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Wife Wants a Wok

What is the best wok? We have gas, I don't care how much it costs. I tasted food she cooked at her parents in a wok and realise they are the superior cooking device.

Turn off Android's garbage news screen

How do I turn off the swipe right on Android 10 which displays garbage news I hate accidentally doing it and then getting presented with irrelevant factoids about the world richest people.

How to Fly to Thailand?

How can I fly from Australia to Thailand? I've got approvals from Aussie government and Thai government, but cannot workout how to find an airline that will actually fly there. The starting …

Applying for Partner Visa While on Student Visa

I've tried searching home affairs and have not been able to reach them via phone. I've been told that if I apply for a partner visa now it won't matter as I have to wait until my …

Apply to Re-enter Australia Due to Covid

Has anyone had experience with applying to re-enter Australia as a student where their partner is an Australian citizen. I must leave soon as one of my parents is very ill. I tried to use the online …

Why do some people think the Consumer Law gives them 2 years warranty?

Especially for Apple products I hear this a lot. This is a myth. You have at least three years in my opinion, apple does forecasts assuming a product lifespan of 3 years …

Enjoyable 2 Player PlayStation 4 Games

We currently play gran Turismo but would like to find other games that we can play together on the same screen.

Ideas for Desk Decoration

I've been given $150 to use to decorate my desk at work, no time limit, I can't take it as cash. I've been trying to find things that will make it nice and comforty but I can't …

How Is OzBargain So Fast?

It is faster than Reddit, , is such a fast loading and usable website, how do you do it Scott?

50 USB A Dual Chargers

I need 50 of these for a project the colour doesn't matter. It's strongly prefered that they are not bulky the most important thing is that they do not catch on fire.


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ALDI website down?

I keep getting NX_DOMAIN in Chrome. Anyone have a copy of today's specials?

Let's Monitor Our Air Quality

Inspired by Armidale council installing relatively inexpensive but reasonably accurate air quay sensors the public can see real time …