This was posted 8 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Skin Pack - Lunar New Year of The Ox @ Minecraft (Bedrock Edition Only)


2021 is the Year of the Ox! This skin pack contains many traditional cultural elements: Tang suit, Hanfu, dragon lion dance characters, and ox in different festive costumes. Come dress up and celebrate Lunar New Year together!

Minecraft Marketplace required, which is only present in the Bedrock Edition. Thank you bratgirl for the information.

To claim,

  • Click Get This Item on the product page to go directly to the item in Minecraft in-game Marketplace, or
  • Open Minecraft, visit the Marketplace, and look under Skin Packs.

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  • Anyone had any luck finding Australian bedrock servers? Last time I went on bedrock I could only find US Servers (and US Servers reporting as AU servers) so they all had high ping and too many issues.

  • How do I get to the Marketplace in-game? I Google'd it but can't find it.

    Doesn't seem to be any options that I can find?

    I bought Minecraft a couple of times but I never play it but I wanna unlock this skin pack.

    • I am also unable to access the Marketplace online or in-game.

      • I just claimed it, you must have the Bedrock Edition (Windows 10 store app)

    • You guys are playing the non Java version? ie. Windows 10 (MS store version)?
      I think the IOS and Android versions should work too, and some console versions.

      • I bought:

        I got 2 keys which I think are both Java?

        1 x Minecraft: Java Edition at AUD 35.00

        Sum: AUD 35.00
        Download Minecraft: Java Edition


        "This notification email is just a friendly reminder (not a second charge) that on 06 Apr 2013 you made a payment to Mojang AB ([email protected]) via Skrill Gateway. This payment for EUR 19.95 made with your credit/debit card MASTERCARD, will appear on your statement shortly. This charge will appear on your card statement as a debit by: MB*Minecraft."

    • Marketplace is on mobile, Xbox One, Windows 10 PCs, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 versions of Minecraft according to

      First 15 seconds of this video shows you the initial screen of Minecraft, the Marketplace button and what the Marketplace looks like. From 16 seonds onwards in this video also shows the same.

      I don't own a copy of Java version of Minecraft so I cannot be 100% certain, but I think Java Minecraft does not have a Marketplace.

  • I thought minecraft skins were already free, just upload your oen?

    • you can't do that in the Bedrock edition of Minecraft.

      In Java Edition you can create any content you want and install any resource / modpacks you want, but it's all locked-down in bedrock edition behind microtransactions

      There might be a way to install custom content (i.e not pay a single cent to Microsoft), but my knowledge is 3 years out of date since I don't play MC anymore

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    This is only claimable on Minecraft Bedrock edition.

    If you are playing Minecraft on a console or on your phone/tablet then you are playing Bedrock.

    If you are playing Minecraft on a PC and you bought the game through the Windows 10 store, then you are likely playing Bedrock.

    If you are playing Minecraft on a PC and you bought the game through the minecraft store, and you launch it through the Windows 10 app, then you are likely playing Bedrock.

    If you are playing Minecraft on a PC and you bought the game through the minecraft store and you launch the game through the Minecraft Launcher, then you are likely NOT playing Bedrock.

    If you are playing Minecraft on your Mac or on Linux, then you are NOT playing Bedrock.