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Sony WF-1000XM3 $199.95 Delivered @ Addicted To Audio


As per the title, WF-1000XM3 shipped for $199.95 looks to be one of the lowest prices around, especially for local stock.

Update - black out of stock but silver still available

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Addicted To Audio

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    This one vs buds pro?

    • +1

      Buds Pro. These have shocking microphones.

      • I ordered one from edu store. I'm on the wait to experience buds pro 😃

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        they're pretty good now. New updates focused on microphone quality

      • How bout SQ wise?

        • I like the Sony's just a tad more for SQ, like 5% more. But others like the Buds Pro more. Its pretty marginal.

          Comes down to mic, if you want to take calls in quiet, then either are OK. If you are out and about and have background noise then the Sony's give out, the Buds Pro call quality is on par with the Airpods Pro.

      • I've actually not had too many complaints with the mic of this one. I had MAJOR complaints when I was using my samsung buds (gen 1) as if I was underwater, but these have been decent (unless you're in a windy place).

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    great earbuds. love them.

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      Hi it's your earbuds. Love you too

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        H-happy valentines lawyerz and his earbuds..??

      • Don't worry about your socks, you don't have feet.

    • -1

      If you only care about sound quality, sure they're great. But if you care about literally anything else in terms of comfort, fit, controls, usability, these are one of the worst.

      • And for me they've been one of the best in all those aspects. The only thing that needs improving is the mic quality.

        • +1. Great all rounder. Poor mic.

        • -1

          Comfort and fit are subjective so you have a point there. However judging by the other comments I'd say you're the minority.

          Regarding the other aspects, they are objectively worse than the competitors. My guess is that these are the only ones you used so you have nothing to compare them against.

          • @ozbargain-pashim: Everyone's ears are different, so you really won't know until you try.

            FYI, I've had numerous QCY headsets, Jabra 65t, Airpod Pros, QC20, MDR-1000X, QC2, QC3 and WH-1000XM4. Wired I've got XBA4, many UE, ER2XR, and MDR-Z7.

  • +3

    I have these Sony earphones. The sound quality is exceptional: so much better than the AirPods (I know, you’ve asked about AirPods Pro).

    While sound quality is great, I do have trouble with them staying in my ears when walking around so I often wear the Apple earphones when I’m out. Wouldn’t want to run with the Sony in my ears.

    Great for in the office or on a flight if I don’t want to take bigger over ear ANC headphones, but not amazing when out and about.

    I’ve read that sound quality on the Sony is better than AirPod pro, but for me it would come down to how well the pros stay on your ears.

    • Pretty much this. I have both AirPods Pro and these. These Sony's are leaps and bounds ahead of the APP but they also don't stay in my ear very well.

      • +4
        • +2

          Can confirm this - these just fall out without the comply ear tips. Worth the additional investment. No problems running after the upgrade

          • @podding85: Are you comparing to the memory foam tips the Sony's come with? If you say you went from "always falling out" to "now I can run with them" that's amazing! (and I need some lol)

            • @incipient: Compared to the standard issue - yes. Seems to be a pretty common problem. Picked mine up on Amazon (from US). Came in a pack with S,M,L.

          • @podding85: They've never fallen out for me. I swapped the eartips over.

        • Are these available anywhere in stores? I don't know which ear size I need and it would help to physically see them. The few that JB keep aren't suitable for this.

        • Actually yes, this is on my list but I guess I've never gotten around to it. Time to bite the bullet, thank you!

    • Been seeing so much sells on this Sony earbud but glad that I didn't buy it from the support of this comment. Jabra is much better

      • +1

        In terms of staying in, depends on your ear. In terms of sound, sony is much better.

    • Yep, they love to fall out!!

    • Can you lie on your side comfortably with them in your ears?

      • +4

        Definitely not

    • While sound quality is great, I do have trouble with them staying in my ears when walking around so I often wear the Apple earphones when I’m out. Wouldn’t want to run with the Sony in my ears.

      You tried different size ear gels? They come with a set of 3.

      I use Comply (generic) tips. It's great and feels more comfortable.

      I have the Bose QC buds and you can't replace the gels with comply tips and it's uncomfortable, so I don't use it even though the NC is really good.

    • when it comes to in-ears, the tip fit is almost 50% of the whole job.

      make sure try all tips, for me, i only use foam tip

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    • +6

      For people considering, I'd easily go into a2a over ow for the experience and service. At least the Perth leederville store, the people there are audio geniuses and super helpful.

  • +1

    If you don't need noise cancelling or any sort of ambient mode I think the sennheiser CX400bt earphones are good value for $149. I got some recently and i'm blown away with the sound quality. Also love the touch controls too.


    • +2

      how are they for phone calls. I need one i can use for work MS team calls as well

      • +1

        I'd be keen to know this too.. eternally searching for a non Apple set of bids that have good voice quality (currently have Jabra 75's and constantly get told I'm hard to hear when I'm outside.. maybe it's a setting?)

        • The 75T even the new 85T have ridiculously crap mics. They are only good in quiet environments.

      • I can't tell you how good they are for phonecalls to be honest. I've made a few calls and i've not heard anything bad from people on the other end so they can't be terrible. But if it's something you really rely on i'd get another opinion. I think the sound quality is amazing. They fit in my ears well and the battery life is more than i need.

      • I initially bought a Bose Soundsport ($189) which I promptly returned due to comfort and sound quality issues. I bought the CX 400BT ($149) and I'm blown away by the sound of it. I use it for music, movies and also Zoom/Skype meetings, nobody complained about noise or hearing me. I also bought a pair of Taotronics TT-BH079 ($48) to see if it's better for comms as I was told they are one of the best for calls but I found them to be very similar (I recorded my speech with both, the CX 400BT sounded fuller, more natural, whereas the Tao was clearer but harsher. Unfortunately both of them picked up every mouseclick and keystrokes I did during testing). For music however, the CX 400BT trumps the Tao. Also, neither of them does multipoint so only one device can use them at a time (the Bose was multipoint but horrible otherwise). I have the Tao paired permanently with my work laptop for Zoom/Skype/etc but I use the CX for entertainment and normal phone calls. Also, I do exercise with the CX and it seems to have a very secure fit in my ears.

      • i haven't used the latest f/w but when I last tried them, they weren't good (I tested them while I was taking a stroll on a busy road). Don't get this if phone calls are a priority. Everything else it does is great.

    • +2

      Mother in law just got these senheisser from JB. Dead on arrival, she took them back and got some Bose. Lots of comments on YouTube reviews with same experience…

    • Cheaper at Amazon or HN

  • Also these are not that great for phone conversations. Mine picks up every sound possible.

  • +3

    Grabbed a pair last year during Covid lockdown and have used them almost every day. These sound terrific. Although terrible for making calls anywhere that isn't a quiet room. They're also not super comfy for long wear. May look into grabbing the Galaxy Buds Pro when they go on sale.

    • They're very comfortable after a long period of use for me.

    • the good news is they can be replaced by generic comply tips which are much better and very comfortable.

  • +1

    Excellent sound quality and great software, user controls and anc. But yes, I found fit to be an issue. The earphone part that goes into ear and sits in the cup is simply too long. The jabra is bolbous and not deep. The Sony's simply extend too deep and don't rest properly into the cup of ear.

    Your ear size or shape may differ

  • How does this compare to the Jabra Elite 85t? For calls and music quality mostly…

    • +1

      music excellent.
      calls..unless theres some trick im missing is terrible. Callers always have issues hearing me properly. Used with iphone7, and 12 pro.

      • Just started a thread with exact same issue this morning on ozb. Going by all the reading on the net and some of the remarks in this thread, here are my universal laws of audiocity:
        1 Earbuds are meant for users wanting to listen to music.
        2 For making calls (specially if you want true multipoint i.e. be able to take calls on iPhone and Windows laptop without switching between the two devices ) the only good wireless option is the single ear earphone and the best one out there is plantronics voyager 5200 - looking for a good deal on that

        • Thats interesting, thanks.

          I've been using the Jabra Elite 85t and haven't had any complaints on call quality. The multipoint works well for being connected to Skype on PC & work mobile (iphone). My only complaint was the wind noise when outside. Ideally wanted an all-rounder for exercise too but makes these basically unusable at anything past walking speed… but maybe I'll just stick with taotronics for exercise & Jabras for work/office.

        • -1

          Save some money and get the Legend. I have two of them - one for the real office and one for the home office. Also multipoint and absolutely stellar performance.

    • +1

      Been called that for years mate

  • -1

    had these but didnt stay in ears much so got the bose qc earbuds

    no ragrets

  • -2

    Can't see any value in this after the Momentums TW $99 deal. They're clearer but hardly better than a $30 set of Xi Redmi Airdots and the Sennheiser's RPP is 300-499 something.

    • +3

      The momentums are junk, battery drain issue in the V1's makes them fairly useless

    • +1

      I got that $99 TW deal.
      DOA and they didnt send me a replacement.

      Ended up buying the TW2 from the $249 deal recently.

      I'd already had the Sony WF-1000XM3 for a year or so and love the sound quality and ANC.

      The sonys (compared to the TW2s) have better sound quality and MUCH better ANC. But the TW2s have a MUCH better fit and comfort than these sonys.

      Battery life i feel anecdotally the sonys are better.

      Phone calls with the sonys arent great. I havent propery heard myself with the TW2s but i have made a few calls and recieved no complaints

    • How does the bass compare to Bose Free and Sennheiser Mom V1? I am a bass head.

  • How are these on battery life? I've heard people say they are only getting 2-3 hours out of them while listening to music

    • +1

      theyre alright, mine always has ANC on and they drain in around 3-4hrs. The battery in the case lasts me about a week

  • Odds that Amazon price match this?

  • +1

    These are amazing. Recommend the comply foam tips too. They didn't fall out, but bought some mediums and they're a lot more comfortable.

    I use these for calls a lot and haven't had any complaints. Mostly indoors tho

  • Awesome ordered, thank you!

  • Ordered them for 240 last week on Amazon, too late to cancel argh.

    Still, I'm expecting these to blow my mind.

    • You should be able to buy these and return Amazon up until a certain date.

  • No doubt they are great buds. very good sound quality if mainly used for music. The mic isn't the best.
    but the biggest problem I've with these buds they come off so easily.

    • I've found the mic on the 4s to be good if that is important to you. Rarely get any complaints even with light wind.

      • My bad I didnt read this post properly.

  • Note that these don't seem to support LDAC or aptX HD, if you care about that sort of thing.

    • Yeah they do…

      • Link to proof?

        • My bad I didnt read this post properly. Thought it was the WH1000

  • Black is sold out

  • Wearing my xm4's as i'm typing this. Great Headphones. The XM3's are just as good really.

    • My bad I didnt read this post properly.

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