?

    • +2

      Lucky I read your comment before impulsively buying it :)

  • This model is discontinued right?

    • Yep, this is a run out deal, once they're gone, that's it!

    • -3

      Yeah.. Years ago. They've sold them here over and over. Still can't get rid of them. Nobody wants the bike handle and the overlength shaft is dubiously worse imho

      • +5

        I have a bike handled Honda line trimmer with a long straight shaft. What's not to like if your doing a larger block?

  • so battery alone $199(2.5ah) to $349$(5.0ah)
    ,charger alone $149. So good for someone, have existing battery and charger. otherwise combine buying with Rep's blower kit is worth it.

    • Yes this is a great deal if you have the battery and charger or when paired with another tool from the platform. The below blower is popular to pair with this unit to make a great value kit.
      EGO 56V 5.0Ah Blower Kit - Limited Edition

      • Fyi blower kit $399

      • link broken??

        thanks Op, got the bike handle brushcutter skin.

      • Sorry! Blower Kits are now sold out!

    • I just picked up one of these units from the Archerfield store so call around if you're after one.

  • Awesome deal on the blower kit. The battery itself is normally $349 so you're getting a blower and charger for $50 if you're in the market.

  • Legend. This will work with the power rotary scissors, yeah? Since the motor isn't on the grass?

  • Any news when their battery redemption is coming back?

    • October

    • I got stung by battery redemption. Bought a mower and hedge trimmer, mower couldn't cut my kikuyu so I returned that. Problem was that the mower had the charger and battery. So I had a 350 dollar hedge trimmer, and it was going to cost me 350 dollars for the charger and smallest battery they do. Wouldn't let me return the hedge trimmer because I had used it once.

      • +1

        What mower did you buy? Mine could probably take out a tree stump.

      • mower couldn't cut my kikuyu

        what the hell?

  • -2

    If I did not have an EGO I would not be here tonight

    • +2

      Don’t believe what you’ve seen or you’ve heard…

      • -1

        If Jesus had an EGO he'd still be alive today !!!

        • My favourite line of the song!

  • Nice one - thank you

  • Is this much better than the Ryobi 36v stuff?

    • I can't speak for the brushcutter, but we've had our Ego mower for about 8 years without fault. The battery still holds enough charge to do the whole garden and we are still (remarkably) using the same mower blades.

      • What sort of lawn? I paid $1150 for a 2135sp and it couldn't cut kikuyu.

        • Buffalo and empire zoysia. No issues with either. The only time it struggles is when the lawn is overgrown and wet. Quickly learnt to only mow on a dry day

    • +2

      Yes. Much better than Ryobi. Easily an order of magnitude better.

      I switched from 36v Ryobi (which feels like battery gear) to EGO which feels as powerful as petrol without the noise and hassle.

      • Can confirm their mowers are nowhere near as powerful as petrol. Bought their 2135sp and it might be ok on American grass but couldn't cut kikuyu.

        • What was the slope like on your lawn? Even my Honda struggles with kikuyu if it's on a gentle slope and I'm cutting low, that being said it doesn't struggle at all with it on the flat. Geez I can't stand cutting kikuyu though

          • @donkcat: Gentle slope, and I replaced the ego with a Honda for the same price and its fine with it.
            For that real low cut/dethatch that's required every couple of years I don't think there would be any battery mower that could handle it.

            • @RoryLyons: Yeah I'm pretty fussy with my lawn and the Honda is a beast, I've seen the reviews on the Ego mower and all though they are great they don't quite do the same job as the Honda (leave a blade of grass here and there). But really happy with my Ego trimmer and hedge trimmer

              • +1

                @donkcat: Sounds like thatchy yuck Kik

                My Kik lawn is cut at 12mm with a cylinder mower, but I've also used a cheap battery mower on it as a test, managed it easily.

    • +1

      So much better than Ryobi 36v. Made the switch last year and never going back.

  • +1

    Thanks rep…unfortunately I missed it when it was $169 last year, but I'll still bite.

    I like this gear. Looking forward to getting one of the mowers when the Finance Minister eventually comes around. I don't miss petrol at all.

  • +3

    any deals on cordless or corded lawn mower?

  • Missed out on the mower and line trimmer combo

  • I thought this was pretty good

    Can use the batteries for other tools.

    • -2

      The EGO will have much more torque…

  • @OP any chance of a sweet deal on the hedge trimmer? The longer one.

  • I love these products. Can't justify a 2nd trimmer though. Tiny block as is.

  • Would love this but already have a trimmer and can see myself buying the multi-tool for brushcutter and pole-saw attachment


    Is this battery for this EGO brushfutter?

    look like Boba Fett's jetpack.

  • Sorry no, that's for EGO's commercial line of products only.

    We do have specials on EGO backpack products though -

  • If you have edger it would be awesome, right now it’s $400 hzz

  • Damn wanted blower kit definitely no more stock ?

  • +1

    Really need lawn mower at the moment, thinking of getting or

    Any deals on Ego mower?

  • Rep any deals on the hedge trimmers pls?

  • Add some deals on the petrol stuff please!

  • +2

    @tradetools if you could do a deal on a mower (i'd be the 3rd or 4th person in here to ask) and a trimmer and battery kit i might just pull the trigger on the whole shebang

  • I got this sometime last year and it works awesome. Great value for money! Loving it! 🥳🥰😍

  • OP will you being doing any future deals for chainsaws or pole saws?

  • Hey Rep, please arrange offers on battery. EGO batteries are costly in the market.

  • +4

    mower deal please

    • +2

      Yes please

  • Grabbed one, thanks heaps TradeTools

  • At OP Can we have a deal on Makita 5 amp batteries?

  • OP, got anymore of the ST1535E pack for $299?

    • No sorry, they are long gone. :(

  • Anything upcoming on the chainsaws? Considering the CS1800/1805

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