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[eBay Plus] 360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner $423.30 Delivered @ Flora Livings eBay


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Love mine, a much deal price than last year's deals.
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    It's cheaper than Roborock, but is it reliable?

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      I have both Xiaomi and this >2 years. I would say both are good and reliable. No complains with the Xiaomi. On the S7, there are some minor things that I dont like. The small side brush always hit on the drive wheel. If you floor is dirty>wheel dirty> side brush=super dirty and changed to black very quick. When moving, the top door make vibration noise!


    Any Reviews please :)


    That's a solid price!

    Any availability/deals on just the charging base? I'm sick of it telling me to carry mine between floors.


    Cheapest price ever? Paid over $600 a year ago.

    Works well most of the time, but sometimes the sensor gets confused with the mapping. Wouldn't pair to my Android phone on initial setup, but got it to pair with the iPad. App not the best; a bit slow but usable. I recall the Xiaomi robovacuum app being better.


    I had a gen1 xiaomi, and 18m ago go the 360 s7.

    360 s7:
    * firmware has improved
    * editing maps is still painful (latency in app)
    * moving it to my garage then back to the house - it doesnt magically load the map that matches - it makes a new one.
    * it seems to adjust its power (carpet vs tiles) which is cool - not sure what changes
    * slower charging than the gen1 (bigger gaps)
    * i dont use the mopping function.


    How it is compare to xiomi dreame F9?


    How does this compare to roborock S5 max ??

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    Hi guys,

    I had Xiaomi Gen 1, then moved to S7 then after months of frustration decided to just upgrade to the s5 max during the black Friday deals.

    Bottom line, nothing beats xiaomi and roborock. The s7 was riddled with app problems, and mapping issues. It's server would go down constantly, the app is frustratingly slow, they promised Alexa support, but only delivered it 6 months after selling the product advertising it as being compatible. HOWEVER - many of these issues have since improved.

    Personally I could not deal with the s7 issues - plus the cost of replacing filters and brushes is approx 3x more expensive than roborock/xiaomi. The s7 is now a hand-me-down at my FIL's place and he seems happy with it.

    So be warned. Do not expect the same quality you've come to love from xiaomi/roborock. But it will do job.