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[eBay Plus] 15% off Eligible Items (Max Discount $300) @ eBay


Saw this on the eBay app, looks like it applies to roughly 10000 various items.

Not sure if there is anything in there but worth having a look just in case Jack hasn't popped around yet.

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  • I checked it out in the morning and all I could find was Jack's stuff .

    • Like Jack Ryan currently $29.96, pay only $25.47 with 15% off?

      Last purchase 07-Feb-21 22:13:43 for $23.42. So, $2.05 cheaper two days ago without a 15% off…

    • Just did a quick scan of the PC items I usually keep an eye on - definitely possible to get cheaper non-discount prices from the likes of Amazon, PCCaseGear and MWave

  • Couldn't find anything special.

  • eLiGiBiLe iTeMs

  • Meh not a single tv listed

  • +9 votes

    Once upon a time these eBay offers could be really good but they have deteriorated dramatically over time to be where they are today.

    • Yeah I used to buy lot of stuff from eBay. Now it’s all Amazon. No point having eBay plus.

      • i only resubbed to ebay plus this month after leaving it lapse last year only because they gave me a $50 gift cert AND i had something I wanted to buy that costed $60. No way is this sub worth the money

        • Patiently awaiting another eBay Plus membership deal.

        • 100% this - me too.

          What's worse is using the $50 voucher and it reminding you why you don't use eBay anymore. Estimated delivery SYD>SYD on the item I just ordered was over a week. This feels like an eternity now that I'm used to Amazon AU.

          It's almost as if eBay should give in and go back to being… you know, an auction site?

          • @psnatch: I’ve found that most items listed at ‘AU Stock’ actually aren’t anywhere near the continent.

            • @Thrower-Way: the lack of action on ebays part in regulating blatent seller dishonesty has really turned me off. A few years ago I bought a DLSR off ebay from an 'australian seller', important to me for warranty reasons. Instead it came from hong kong, no english anywhere on the pack. Opened a dispute and all that was ever offered was 'ok you can return it at your cost to the seller for a full refund'. Insane compared to amazons customer service

        • Same here

        • You also get priority phone support.

          calls number

          Phone support is not available due to COVID.

    • Yeah I used to buy lot of stuff from eBay. Now it’s all Amazon. No point having eBay plus.

      • Admittedly it's pretty crap, but you must be doing it wrong. For ebay plus that costs $49 with a $50 voucher, I have saved thousands buying tech gear like ubiquity and dell during sales. Even the odd $10 off promo works well to get a carton of beer delivered from dan murphys.

  • I don't get the ebay strategy here. Is it the illusion of ebay plus members getting a great deal so more people subscribe…only to be disappointed and unsubscribe? I'd be happy with a more modest 10% off all ebay plus listed items (up from the current 3% code). This deal is of no use to pretty much anyone. :(

    • ebay plus is genuinely trash

    • Yep. Compared to Amazon Prime its useless. I can't believe I'm saying that because 18 months ago I hardly ever bought anything on Amazon but now I'm buying about 5-10 things per month with them.

      • Ditto!!! I'm in that exact same situation. I used to be eBay all the way and milked eBay Plus for all it was worth… but for a bit over a year now it's all Amazon Prime and I barely touch eBay.

  • LOL eBay.

  • Am in dire need of a good modem and willing to spend a bit more, doesn't seem like it's in this promotion.

  • Is it just me or is ebay plus dying a slow death?

  • I hate eBay so much now. Be careful when you use multiple eBay gift cards for one transaction. I tried to pay for an item last week using 8 eBay gift cards, the transaction was unsuccessful but eBay deducted all the balance from my gift cards, in total lost $1200 dollars. Compliant to eBay live chat and all they ask me to do is to wait, they said balance will come back in 21-25 days. How awful is that, customer need to pay for their system errors. I have done everything correctly for checkout but they can’t help me to get my refund quicker. The customer support is really poor and they can’t keep their promise. They initially advised gift card balance would automatically come back within 48 hours, then I wait 2 days then they said 7-8 business days. Then again now they said 21-25 days. I am so worry they won’t give me my money back.

    I will never shop at eBay again after this nightmare, and they still owe me $1200. I may need to take legal action if they don’t refund me within this month.

    • Aannnd this is why Amazon is 100000% better

    • @ozvictor I had the same problem with a large purchase, transaction failed but their system swallowed up all $ on my gift cards that I entered. Wasted the discount code as well as having the gift card fund tied up. Have to jump through hoops as I have to let them know every gift card number that I used, also one card was a leftover amount from a purchase a month earlier so I already threw it away. Chased up several times, they said it was "with their investigation" team, with 24-48 hours response promises, never happened, they did refund after 5 weeks. They also promised to give me a similar discount code (original one expired) to repurchase the item. They never did. The item was sold out during that time.

      • Did the refund automatically go back to your account after 5 weeks ? I also can’t remember one of the gift card number as it was linked to my eBay. Did they refund back to each of the gift card you used? Yea it’s a nightmare to deal with eBay. they never keep their promise, they also told me they have escalated it in priority I doubt they actually did anything. I have already missed the item I want. Will not trust them again.

        • Got all my money back eventually. I think they are scripted to say "escalated in priority" every time you ask. Did not mean much when "escalation" took 5 weeks. There was no notification or follow up although they told me I will be updated of progress. I kept checking until one day, the original amounts reappeared on the gift cards in my basket.

          • @Buy2Much: thanks for the update, they are useless, I will just wait a few more weeks rather than going on live chat and waste my time talking to a bunch of hopeless people. hopefully the system will automatically refund me. Thanks

  • What's eBay?

  • When they give us an option to only search eligible items, ebay will be a good place to shop again.

  • I never thought there’s a day where I say: Kogan eligible items sale (tenten 10% off promo) has many more real deals than eBay 15% off!
    E.g. check out the Apple products like AirPods, MacBooks and iPads (including current models) at Kogan, they are really 10% off their normal prices. Seems like the non eligible items are from market place sellers. Another item is the Sony Dolby Atmos 3.1ch HT-G700 sound bar. With discount and delivery it is $513 net.

  • Amazon prime is the new ebay plus

  • one of these days i'll finally have enough and say NOT TODAY, EBAY. Not even going to click into the link to confirm my suspicion of price jack/ items i want not being included.

    Today was not the day though.

  • Any actual deals?

  • Lol was expecting usual negs but I think even that’s too much effort for eBay deals …

  • Thanks, found what I was looking for

  • Gez, eBay turn everyone into JV

  • eBay "deals" only work when Cashrewards or Shopback decide to help them out.

    eBay alone = Jack.

  • So many negative comments, but still so many upvotes. I wonder why….and who is upvoting the post?

  • Happy to revoke my neg if/when a bargain is posted…

  • Oh wow. eBay still exists!

  • Got into this post and realised that more people are talking Amazon Prime then eBay plus. This really shows how bad eBay plus really is. I love Amazon Prime! Used to buy around 10 items from eBay a month to not even 1 item monthly.

    • I know right same! Definitely gotten my money’s worth 10x over with Amazon Prime, and the 1-2 day delivery time is making (on eligible Prime items of course but the range is consistently growing, there definitely wasn’t as much choice a year ago as there is now)

      • Plus if you have any issue with the delivery time, product itself etc, you can chat with them within 1 min (95% of the time) and for me, 95% solved my problem within 5 mins. This is called customer service!!

  • e(ligible)Bay.

  • Amazon prime is so much better specially when you get sameday/next day delivery on some items for people like me who want it straight away lol.

    But eBay sellers jack with these codes because eBay only subsidies a certain % of the discount and the majority comes out of the pocket of the seller.

    Eariler discounts, eBay use to cover the whole discount amount with a higher max $$$ discount, eg $1000, so Jack wasnt around then lol but money greedy eBay wants more in their pockets… Welcome Jack

    This is taken from an email that eBay sends out so sellers to participate in these promotions.
    The promotion will offer buyers a 20% discount across all eligible items in your eBay Store, up to a maximum discount of $300 (excluding postage costs). We’ll ask you to fund 15% off the item purchase price (prior to the application of the discount) of each item you sell. eBay will fund the remainder of the discount (if any and where applicable).

  • it applies to roughly 10000 various items
    It applies to at least 10000 items I dont need…

  • Nothing but price jacking, and few items this applies to.

    The useless ACCC should be defunded.

  • Lately eBay is very disappointing. Amazon Prime has no discount codes but are more honest with the prizing and giving some pretty good deals! I wouldn’t be eBay plus member if the membership wouldn’t have been free. Sorry being a bit off topic and generalised but I couldn’t find one interesting item where I was able to use this code on. Let’s hope the deals get better in future. Anyway thanks for sharing.

  • You can get an Ender-3 V2 for $284.75 here! Pretty decent price.