What Do You Use for Home Automation?

Would just like ideas. At the moment I've got Google homes, Chromecast and smart power plugs is there any thing others do?


  • Avidly suspicious deme is collecting our data through all these questions. Squint-eyes.

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      Next question, is "Do you have locks on your windows and an alarm system?"

      • “What is your favourite credit card number and security code combination?” “Would you adopt your mother’s maiden name if your parents divorced?”

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    • off topic I know, sorry in advance, but I've noticed google rewards is paying me ~50c to tell them which shop I went to and how I paid after every trip to woolies and KFC.
      They clearly already know where I was, and I pay with google pay in woolies so they already know how I paid too. Are they just doing a data verification exercise??

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    What do you use for home automation?

    My kids…

  • Started off with a few Google Homes and Hue lights. 2 years later, fully local control via Home Assistant, with dozens of complex automations. Makes walking into a non-automated home very jarring!

  • Smart Bulbs?

  • We've had a lot of break-ins around here….they steal your garage remote and come back later to steal your car….or use some clever app to open your garage door. I'm using my smart plug on my garage door opener and when I say "Good night" to google, it turns the power off…so the door can't easily be opened.

    • just out of interest, why do people bother breaking into garages when there's tonnes of expensive cars parked on the street available for stealing?

      • It’s all about the easy target for keys. It’s no effort to get into a garage if you have the keys.

  • If you want to go mega nerdy, then home assistant.

    If you want to just pull all your eco systems together, then maybe Samsung Smart Things hub.

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    The HAL 9000.

  • Children, they do get expensive though for multi room applications

  • I've had nights where I've had my garage door open all night so installed a sensor that flashes a light in my bed room if it's open.

    • What sensor did you use? I have Wireless Sensor Tags on my garage door and it gives me a phone notification. I did the same thing left my garage door open and got robbed :(

  • Apple HomePods with a backend of Homebridge running on my 24/7 server.
    Use a broadlink rm4 integrated with Homebridge to control the AC.
    Use a Philips Hue bridge and lights which have native Homekit support.

  • I have my home automation running my devices locally in Home Assistant.

    Have a number of automations such as.

    Auto close the garage after 5 mins.

    If any door or the garage opens after 12am, alarms go off to wake us up.

    Automated our ducted system to auto turn on and off within certain temperatures in our son's room. Major cost savings here.

    Automated our son's bed time routine. Turn off his lights, turn on his cloud lamp and play his ocean sounds.

    I also agree its jarring to not live in a non automated house.

  • What about Habitat?

  • tuya smart life

    • So, the CCP runs your house.

      Do yourself a favour and read the fine print to see what you are agreeing to. You may (should) be shocked!

  • If I leave all windows open eventually doors will slam closed.

  • I have Smarthings but I kind of regret not choosing Hubitat, which is more offline. I often have issues with services (Tuya and Somfy) disconnecting.

    However, I do like to have the control of the air conditioner and blinds. For example, I leave the dog inside and I can check the temperature and turn on the AC it it's too hot. However, I could just automate and set-up the AC to cool the room if the temperature is above 23.

    *I haven't used Hubitat and it seems to be a lot more complicated to set-up

  • Sensibo for A/C, Kasa for some smart plugs, and some Wireless Sensor Tags for monitoring other things. None of it automated really, Google or Alexa don't like my voice so I don't bother with that stuff.

  • Just use my Google Nest Audio to voice control the TV via an infrared transmitter. On, off, channels, volume, mute etc.

  • I use wife-V2.0