Current Best Price Possible on The Pixel 4a?

Not to be that guy who thinks OzBargainers have secret arcane discount knowledge/crystal balls lol, I just know there are often workarounds/strategies for lower prices that don't get a lot of hype because they're not just a straightforward discount.

So the current cheapest advertised is $597 at Officeworks, a whole $2 off RRP. It hasn't been on special since late last year, and often the Pixel 4A 5G is a mere $50 more expensive on discount.

Is there any hope of a discount on this? Discounted gift cards? Is it late enough in its product cycle that a call to Officeworks might yield a discretionary discount?

Or is it still definitely just a wait and hope situation?

Thanks in advance all!


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    officeworks kogan price match should be ~554

    kogan had it yesterday with 10% off for about 540

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    I've got an ozbargain search alert for Pixel 4a deals. It hasn't come up with anything (except this post) since November 2020.

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    Got my Pixel 4A (4G version) last week for $569.05 from JB Hi Fi using discounted gift cards bought through Suncorp at 5% off. I've been watching the price since October and was hoping that the Boxing Day sales would deliver but no luck.


    If you know anyone with jbhifi commercial then it's $534


      Thanks for letting me know! How do people generally get access to JBHiFi commercial?


        hmmm this forum is for good guys commercial but one of the comments suggested it'd be similar for JB commercial:

        although can confirm sunsuper does not provide access (only to good guys).

        I had someone from the AFP with access to it.

        Good luck!


    Also looking for a Pixel 5 or 4A 5G.