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Castrol Edge 5L 5W-30 A3/B4 $35.99 (Was $71.99) @ Supercheap Auto


This fantastic fully synthetic engine oil is on special again - Oz Bargain favourite!!

Time to grab a couple if you need to stock up!

This is a go-to oil for me use it to service friends and family's cars - pretty much suits most reasonably modern engines, but please check your individual car's requirements here if you need:

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    • I think it's one of the best.

      • 5w-30 is only good for newer engines with lower km right? Older and higher km requires higher like 10w-40?

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          Yes and no.

          This is a general rule and yes you can up the thickness a little if it's starting to burn oil/leak past worn seals, but I wouldn't go super thick on a newer engine. In saying that, if it's got higher kilometres and not burning/leaking any oil, I'd stick with the same viscosity.

          For example, got a Toyota Aurion at 240,000 ish km and still running 5w-30 fine. Doesn't consume anything between each change at 10,000km.

      • This is actually standard synthetic oil and
        this price always should be like this. If you have any modern car diesel or turbo from 2013 you need this oil Castrol EDGE 5W-30 LL. Never see this oil for half price ($81 for 5l)

        • I would love to see Castrol magnatec diesel or SUV 5w-30 on half price….

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    If Moog can use it in his RS3 hyperhatch, it must be good for us mere mortals. Right? RIGHT???

    • Moog did use Castrol Edge, but not this exact one, he used 5W30 LL

      • Yeah I was wondering why he used the Long Life version…¯_(ツ)_/¯

        • Because it is the equivalent Spec oil.

          • @singlemalt72: Long life? For a high perf engine?

            • @chewkl: The Long Life oil meets the VW 504/507. This one doesn’t (it only meets 502/505). It’s that simple.

              Technically if you’re doing regular, timed services you can use 502/505 but it doesn’t hurt to use the better quality, long life oil.

              Castrol Edge 5W-30 LL is the go to oil for pretty much every VAG car made in the past two decades.

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    Its also on eBay SCA if you want to pay by eBay giftcard/voucher.

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    I still remembered I paid $4 for two.

    • +6

      I paid $4 for 2 then they cancelled my order and refunded me AFTER I had already picked 'em up.

  • Is there a limit per customer?

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      They can only limit you when buying in the one transaction, ie. if you want more and you're buying online just purchase them in sets of the limit. If buying in store, buy limit, put in car, return and buy limit and repeat as required. Limit is 2 on the website.

      • thanks bought 2 x 2 click and collect

      • Like baby formula

  • What would be recommended for a good diesel A5/b5 ? Thanks

  • Thanks OP.

    Bought one.

  • Would this he okay for a Camry Hybrid 2013 model? Over 130ks

    • yes

      • -2

        What about a Peugeot 207, 2010 hatchback? 90ks

  • Hey,

    Suitable for Toyota Corolla 2005?

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      What does the manual say?

    • +1

      Yes, it is. Do a search as per the link in the bargain.

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    Great price. Bought this for my Benz when it was on sale recently for the same price. Serviced at home for under $100 inc filter and leftover oil for next time, versus $650 at the dealership…

    Thanks OP, purchased more for next time.

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    Nice one adding the datateck link. Will give a more reliable answer then asking random people on a web page for bargain hunters.

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      Don't think so. Otherwise it wouldn't be recommending it for cars much more newer than that on the oil selector link.

  • Castrol Oil Selector. Enter your car model and find out whether this is suitable.

  • Without DPF… If you have a diesel, get DPF friendly oil, even if its not mandated, its just BETTER

    if its mandated, its a must! On sale 5L at COSCO DPF friendly for about the same price too

    • cosco castrol dpf friendly 5w30 $35?

  • i used to use this one, until i found nulon full synthetic oil 5w30 only priced for $24.99

    • I prefer Castrol Edge myself.

    • Nulon < Castrol < Penrite

      Castrol is the good in between for value,

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