This was posted 11 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Coffee Trial Pack (3x 100g) with Coffee Subscription (Cancel Any Time) + $5 Delivery @ Coffeefusion


Saw this in my Facebook feed, seemed like a good deal. Went to order and now my Facebook feed is full of coffee ads. 😑

From their website:
"Start Your Coffee Subscription with a Free Trial
Just pay $5 shipping and you'll receive 15-cups worth of free samples for you to taste our coffee and discover which coffees you enjoy the most. Pause, Modify or Cancel at any time."

The trial pack consists of 3x 100gr bags of different coffees and in my case, a handwritten note from the owner? Mine was express posted from Perth for $5, got it 2 days after ordering (in Perth). Overall it looks/smells very good. You can cancel subscription straight away, but consider supporting a local/small business.

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  • Can vouch for the quality of the coffee. The hand written card was a very nice touch.

    • Will you keep the subscription?

      • I have kept for one round but have been inundated with coffee bean gifts of late and have paused. They seem to have quite a few varieties not included in the same pack and given they are sent ground; there's not too much of a dialing in wastage.

  • Yup got mine yesterday in the mail too with handwritten note. Coffee smells great, looking forward to trying it.

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    Hey Guys!

    Please be considerate about joining my subscription service. I am a small business and 100s of people suddenly signing up just to cancel straight away will likely hurt me!

    Look forward to sharing my coffees with you come Monday!

    • I would like to try but will have to cancel the subscription straight away as already have a backup of 1 kg beans purchased few days ago. Perhaps, when I am ready to purchase more, then I will check if this deal is still valid and ask for the sample packs. Not doing it now.

      • I have run this free sample pack trial since launching the subscription, and I'll continue to keep it around until people take advantage of it.

        I've found that most people do the right thing - they're interested in brewing great coffee, and the sample pack gives them a chance to try a few different styles of coffee and decide what is for them.

        I also have a YouTube channel where I create a tonne of coffee content to help people make better coffee at home. Definitely my mission to help people make the best coffee they can, and my free sample pack when you start a subscription is part of that :)

        Can't wait to share some samples with you when you get through your 1kg, and help you on your coffee journey!


    • Not signing up for the free sample personally.

      I suspect most people will abuse this offer, hope I am wrong.

      • In theory it has been good for my business - but with this site being a 'bargain chasing' site, it will hopefully still hold up.

        I believe in my product and my customer service so fingers crossed I can convince those who sign up that I'm worthy of being their regular coffee supplier!


        • Hi, I am a little confused. I want to signup but when I select a coffee for monthly delivery, it says $0 payment. When will my 1st delivery be send?

          • @AppleLime: Heya!

            Your first delivery is the free sample pack, which is why the price is discounted to $0. You make your selections based on what you'd like for your ongoing delivery.

            If you select Monthly, your sample pack is free, then in one month's time your first paid order will process and be shipped.

            Any other questions, feel free to get in contact. I'll keep an eye on this deal until the Free Samples from Ozbargains dies down, but aside from that I'm easily contactable via my website contact us page, and very active on my social media channels.

            Look forward to sharing some delicious coffee with you!


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          @Gary: Best of luck with growing the business. I hope those here on OZB don't abuse this deal by ordering and then cancelling just to get free samples. It is not free (for you)…… it's you who sourced and paid for the coffee and put in the hard yards, roasting it, packing it, shipping and so on.

          Would love to try some but unfortunately I only drink a few cups per week so unfortunately for me don't drink enough to get through a KG per month. Hope it works out well and is a great/generous promo for coffee drinkers.

          • @Borg: Thanks Legend!

            FWIW - There is a 400g delivery option as well, and I can also stretch your delivery interval out longer than monthly very easily if that's something you'd be in to.

            If you decide to go ahead, just put a message in the order comments saying something like 'please edit to every 2 months' and I'll make it happen.

            I also have single orders if you'd like to try my coffee out but don't want to be on a subscription - I don't do free samples though for non subscribers as you'd no doubt understand.

            Have a great weekend!


            • @COFFEEFUSION: Thats good to know. Have you bookmarked for when my current 250gr runs out. Thanks

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        Just FYI.. Approx ~20% cancelled/paused straight after dispatch. Not excellent numbers, but here's hoping from the other people I have a good uptake to make up for it!

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          That's a OZB attitude (by many but not all) i.e. take whatever you can for free and ignore how it may affect the seller. I am guilty myself but only with Telcos, big places like Woolies etc.
          A certain number will cancel initially until they taste the coffee and touch wood, will enjoy and then sign back up.

          I have to say your were brave to continue the offer when it appeared on OZB :-)

  • Any idea how long shipping would take on avg to WA? with crappy covid interstate postal services now, just wary of the reduction in sweet spot brew date shelf life

    • As stated in the op, coffee is posted from Perth. Should have it within a few days. 2 days for me (in Perth)

    • As mentioned I'm based in Perth - Normal postage is next day, but it has been extending out by a couple of days with the lockdown.

      I post a lot of parcels all over Australia - Normally most postage to the Eastern States is 5 business days, which is perfect as I roast the coffee for subscriptions fresh every Monday, it then gets posted and even over east it arrives just after degassing has finished and the coffee is ready to use.

      When coffee is first roasted, it needs to rest for about 7 days to release CO2, as it has changed chemically a lot from the green unroasted bean. I always put the roast date on my coffee so you know when it was roasted and when to start brewing.

      Coffee beans are at their best for a month, which is why generally my subscription is set up to deliver your choice between 1-4 weeks - however, you can still use the coffee after one month, it just loses a bit of it's unique flavour - and as I'm roasting every week, most people have their subscription set to every 3-4 weeks so that they're getting a fresh batch of coffee just as their last batch is running out.

      Hope this helped!

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